Antibodies - Lost Trail - Covered Mirrors: A Collection Of Lost Trail Juvenilia (File)

Titles available from Roy Glashan's Library. Night - No. Issued to celebrate the fiftieth birthday, in , of the Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company. The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont-- Text. Johnston of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, may be used, in whole or in part, by anyone, without permission and without charge, provided the source is acknowledged. Released October For comments and suggestions for improvements, please contact Ian Johnston]. Songs and Sonnets-- Text Stories at Roy Glashan's Library.

Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Australia, etc. Sorrow in Sunlight, alternatively entitled "Prancing Nigger" -- Text A Voyage to Terra Australis Vol. Who Killed Castelvetri? Still copyright in Australia. The Famous Cases of Dr. The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke's Case-Book a. File No. Lord Bellinger-- Text Voyage of Discovery to N. Available at at Roy Glashan's Library. The Federal Capital. Other novels and short fiction are available from Roy Glashan's Library in various formats.

Eureka --at Roy Glashan's Library. The Botathen Ghost-- Text The Private Secretary -- Text The Letters of Rachel Henning -- Text The Last Enemy -- Text The Irish in Australia -- Text The Dear Departed -- Text A True Story -- Text Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip [edited by W. Desmond Humphreys; E. Organisation of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. With 90 per cent of its turnover generated in Germany, namely at the two trading venues Xetra and.

Aracy de Almeida was a Brazilian singer, known as a famous artist of the Golden Age of Brazilian radio. Her album Noel Rosa was voted by Rolling Stone o. It is unknown how much, if any, protection may be afforded against H1N1 flu by any existing antibody. Therefore, as vaccine supply and demand for vaccine among younger age groups is being met, programs and providers should offer vaccination to people over the age of Do those that have been previously vaccinated against the swine influenza need to be vaccinated against the H1N1 influenza?

The swine flu virus and the H1N1 virus are different enough that it is unlikely a person vaccinated in will have full protection from the H1N1. People vaccinated in should still be given the H1N1 vaccine. Where is the vaccine available? Vaccine is available in a combination of settings such as vaccination clinics organized by local health departments, healthcare provider offices, schools, and other private settings, such as pharmacies and workplaces.

Are there other ways to prevent the spread of illness? Take everyday actions to stay healthy. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective. Germs spread that way. CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them. Healthy airways and air sacs in the lungs are elastic - they try to bounce back to their original shape after being stretched or filled with air, just the way a new rubber band or balloon does.

This elastic quality helps retain the normal structure of the lung and helps to move the air quickly in and out. In people with COPD, the air sacs no longer bounce back to their original shape. The airways can also become swollen or thicker than normal, and mucus production might increase.

The floppy airways are blocked, or obstructed, making it even harder to get air out of the lungs. Many people with COPD avoid activities that they used to enjoy because they become short of breath more easily. COPD develops slowly, and can worsen over time, so be sure to report any symptoms you might have to your doctor as soon as possible, no matter how mild they may seem.

Everyone at risk for COPD who has a cough, sputum production, or shortness of breath, should be tested for the disease. The test for COPD is called spirometry. Spirometry can detect COPD before symptoms become severe. This simple, non-invasive breathing test measures the amount of air a person can blow out of the lungs volume and how fast he or she can blow it out flow.

Based on this test, your doctor can tell if you have COPD, and if so, how severe it is. The spirometry reading can help your doctor determine the best course of treatment.

Spirometry is one of the best and most common lung function tests. The test is done with a spirometer, a machine that measures how well your lungs function, records the results, and displays them on a graph for your doctor. You will be asked to take a deep breath, then blow out as hard and as fast as you can using a mouthpiece connected to the machine with tubing.

The spirometer then measures the total amount exhaled, called the forced vital capacity or FVC, and how much you exhaled in the first second, called the forced expiratory volume in one second or FEV1. Your doctor will read the results to assess how well your lungs are working and whether or not you have COPD.

To help you quit, there are many online resources and several new aids available from your doctor. The National Cancer Institute has information on smoking cessation.

