Almighty (5) - The Original S.I.N. Mixtape (CDr)

Delinquent Habits — Merry Go Round Destineal — Born To Hustle Memphis, Detroits Most Wanted — Ghetto Drama III II Diablos C. Digital Underground — …Cuz A D. Digital Underground — Future Rhythm Digital Underground — Sex Packets Dilated Peoples — Neighborhood Watch Dilated Peoples — The Release Party Dipset — Byrd Gang Vol.

Divine Vocal Xperts D. Worth, DJ Jay-O — N. The Chronicle Bootleg Thomas New Orleans, DJ Lil Daddy Vol. DJ Mr. DJ Premier — Golden Years Dan Mixtape Swizz Beats Single DMX — Wazzup Man?

The Greatest Hits Fresh Doja Clik — Speed Kills Stockton, Doom — Death Before Dishonesty Chicago, Doomsday Productions — Filthy Las Vegas, Doomsday Productions — Northtown Vs. Westside Las Vegas, Eastside Las Vegas, Doug E. Down Boyz Crew — D. Down Low — Colorblind Little Rock, Downtown Science — Downtown Science Dre — Roadium Mixtape: 85 Live Dre — Roadium Mixtape: Criminal Dre — Roadium Mixtape: Dope Beat Dre — Roadium Mixtape: In Effect Dre — Roadium Mixtape: Mega Mix Dre — Roadium Mixtape: Panic Zone Hyde — The Champagne Of Rap D-Reel — Cheddar Chase Sacramento, Ohio, Drunken Master — The Drunken E.

Vinyl Dungeon Family — Even In Darkness Dungeon Family — Even Into Darkness same? UK dvd. Dynamic Twins — No Room 2 Breathe Eddie F. Egyptian Lover — Platinum Pyramids Eminem — Infinite Europe Re-Issue Eminem — Marshall 1 Presented By Dr. Emperor P — Gangsta Life Seattle, Endangered Species — Unnatural Habitat Essex — First Impression San Antonio, Evil Pimp — Da Exorcist Vol.

Faces Of Death — Midwest Poison Fabolous — More Street Dreams Pt. Faces Of Death — Countdown 2 Death Fakkulty — Southern Hostility Houston, Felony — Gangsta Tail New Orleans, Felony — Hustlers Ball Berkerley, Female Fonk — Sucka Free Cassette Fiend — The Bailout Mixtape Bootleg Filthy Phil — Consequences Richmond, Filthy Phil — The Manhunt Richmond, Fixation Hardkor — New Orleans, Flatlinerz — U.

Under Satans Authority Flexx Shoppe — Flexxed Out Memphis, Frayser Click — Broken Halo Memphis, Freedom Of Soul — The 2 nd Coming Freestyle Fellowship — Inner City Griots Frozen Explosion — Frozen Explosion Fully Loaded — Thugism Louisiana, Full Time Soldiers F. Seattle, Presents Smoke Scarred Soul Seattle. Fundamental Madness — 2 In The Game Funkdoobiest — The Troubleshooters Funkmaster Wizard Wiz — Bellevue Patient Fu-Schnickens — F.

Fu-Schnickens — Nervous Break Down The Blitz feat. S-Class Sonny Breakfast In France feat. Kyss Sweet Sorrow The Guilt Fucking Blades feat. LA The Darkamn Wu Babies feat. Boldy James Coming From Delirium feat. Ice Cold Guinness feat. Bless My Food feat. Publicado por Kanon en AM No comments :.

Ghostface Killah St Ides Freestyle feat. Ice Water Inc. Ghostface Killah Flowers [Original Version feat. Fat Joe, Ice Water Inc. Etiquetas: Raekwon , WSS. X-Ecutioners feat. Etiquetas: Ghostface Killah , Wu-Video. Rebel Music Article 1 Watz da Sci One Harmony Hospitality Everybody Hip Hop Way Of Life Baby Girl Take Your Time Same Ole Thugz Hood Love Angel Tearz Dirty Blox As one of standout members of the Sunz Of Man crew, Hell Razah has always been respected as a premier emcees coming out of the Wu-Tang family.

Razah and 4th Disciple giving the game what it really needs, that authentic Hip-Hop. This two-man effort, featuring Hell-Razah and 4th Disciple, is a fierce one, politically charged and musically impressive with Songs like Rebel Music and Article One which are street-level, but political in a sense, unheard since the good old days of Boogie Down Productions , Public Enemy.

All of this is great, a refreshing sense of hood politics in an age of pop-rap duets and club songs -- but it's all the greater because of 4th Disciple's production.

He contributes most of the beats on this album and they're all stimulating, original, and dense. They're distinct and never routine, sometimes powered by samples, other times strictly beat-driven. When you have both, great raps as well as beats as you do here, you have a classic album, and Freedom of Speech certainly stands out as a surprisingly classic. BUY IT. Buy the music, support the artist!

Some of this are clearer versions of the infamous"lost" first edition of Popa Wu's 10th Chamber album. Keen Monkey Work. Observers, Witchhunt. Annihila- tion Time, Zann, Eskapo. Boss Martians, Reactionary 3. South Wales.

