The Andaman Islands are home to a number of animals, many of them endemic. The banded pig Sus scrofa vittatus , also known as the Andaman wild boar and once thought to be an endemic subspecies, [33] is protected by the Wildlife Protection Act Sch I.

The spotted deer Axis axis , the Indian muntjac Muntiacus muntjak and the sambar Rusa unicolor were all introduced to the Andaman islands, though the sambar did not survive. Interview Island the largest wildlife sanctuary in the territory in Middle Andaman holds a population of feral elephants , which were brought in for forest work by a timber company and released when the company went bankrupt.

This population has been subject to research studies. The islands' many caves , such as those at Chalis Ek are nesting grounds for the edible-nest swiftlet , whose nests are prized in China for bird's nest soup. The islands also have a number of endemic reptiles , toads and frogs , such as the Andaman cobra Naja sagittifera , South Andaman krait Bungarus andamanensis and Andaman water monitor Varanus salvator andamanensis. Over the past 25 years there have been 24 crocodile attacks with four fatalities, including the death of American tourist Lauren Failla.

The government has been criticised for failing to inform tourists of the crocodile sanctuary and danger, while simultaneously promoting tourism. They are habitat restricted, so the population is stable but not large. Populations occur throughout available mangrove habitat on all major islands, including a few creeks on Havelock.

The species uses the ocean as a means of travel between different rivers and estuaries, thus they are not as commonly observed in open ocean. It is best to avoid swimming near mangrove areas or the mouths of creeks; swimming in the open ocean should be safe, but it is best to have a spotter around. Most of the tribal people in Andaman and Nicobar Islands believe in a religion that can be described as a form of monotheistic Animism.

The tribal people of these islands believe that Paluga is the only deity and is responsible for everything happening on Earth. People try to avoid any action that might displease Paluga. People belonging to this religion believe in the presence of souls, ghosts, and spirits. People of this religion put a lot of emphasis on dreams. They let dreams decide different courses of action in their lives.

As of [update] , the population of the Andaman was ,, [41] having grown from 50, in The bulk of the population originates from immigrants who came to the island since the colonial times, mainly of Bengali , Hindustani and Tamil backgrounds.

A small minority of the population are the Andamanese — the aboriginal inhabitants adivasi of the islands. When they first came into sustained contact with outside groups in the s, there were an estimated 7, Andamanese, divided into the Great Andamanese , Jarawa , Jangil or Rutland Jarawa , Onge , and the Sentinelese.

The Great Andamanese formed 10 tribes of 5, people total. As the numbers of settlers from the mainland increased at first mostly prisoners and involuntary indentured labourers , later purposely recruited farmers , these indigenous people lost territory and numbers in the face of punitive expeditions by British troops, land encroachment and various epidemic diseases.

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