Visit SmokeFree. Stay indoors when the outside air quality is poor. You should also stay away from places where there might be cigarette smoke. Make a list of your breathing symptoms and think about any activities that you can no longer do because of shortness of breath.

It is also a good idea to get a flu shot every year, since the flu can cause serious problems for people with COPD. You should also ask your doctor about the pneumonia vaccine. Food for Your Eyes By Tait Trussell, Senior Wire Dry macular degeneration is the most common form of age-related macular degeneration AMD , affecting percent of people who suffer from the disease.

The cells of the macula in the eye slowly break down and yellow deposits form under the retina. Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of irreversible visual impairment among persons age 60 and over. The device has not yet won Federal Food and Drug Administration approval, but doctors have described a surgical technique to make sure of proper placement while avoiding damage to the eye. Their technique was published in the journal, Archives of Ophthalmology.

One-year outcomes with the implantable device show 67 percent of eyes with the implantable device showed great improvement in visual acuity. On the negative side, researchers have discovered a problematic gene variant. They based their findings on studies of patients with AMD, compared with unaffected people.

What they found was that a variant in the C3 gene influenced the risk of developing AMD. For 30 percent of the people who carry one copy of the variant, the risk of AMD was increased by 70 percent. For the four percent of the population with two copies of the gene variant, the risk of AMD more than doubled.

If you have high blood pressure, ask your doctor about blood pressure medicines like ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers ARBs. They have a protective effect on your kidneys. A message from your friends at. Department of Health and Human Services. Contents presented do not necessarily reflect CMS policy. For example, foods such as white rice, pasta, and bread have high glycemic index. Meaning they have a faster rise and subsequent drop in blood sugar. But whole-wheat versions of rice, pasta, and bread are foods that have a low glycemic index.

Although ADM occurs after middle age, what causes it may occur earlier. Even though there is no effective therapy for AMD, your diet may delay its progress. Identifying risk factors that can be modified is increasingly important as the population ages. The number of people with AMD in the United States is expected to double and reach three million by the year The risk of AMD may be achieved by relatively simple dietary changes, such as replacing white bread with whole grain bread.

Increasing intakes of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish-oil supplements may protect against blindness resulting from abnormal blood vessel growth in the eye, which is common to the other form of AMD, namely wet AMD, which a minority of people have but which is equally serious. Aside from fish-oil supplements, wild salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, and sardines can protect against retinal disease, scientists believe.

Yes, Bob was fully endowed while waiting for arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Timothy Kinkead, his orthopedic surgeon, has a warped sense of humor too. The staff became comedians. And, in fact, that was essentially true. Bob had bought a very authentic-looking leg at a joke shop. The staff helped him dress and posi-. When Dr. When reality hit, he cracked up and took pictures. My husband is 61 years old, by the way.

The leg was designed to appear chopped off with a hatchet. Thinking it might not be in the best of taste to carry a bloody leg into the hospital, we brought it in a long case. Carrying the bloody leg, I raced through the pre-op bays, then through the waiting area filled with family members who looked up from their magazines. I threw it in our car. Then the staff gathered around, waiting for Dr. Kinkead to arrive. I think all of Hyannis could have heard him laughing when he looked in that curtain because.

Later, in the recovery area, Bob was groggy and still wearing those ridiculous things on his chest. But they were on the outside of his gown. I grabbed them and stuck them in the only thing I could find, which was a clear plastic bag. Then I put them on the floor. I made yet another mad dash through the waiting room, the parking lot, and then to our car where I tossed them on the front seat.

A charming display. The staff was such good sports. At www. Kinkead, a Yale graduate, has more than medical expertise. He has heart, humor, and compassion. And so, if Dr. Kinkead does your arm surgery, call Bob. Saralee welcomes emails at sperel saraleeperel. We welcome tours of the hospital every day of the week.

We are proud to be the newest addition to the healthcare continuum in the Inland Northwest , including Western Montana. The mission of Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter YVAS is to provide shelter for animals in transition, serve as advocates for animals and their people, and be a leader in enhancing the human-animal bond. We have five full-time and two part-time employees.