The Rcpos, Dominaim. Ashtray, Dcadstop. Abi Yo Yo's. Bad Business, Penelope Houston, Ram bo. Ass, I Attack. The Krunchies. A-Lines, lnsurgence Records. The Hates. The Total End. Only Crime. Ratty Nails. Andrew "Stig" Sewell trib- ute. Beijing punk photos 26 1. Year End Top Tens, Rhsteiyt. Greyskull, MOTO. Water Into Beer Fanzine. Kamvapcn Attack.

Ar- mitage Shanks. Ah-Nah Tron, Slovakia. All Crushes Spending Loud Night Bombeiralarm, BanTeship. Flamingo 50, The Low Bud- gets.

I Object, Antisect. Bay Area scene report. Love Songs. Bruce Banner. The Holy Mounlain. Endless Nightmare, Hard Skin. Transistor Transistor, The Safes. Czech and New Zealand scene reports. Florida Scene- Report. Les Bellas. Gasmask Terror. Randy "Biscuit" Turner tribute. Stalag 17 UK. Clorox Girls European Tour. Czolgosz, Regulations. Time Flys. No More Lies. Smanpils, Revenge of Mongoloid, Pissehnsi. Scene reports Puerto Rico, UK. Photos by icki. Conga Fury. Endstand, Out CokL. Pe- destrians.

Jesus Fucking Christ. Toxic Waste, Punk photo spread. Best of Government Warning. Age, Off With. Young Offenders. Church Police. Underground Railroad to Candyland. Siraightjacket Nation.

Head on Collision U3WMy ' Teenage Head, Antidote, La Urss. Double Negative, Burnt Cross. Chicago Clitfesi. Iniifada, Nuclear Death Terror. Raw Power, Unlovables, Waste. Chaos In Tejas photospread. Raymond Pettibon. Andy T. Pierced Arrows, Bum Kon.

Deep Sleep, Diente Perro. Legion of Parasites. Brain Handle, Assassins. After the Salad Days. You Weren't There, Bolinada. Taqwacores, and more yFebruan ' Ooga Boogas, Mind Eraser.

Cococoma, Extortion, Boyracer, Nixe. Califor- nia, Dealhcage, Squalors. Null and Void. Germ Attak, Petti- coats. Condominium, Passion Killers. Pioggia Nera.

Cull Ritual. Acid Reflux. Exislers and scene reports from Sydney and Boston 3l4'. Smart Cops Zyanose. Zero Boys, Skin Like Iron. The Black and Whites, lnsomnio. Blank IXigs. Anal Wamead, Nick Toczec. Cowley Club. Queer issue with Nasty facts. Gary Floyd, Limp Wnsi. Destino Final, Ratas Del Vaticano. Explode Into Colors. Ratos De Porao. The Fix. Goner Fest Photospread.

Punk On Kuollut. Kim Phuc. The Spits. Face the Rail. Attentat Sono re, Partibrejkers. Mob Rules. So- viet Valves Suburban Death Machine.

Frustrations, George Hurchalla. Under Pressure Insuiciety. Instigators, Malaysia Scene. Mika Miko. The Fall. Cardiac Ar- rest. Insect War- fare. The Astronauts. Sweden scenes. Hjerte Stop. APF Brigade, Disconvenience. Out With a Bang. Ihe Scarred, Gilbert Switzer. The Homosexuals.

The Effigies. Crimes Against Humanity Records. A Touch of Hysteria. Doris Fanzine. Margaret Thrasher. Order of the White Rose. Riot This, La Piovra. Best of 2O06, Smartut Kahol La- van. Electric Kisses. Holy Shit! Alicja Trout, Keith Rosson Avow zine. Crap Corps. The Vicious. Clockclcaner, Pisschnst. The Rats Sweden. Conflict US. The Vilctones. Violent Tu- mor. Portland Drummers, Timisoara, Copenhagen, and Pampanga scene reports. Vivisick, Warknme.

Chinese Telephones. New Bloods, Chronic Seizure, Outraged. Mexico scene report 29JAovemhcr '1 Finally Punk. La Lucha Para La. Bad Samaritans. Mario Panciera. The System. Eddy Current Suppression Ring. The Voids, Cinecyde, Kyklooppien Sukupuul- Bruce Roehrs memorial. Necro Hippies. RVIVR, lecage. X Australia. Daylight Robbery. Ty Segall, Mome. Nil Sensae. Pollution, Th' Inbred. Bad Sports. U-ron from Really Red. Slang, Bun- ny Skulls. Trash Kit, Sedition.

High Castle, Marcel Duchamp. Super Wild Horses. La Merma, Dofla Maldad. Frankie Rose and the Outs, Little League. The Welders. Rvivr, Hail Seizures. Crazy Spirit, Siege , Mauser. Whitney House, Attention Span. Steve Ignorant. Destroy All Movies. White Fence. Ydinperhe, Nux Vomica. Head Cleaners. Midmte Snaxxx, Cokskar. Unlearn, Deaf Club Oral History. Unfit Scum. Kyushu Noisecore Summit, Brown Sugar. No Rest. Porkena, Descarados, Peace or Annihilation.

OBN Ills. Social Chaos. Neo Cons. Big Eyes, Terrible Feelings. Night Birds. Tribal War, Give Praise, Re- fuse records. Dark Times, Neon Piss, Kruel. Lapinpollha- jat. Criminal Code. Slice Harvester zine.

Iron Hand, Indigesti. Seem' Red, Disorder, Lebakko. Da ys Wax Idols, Arutmob, Leprosy. Acid Baby Jesus. ITo response guaranteed. Please don't take this email as a personal assault on the magazine as a whole. I aim to have a discussion with one of your reviewers as he has me more than a little confused. I am a regular buyer of your magazine and thoroughly enjoy it— always have done since the first couple of issues.

The band being reviewed is Panzer Bastard: yet in the review the reviewer "AU" states: " I usually don't give a fuck about such things, but reading that especially reading that comment whilst the review isn't even about Hellbastard is a fucking joke.

But I also can't find a new style that I like— something where my hair is down—it just feels too understated, and I feel like all the flaws on my face are magnified, like the bags under my eyes. And it's stressful because I'm going on tour, and when I'm on tour it's so important to feel like I can do something with my hair, I mean get it perfect, and then feel like I can face the world—I mean face the world without feeling like a complete mess. So I keep trying all these new styles, but the other thing is that they make my face look too square.

I need to figure out a new haircut where the bottom is rounded, and that will probably make a difference. I mean what do you think I should do?

I forget how frantic I am at this time of the day, rushing to get out of the house. I mean I'm not rushing but I keep talking in circles. Maybe I am rushing. I'm not sure if I'm more frantic because Randy's here, or if I'm always this way it's just in my head so I don't notice as much.

We get the bus and the BART right away, and right when we get off the train there's Joolie, coming from the conference. She gives me a great hug, says, "You look wonderful," which is nice to hear since I was obsessing.

Although then I'm thinking, will I look as good when I cut my hair? I mean I kept my hair really short for years and even shaved it all with clippers for a while, but now I feel like that kind of style made me look too severe.

The event is right by Randy's house, and when we get close I realize there's a stream of people, and I remember Randy saying no one walks around here so I know we're all going to the event. We're right along the lake, which I'm sure is polluted as hell, but everything looks so sedate here with the sun lowering amidst the buildings reflecting the watery glow. Everyone's gathered on the steps of the Scottish Rites Hall because they haven't opened the doors yet.

Hilary comes running over—I'd forgotten Hilary was going to be here, and there's Jessica too, yay. Jessica says, "I didn't know you left the house this early," and I like that she understands it's a big deal for me to get here.

Up here at the top there's more legroom so we try it out, but then one of the volunteers says we can't sit there yet—-they want everyone to sit further down so that people aren't spread out. I say "Oh, I have a lot of chronic pain issues and it would be much more comfortable for me to sit here. It starts to feel like a depressing spectacle so we all sit down lower. Randy has already left because he got overwhelmed I mean before the issue about the seating.

I'm not sure which part made him uncomfortable, maybe just the crowd, and he lives only a few blocks away—an easy escape. So I'm sitting next to Randy's empty seat and the show starts and the room is really hot and dusty and I start to get that ache all over my body. Is it because the seat backs are so hard, angled uncomfortably? Or maybe I'm worn out from arguing.

I mean I know I'm worn out from arguing. I look back and sure enough the seats with more room have already filled. I don't really want to sit with someone random right now. Instead I keep getting up to stretch, then sitting back down. The beginning of the show is mostly self- congratulatory rhetoric and I'm wondering why I'm staying. I mean I can tell that I'm going to get to that point where everything hurts, where nothing feels hopeful, but I'm here to feel hopeful.

I got all the way here. I need to leave now. I go back out into the hallway. There's Inez and Bea and Blake. I love these hugs, and Inez invites me to a barbecue, but I say I'm leaving because I'm in too much pain. Inez asks if I drive. I mean it makes me feel like there is something like community sometimes. Oh, I can't drive. It's such a sweet offer from Inez I figure why not try it to see if it works? So then I say goodbye to Hilary and Jessica, plus Madigan and Abby who've joined us, then I'm back in the hall and Inez is giving us directions to the car, which looks like it's as far as the BART, but Blake says it's closer.

I don't want to talk about the walk to the car or the drive. I mean I like catching up with Blake, but then there's the pollution—I can't figure out if it's from the car or from the highway or both. And when we get back to San Francisco Blake wants to drop me off on Market Street, which is only ten blocks from my house, but it still means two buses. And the best part of the ride was that I would get right to my door.

We're trying to think if there's somewhere to drop me off where there's just one bus, just O'Farrell, but then we're only three blocks from my house. I'm thinking this is one of the reasons I hate accepting rides, because then people want to drop you off somewhere else. I would've been in less pain and I could've relaxed more. Now I can't even speak.

Blake says "Okay you convinced me," and then we're at my house. Upstairs I figure I better take a shower. Maybe that will help. Then I'm standing in the shower and I feel so overwhelmed by my limitations.

I mean I guess I shouldn't even try to go to large public events anymore. And what will it be like on tour? It's just so hard to do anything—to go out there in the world. Then thinking about the dynamic of these two masculine black guys arguing with this queeny white fag in a space that's mostly white dykes and a lot of dykes of color, not as many trans people as I would've expected, a fair number of straight women of color, a few straight guys and way fewer fags.

There are never fags in radical spaces I know that. I mean I do tell them that, but they don't listen—maybe because I'm young and I look able-bodied or maybe because I'm a queen and I'm supposed to be a man. I hate that in situations like that it's like I have to prove my pain.

I have to prove the way it will surround me, like there's a gesture I could make. I don't want the pain either. I mean I probably would have gotten to that place of overwhelm anyway, but maybe not so soon. People looked over and I tried to smile. I can feel that shake in my chest that means tears maybe. Tears yes tears here. I'm hugging myself more tears in the shower. I'm hugging myself with tears. I'll be touring October through December for my new novel. So Many Ways to Sleep Badly , so maybe we can meet up check my homepage for dates, www.

You can check in on me via my blog, nobodypasses. I live for feedback, so feel free to contact me via my homepage, www.

It wasn't clear through the smoke who threw the first rock, but it caught me square in the thigh. I guess it could have been much worse. The rock could have whizzed across the creek and straight into my face.

Like most people, my adolescence was filled with those near misses and close calls that make you stop and reflect on what a momentous achievement it is that you ever survived. That being said, I would be wary of the details aside from three basic facts: We had a rock fight in the woods. We had a rock fight in the woods amidst a fire we started. Anthony had his skull cracked open while he puked in the stream. It was probably a humid summer day. Why else would so many neighborhood kids be out of school in the middle of the day?

Even with matches it was too hard to ignite the stack of Playboys we found stuffed in the trunk of a tree. So maybe it was a humid summer day. Anthony did have to go back up to his house for a can of gasoline to help get it burning. Of course we all knew at the time that this was a bad idea.

No one pointed this out, but we all knew that we all thought the same thing. Any time there'd be any sort of sound rustling in the leaves, we'd all think it was one of our parents, come to discover us with bunch of porno and matches.

But when Anthony came back from his house, we all knew it was him by the way the leaves and sticks rustled. He walked with a limp because he had broken his leg some years before. It sounded like the wind stuttering through the woods. His parents were Christian Scientists. They never took him to the doctor. Instead he spent almost two months bed-ridden while his mother and stepfather prayed over him three times a day. They took the opportunity to tear down his Pantera and Metallica posters and replace them with needlepoint phrases from the New Testament When the Lord finally heard their prayers and he was able to walk on his own, Anthony was seemingly not the same boy.

Anthony liked to swear and took to vandalizing most of the neighborhood when left to his own devices. It also must have been a chore teaching him a lesson time and time again, which is what eventually landed him bed-ridden anyhow.

He was now prone to nausea and would vomit so frequently that we all just generally ignored it when it happened. He rarely ever said a word except to apologize for puking, so when he volunteered to go get the gasoline for our bonfire we were all really excited. It signaled a return to form. Honestly, it was hard for any of us to take on his former role.

Anthony walked over to the pile of Penthouses and Playboys, sloppily dumped the gas over it, and tossed the empty can a few feet away. I suddenly felt the rock hit my leg. I picked it up off the ground and flung it back from where I thought it came from. Everyone was throwing rocks now. The fire began to spread to the surrounding leaf litter.

I was screaming that I'd been hit, but no one stopped launching rocks blindly into the air. The creek moved slowly at this point,, blocked up a little down the way by sticks and other debris. It carved out the side of a hill where the roots of a giant oak snaked out of the exposed side.

The momentum of the rock fight slowly started to wane and we could all hear Anthony puking into the stream. It was a steady pour and then an abrupt stop.

Someone scrambling through the dense smoke in search of more ammo tripped over his body. The giant chunk of sandstone lay broken in two just a few inches from his head. The crack in his skull bled into the pool where it created a slurry of mud, vomit, and writhing tadpoles.

They squirmed frantically around his head and maybe I imagined them crawling into his eyes and head wound.

I turned and puked up my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Someone started to cry loudly after it was clear that Anthony was not going to get up. This was not a near miss or a close call. I think we were all crying. Where oh where were all the wild boys? Thought I had found one but it was a false start. He was into me but then there was the troubling baggage of his boyfriend.

He wasn't just "not into me," but "not into me" in that way jocks don't get me. Ya know? It's kinda hard to explain. I hate gay debutants. Some boys were looking high and low for Abercrombie models.

Who has time to discriminate? In at least eight out of ten scenarios, unless the dude is an asshole, I say you're better off just fucking him. I saw the wild boy face to face and looked hard at him i. Boyfriends always trump sketchy tricks because in this climate, boyfriends were a lot harder to come by than cheap kicks. Some of the most logical squares I know cater to this philosophy. I think otherwise. I had some gay older in their 40s role models namely my gay uncles and an older bud of mine come at me with some pretty whack shit concerning this subject.

They all kept saying in one way or another that I was too old to still be single I was 26?!?!?!?!?!?! My gay uncle said some whack shit about if I didn't mend my ho-ish ways I'd end up alone.. I know he's just concerned but shit-fuck-jesus —what a bummer-fucked up thing to say!

My older gay bud read me some not very convincing statistics about the number of partnered people in my age group. I changed my online profile to "In a Relationship" so no one would know I was "different. I could try to date a punk boy but honey it was sliiiiiiim pickens' in these parts. Contrary to what we make it look like, there aren't very many eligible down-ass gay punk boys in SF. Anyone I could have dated was a one-night stand years ago, and I don't have the sense of humor it would take to hit on Castro Debutants.

My one and only boyfriend ever was this cuuuuuuuuute barefoot hippie-ish hesher motherfucker. We boned to Black Flag and Sabbath records, and I haven't met a boy as worthy as him since. Alas, though our love lasted for four months and that was in the earlier part of this decade , other than that I just get jerked around a lot.

Like too many fag punk boys in the East Bay I mostly sit home lonely and sometimes try to scam on straight boys. It's the East Bay—you sometimes don't have a choice but to scam on straight boys— and sometimes it works! In the timeline following my heshed-out lone boyfriend, I occupied my time hooking up with every boy I could get my greedy fucking sex addict hands on: strangers, friends, enemies, people's boyfriends I'm sooooooooooo down with OPP , roommates, bandmates and whoever else I forgot.

It was all very hot, but there came a point where I felt I needed a different message. I'm a renegade ho! It's not that I see having a boyfriend as having a pimp. What I'm looking at here is the subtext: independence. I as a single girl didn't have to answer to anybody for my erratic and fucked up behavior.

My true love was out there. Goddess bless his heart, but I felt like in the cosmic sequence of things he misplaced my number, and our paths were not to meet up for awhile. I refused to act like some of the sad ass girls I know and just fuck Mr.

Whoever- comes-along and when I thought about—and I mean really thought about it —I did what I usually do when I'm in deep pondering. I said fuck it. I've had waaaaaaaaaaay too much feminist training thank fucking god to even seriously entertain the question of "Why ain't I got a man? I had the tape deck ready to go and the host with the odd moniker Oedipus whose real name is Eddie Hyson announced a song by a Toronto band called Teenage Head.

Over the intro to the song, Oedi went, "You're tearin' me apart honey. In any case. Actually, some months before that. Circus Magazine, which generally covered more mainstream rock and pop and with little of the irreverence of Creem, had a "Punk Rock Special" issue in November of Uhura on Star Trek. So it was as much for the nerds as the rockers. With the latter, I was simultaneously repulsed and intrigued, and once I heard the two- chord or was it three?

I was thinking about those introductions to Toronto punk while watching The Last Togo, a documentary about the city's punk scene circa Actually, this minute piece, shot in 16mm, is a document of the last show at a venue called the Horseshoe Tavern, which had hosted punk gigs for the previous nine months.

Each band is represented by one song, plus there's commentary from band and audience members between each song, and the best one comes from the vocalist of a band that wasn't invited to play. He calls the event "one big farce" and complains that they can't take a real punk band. Actually, Mickey has a point about the annoying nature of that guy's melodramatic timbre.

In a more positive vein, the two guys named Gary behind the bookings talk about their motivation—which basically boiled down to booking music they loved—and said the "new generation deserves recognition. There's a little of that with the Cardboard Brains, Secrets, and Mods, as well. Ditto for the Viletones, and things started getting rowdier during their set.

The cops eventually showed up to shut things down due to overcrowding, but Teenage Head still got to do one song, "Picture My Face. Actually, things did get smashed up anyway when it was announced the show was over.

A chaotic conclusion. This was the first time I've ever had the opportunity to see live footage of these bands and it definitely whets the appetite for more. Just a few extras—commentary by Chris Haight from the Viletones that you can play with the film, and there's also a full recorded-in-the-studio set from the Scenics that showcases their taut approach.

Arid here's some good news: Brunton is doing a more comprehensive film. So here are some recent highlights: Schizophrenic Records 17 W 4th St.

No complaints, here. That's impossible when you drop the needle down and get assaulted by MOB 47's classic raw thrash and that's just for starters. The blueprint is loud, fast n buzzing and done in wanton fashion. In those pre-internet days aka the Dark Ages! Hopefully, that'll be the case with this album. One ripper after another and achieving the desired by this listener gut punch. I'm writing euphemistically, of course. Some of those guitar lines also add a dash of melody to the proceedings but make no mistake—this is obliteration.

No surprises, no change in formula—just loud n fast Scandinavian-inspired wreckage. Vocals that are hoarse beyond belief and pounding riffage and drumming.

Hopefully they'll get back to the states so I can stop whining about missing them in ' Poison Idea provides some of the inspiration and a song like "Will Call" has an old-school west coast 'core flavor, as well. Really cornin' into their own here. The urge to rage continues to grab at his being and it comes out loud and clear with the sentiments expressed.

Well, one is a vinyl pressing of their demo that's the one with the "Fuck You" sleeve that now graces my column header photo. Rough 'n' ready punk rock— they bring a hardcore attitude to a garage- tinged sound. Or maybe it's a garage attitude to hardcore. AVSKUM's Uppror Underifrdn is a molotov mix of perfected Swede-core and lyrical anger, which is what you'd expect from a band kicking it out as long as they have. We've never written for a prescribed genre. We just write what makes us feel good.

A good song should make you hum along. It should stick in your certainly changed our focus opening. Taylor describes the accordingly. What we have now is a double threat to radio with both singles playing. They are vastly different songs, coming from totally different ends of the Stone Sour spectrum. It's a great way to show listeners that Stone Sour offers a wide variety. We want to bring back the idea of songwriting, presenting old- school rock without the laser beams and exploding midgets.

It is booked by Ken Fernaglich at the Agency Group. Both are based in tember, with Chevelle and Sinch Los Angeles. We track Here's a thought.

Considering the comfort of our Featherbeds, you nay want a wake -up call. With Stone Sour, I want to show that there's more to me, more to us than just what you see in Slipknot. When I joined Slipknot, I always knew I'd want to come back to this kind of writing. We've always been impressed and intrigued by the artistry of Corey. He has a real vision. He approaches songwriting and performing as a real artist. When he approached us with his desire to do this project with Stone Sour, we were supportive.

It's been an adjustment in the transition. We are confident in the future success in both Stone Sour and Slipknot. They'll go back to the personas that they established in Slipknot. Their mystique will always remain. Or three. The singer first came into prominence on the TV show Pop Idol, which she says was an amazing learning experience. It's been brilliant. The project was produced by Charlie Bauerfeind Blind Guardian , and it shows the band at its most mature.

We won't let that happen. Metallic Crimson. The hub for key decision -maters and global pov- erhouses. Entertaining and informing. Concerts to discover and p -2mote the hottest talent and industry-shaping confereices. Henry Street Soul is the Ches- terfields' first full -length release, and it boasts a sterling array of tunes that are neatly linked by col- orful arrangements that utilize layers of strings, horns, percussion, guitars, keyboards, and vocals over the raw grooves of a live rhythm section.

The Chesterfields have been performing on the New York scene for nearly five years. Last year, an independent investment group formed the Chesterfields L. They have been compared to the contemporary "neo- soul" sound of artists like Maxwell and D'Angelo, but their use of a cross cultural band and live instrumen- Tel: Fax: 1 1 Reed Exhibitions www.

Musicians were hired and recording began in December at Clinton Studios. In March , Charles Martinez agreed in between his work on both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards' new solo albums to join the project and complete the final recording and mixing sessions at Dangerous Music Studios.

The result is 17 tracks ranging from contemporary ballads to danceable soul grooves that support a lyrical journey. Their talents were recognized early in their careers: While still in high school, Sharrard received national recognition as one of the best blues guitarists in the coun- try at the Memphis King Biscuit Blues Festival, while Dixon was included in Downbeat magazine's top high -school jazz drummers in the U.

Henry Street Soul reflects the experiences of two young artists as they have dedicated themselves to musically interpreting life with all its trials, celebrations, and possibilities. During the past nine years a rapport has been built between Sharrard and Dixon and the lessons and opportunities New York and its musicians have offered.

This is what has created a wide range of influence and richness in a music the Chesterfields have chosen to simply call "soul. But the Los Angeles -based Chocolate Covered World has come forward with a pretty powerful single that deserves consideration. With its taut pop melody and its rootsy rock instrumentation, the impetus behind "My America" is undeniably last year's terrorist attacks, but it's wisely devoid of simplistic chest- pounding.

Rather, the band opts to paint a vivid lyrical picture of a country it loves -as it sees it. In taking this approach, it has crafted a song that sits comfortably next to anything that's been written by John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen.

Written by band members Johnny D. For more details, call Michelle Broome at or e-mail michelle vellumentertainment. Though it's not necessarily a shoo -in for the top of the charts, a new disc of orchestral works by the American avant -garde composer Gloria Coates marks a significant breakthrough-and a hard won victory as well.

Though her works are known by new -music cognoscenti, the composer, based in Germany since , has yet to enjoy recognition commensurate with her artistic achievement in this country. Coates' compositions employ numerous aspects of postwar European composition, but there's no doubting that she is an American maverick in spirit. Perhaps not surprisingly, a new disc of her music issued Oct.

The challenging disc adds to a small but growing catalog that offers a substantial portrait of a most individual artist. Born in Wausau, Wis. The album streeted Sept. Melanie first gained prominence after her appearance at the Woodstock festival.

She has issued 30 albums in 30 -plus years and has continued to tour. She earned degrees not only in composition and musicology but also in singing, theater, and art. Her compositional style, marked by bracing dissonances and omnipresent glissandos, is similar to the music of such postwar Polish composers as Lutoslawski and Penderecki. A German resident for more than three decades, she has done much to promote American music in Europe.

Lately, however, it has been European ensembles that have best promoted Coates' music on disc though the Kronos Quartet was an early champion of her music, recording three quartets for the Munich -based Pro Viva label. More recently, earlier this year Naxos issued a disc of her String Quartets Nos. That Naxos disc attracted outstanding reviews; more surprisingly, it has sold a more -than- respectable 8, copies worldwide, no small claim for a disc of dark, uncompromising music.

As reported in last week's column, Naxos responded by bringing Coates to the U. Despite geographical challenges, the recordings have generated further interest: In , Naxos will record a second volume of Coates' quartets, including her Quartet No.

Coates is currently at work on several commissioned pieces and constantly learns of new performances of her works through the Internet. Perhaps more importantly, she is also finally able to appreciate the admiration that her music has engendered: "I get fan letters, I guess you'd call them," she says.

I was in Germany not getting any [American] endowments, but I don't qualify for German grants, either. Those grants allowed New World to assemble one of the most extensive projects devoted to Coates' music so far, featuring her Symphony No.

The new disc provides a substantial cross -section of Coates' work, featuring pieces written between and The centerpiece of the disc is The Force for Peace and War, a turbulent, deeply moving composition that sets poetry by German, American, and English women poets written during World War II that was inspired by the composer's visit to the Dachau concentration camp.

The pieces hail from live recordings, mostly of world -premiere performances that were recorded by German radio. I had this creative explosion; and I have been going full -steam ever since. The idea was scrapped in favor of the new music she was writing with her son.

Daughters Leilah and Jeordie Schekeryk provide background vocals, and the entire family contributes to live performances. Those who remember me from way back will be surprised. Her husband will book the jaunt. For faster service order online www. Orde-s payable in U. All sales are final. The Country Music Assn. CCMA in U. The CMA declined to comment beyond the prepared statement. As for Higgins, he's hoping for a peaceful resolution.

It's different letters, different language, a different genre of music. I'm sure everybody will see that once this gets going. I've always had my awards show and convention the first week in November. They moved over to where I'm at. I didn't move to where they're at, and I'm getting blamed.

I love CMA," he says. It's Christian country. The format is really more Christian-based. I don't feel like I'm breaking the law. He 16 premiere Oct. The special gives viewers a look at the band's Thrive-It's All in the Word tour and also spotlights its partnership with Zondervan Bible Publishers to promote biblical literacy.

The tour kicked off in Bangor, Maine, Oct. Hp will host the program. His first son, Sam, was born during the same time that the group's breakthrough hit, "I Can Only Imagine," was saturating Christian radio.

The momentum continued as the anthem was named both song and pop recorded song of the year by the Gospel Music Assn. Now looking to repeat the success of its previous outing, Mercy Me delivers the album Spoken For, which debuts at No. It's the feelings we are going through now. We had a lot of input on this album, and we are really excited about it. There is definitely a knowledge that these guys are the real deal, and Spoken For delivers.

The Newsboys urge the audience to visit their Web site newsboys. Newsboys representatives expect to garner a large audience, as TBN is available in 90 million TV households and carried on more than 6, cable systems. The network is broadcast worldwide via 25 satellites.

Check local listings for additional air dates. The project is the second video in the Max Lucado Wemmicks series. If that happens, we've accomplished what we are trying to do.

Yet the year-old, 70 -voice Georgia -based group is not only alive but remains one of the industry's best -selling choirs. This is the best record this choir has ever done. It's the life giving and life -changing power of the -is gospel in song.

There are plenty to choose from among her 30 -voice choir, Temple Worshippers. What this gospel series -which is four records deep so far -boils down to for Whalum is worshipping the God he serves and performing the music he loves best with renowned artists who happen to be his dearest friends and family and all in a live context.

Indeed, the Grammy Award- nominated saxophonist's commitment to the genre goes well beyond recording. His "The Gospel According to Jazz" workshops bring Whalum and other lead- ing instrumentalists and vocalists together with young musicians to encourage and raise the standard of musical expression and performance in the church.

Three theaters have undergone renovations in the past year, one amphitheater will begin improvements next month, and a whole new facility will join the venue marketplace by the end of Venue managers are largely keeping up with the Joneses with this flurry of activity.

One of the world's premiere touring locations, Los Angeles is an obvious stop for acts. But there are a lot of choices for talent looking to play 2, to 8, -seat facilities, so to stand out, venues are having to be noisier themselves. The Clear Channel Entertainment CCE - operated Wiltern Theater has ripped out 1, of its seats to install a general- admission GA floor, allowing standing- room -only space for the first time since it opened in The Greek Theater, operated by House of Blues and Nederlander and also open since the s, will introduce 24 box seats during its construction, which is scheduled to start in November.

Both the 2, capacity Orpheum and 2, capacity Pantages plugged in all -new seats and electrical systems. Summing up this aggressive mood, Nederlander senior VP David Green explains, "The Wiltern spent a lot of money, the Orpheum spent a lot of money -hopefully we can beat them to the punch with the improvements that we've made.

This 2, -seat concert space will host the LA Philharmonic, as well as touring talent. There were going to be at least five venues competing for the same Lid Not Cosmetic In contrast to L. None of the El Rey footage will be used in the Hill program. Instead, NBC will use film shot inside the nearby 1, capacity Palace, where the crew quickly relocated to complete its filming following the accident. Sparta and Brad shifted to the Roxy for respective Oct.

In all, more than 20 shows will have to either switch buildings or cancel by mid-November, when the El Rey construction will wrap. No one has called with anything other than sympathy.

He released all affected acts from current booking contracts and acknowledges that "some bands will have to reduce ticket sales, taking a hit financially" when moving to new locations.

Clinic, for example, will shrink from two -capacity El Rey shows to one 1, -seat date at Hollywood's Palace. By press time, another artist, Amon Tobin, hadn't yet rescheduled his Oct. It's something beyond our control. We're going to have to live with it," says Clinic's and Tobin's booking agent, Billionaire Corp. It's foolish for people to turn away from the built El Rey, he adds, because as one of the few club -sized venues that's also a registered city landmark, "there's no alternative to it.

Also -like a lot of other places in the area -the El Rey should "be better than ever," he contends. Live, a 7, -seat theater that would sit adjacent to its downtown Staples Center arena.

Even Staples is gunning for more concerts with a curtain system it bowed Oct. So extreme differentiation has become a key venue-management strategy.

Already one of the few outdoor L. The roof's weight capacity will be bolstered as well, so acts like the Who won't have to scale down their productions, like that band did for its Sept. Additionally, the concrete area leading into the venue will be gutted to make way for a grassy plaza, where patrons will enjoy significantly more food and drink selections.

Bob Dylan will kick off the theater's grand reopening Oct. It will also be the first time in recent memory that Latin band Jaguares Nov. That's what they are are- - doing. The Wiltem is making it more attractive for bands to play there. That means more shows. The Greek is adding amenities for its audience to go there. All this helps the bottom line. That has hurt venues in the heart of the area, like the Orpheum, and given the Classic Lines. Music that is happening now is more active. People who want to sit down can, and then people who want to stand can, too.

It's good. With signs that there could be too many Los Angeles ven- leg up to rivals residing in more upscale neighborhoods, like the Greek Hollywood's Griffith Park and the Wiltern Miracle Mile business district. The coming Disney Concert Hall and L. Live should also freshen things up. In the Arena. Australia Aug. All topical trails for just about any concert- industry panel going these days eventually lead to Clear Channel Entertainment CCE.

IEBA annual conference in Nashville was no exception. What is refreshing, however, was that arena managers, agents, and promoters both on the panel and in the audience -discussed possible solutions rather than just grousing about the current state of affairs.

Mountain View, Calif. But there used to be seven or eight promoters playing our market, calling for avails, and now that's down to three. I believe we got 19 concerts because we're very lucky in a lot of respects. Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville. Sept 1 Concord, Concord, Calif. All rights reserved. Bonscores should be submmed to: Bob Allen, Nashville.

Phone: Fax: For research information and pricing, call Bob Allen, When people leave, win or lose, we want them pleased [that] we've done the best we can to make each show a success. But we made a commitment to get back in the concert market again and took a tack of being very aggressive in calling promoters. We work hard to make sure the shows that come in have no problems. When this building opened 15 years ago, we'd get 20 shows a year.

We had promoters, which we no longer have. Smardak, who was also a panelist, said, "We're an independent rogue and a void -filler, going into under -served markets and under-showed buildings. Be aggressive and compete in the summertime rather than watch the shows go down the road to the amphitheater. Yet Cher is sashaying her way through a number of small cities this year, leaving some shine in her wake. Thanks to summer visits by such top -tier acts as Cher and the Eagles to places like Grand Rapids, Mich.

For years, tour organizers didn't feel confident that venues in smaller cities had the white collar populations to support high-end ticket prices. Keeping with their lesser size, these regions also housed small- er facilities that might have a tough time squeezing in multi truck concert productions.

That sort ofbusiness is turning heads among the live -event community. Venues in Las Vegas and Atlantic City have been purchasing headlining entertainment for decades, but now new casinos in smaller markets from coast to coast are buying in.

It's a phenomenon that booking agents are happy to see. The reality is, there are dozens of new venues buying anywhere from four to 30 shows a year. You do the math. It has helped keep both young artists and mature artists working. Every week, it seems like we see a new property open. What casinos are looking to buy varies widely, according to Terry Jenkins, director of enter- tainment for Boyd Gaming Corp.

The company, from its offices in New York and London, specializes in interna- tional touring logistics. TCG Bob Tulipan includes each of the multinational record companies among its clients. Awareness of the time factor is crucial for record companies, booking agencies and artist managers representing artists from outside the U. But the pop -music touring industry regularly works on a much tighter timetable. Then U. That concern exists particularly with artists from some third -world nations who have used U.

Despite the new security con- Awareness of the time factor is crucial for record companies, booking agencies and artist managers representing artists from outside the U.

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  3. Original S.I.N. Almighty Format: Audio CD. out of 5 stars 9 ratings. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from out of 5 stars The Almighty - review. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 15, Verified Purchase. This is an excellent cd,/5(9).
  4. Already affiliated with the Sunz of Man, Black Market Militia, and the HRSMN, the East Coast MC Priest introduces another underground supergroup--Almighty--made up of M-Eighty, Son One, Bronze Nazareth, 5-Star, C-Rayz Walz, and himself. On ORIGINAL S.I.N., the six-man crew paints vivid street portraits over cinematic beats by Krohme, Maja 7th.
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  7. Almighty music CDs Hailing from Scotland, The Artist formed in , having come together from a Punk background with Ricky Warwick of New Model Army at the forefront the group. two CD 20th Anniversary live concert from the Scottish rockers featuring the full original line-up of the band. saw them releasing new material, shortly to disband again - and then reform once more in
  8. Almighty discography and songs: Music profile for Almighty. Genres: East Coast Hip Hop. Albums include Soundtracks From the Shaolin Temple, Original S.I.N., and The Invisible Garden.

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