Our volunteer staff includes a solid core of five individuals and numerous folks who donate their time as they are able. We house between 30 to 50 dogs and 80 to cats on any given day that we shelter regardless of age, health, and need. We refuse no animals.

Our commitment to finding homes for adoptable pets has led us to placing them in individual adoption homes, foster homes, other shelters, and breed rescues in Montana and surrounding states. YVAS is committed to decreasing the population of unwanted animals through spay and neuter by ensuring all animals that leave YVAS are altered. We thank all those individuals and businesses who have supported us and look forward to additional partnerships in the community.

For more information or to donate, please call us at or stop by and visit us at Monad Road in Billings. The Mental Health Center, serving Yellowstone and ten surrounding counties for 38 years, invites you to enjoy free monthly lunch-and-learn educational programs called Mending Minds. You will also have an opportunity to talk with Mental Health Center staff that passionately work to positively impact and improve the lives of those whose most basic needs are challenged by their mental illnesses.

Learn about community resources available and what measures are effective in the treatment of these individuals. D corner of 17th St. D, near West Park Plaza. Because seating is limited, call for reservations and to check for our January lunch date. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana is the leader in health care solutions, offering Medicare Supplement products to fit every need.

Call today for a free health plan evaluation! William Burke, S. Vincent Healthcare in Billings. From there he went on to St. Louis presence in nature. He currently works a four-day week, ies. He completed his theology studies in Aurora, which leaves three days for Fr. Burke to be at one Illinois, at an affiliate of Loyola University, where he of his favorite fishing spots, the Big Horn River earned a Masters in Divinity and was ordained.

Burke relates. Burke began his ministry doing parish work at St. He was transferred to St. Billings, Montana SweetwaterRetirement. And he enjoyed it, too, especially when he started receiving acceptances for poems he had submitted for publication. His first chapbook Ivory White was published during this time.

As a parish priest, Fr. White-flaked and dancing! Bride and groom kiss Their lives together While angels sing And Christ comes in glory! Quiet night, starry bright, Bells are ringing. Bride and groom are singing, Laughing, crying. Playing, praying. Burke received permission to train in that field, which he did initially by working with a chaplain at Providence Hospital in Anchorage.

When Fr. One has to wonder when he ever found time to fish! His third chapbook was published while he served as a full-time chaplain at Providence Hospital by the Jesuit Community. Even the title makes a person smile. Burke was on the road again, filling in for several months. Burke was still at St. Francis Xavier when he received a call from St. Would he be interested? Would he?

You'll be ready for the Holidays! Right where you need it. Advanced booking required. Rate will vary by property, length of stay and by date.

Availability and rate will be confirmed at time of booking. Rates are based on occupancy per room; up to four adults per room qualify for breakfast under this package. Children ages 13 and over are considered "adult" for this package. Rate, taxes, applicable dates, advance deposit, credit guarantee and reservation cancellation policies may vary by hotel; please inquire at time of reservation. Not valid for use during convention, meeting or other group booking dates.

Breakfast does not include gratuities or alcoholic beverages. Changes have occurred, and expansion of program services has taken place, adding new opportunities for families and children in our community - in ever more complex times. Innovative programs, such as our respite childcare center, as much a part of vision as necessity, have continually been undertaken in response to community needs. In , the call to prevent child abuse and neglect was answered by a number of community volunteers who believed, strongly, that child abuse and neglect rob children of their childhoods and sometimes of their lives.

Today at the Center, professional staff members answer the call, Preventing child abuse means that we all recognize we have a means to do that. Maybe, we support a struggling family. Maybe that means we open up our heart to struggling families. If we can prevent child abuse and neglect, it saves us as taxpayers, but more importantly, it saves those children for whom the human consequences are incomprehensible. To learn how you can help us prevent the abuse and neglect of our children, please call The Billings agency assists the low income of Yellowstone County with rent, utilities, prescription drugs, food, free clothing, eye examinations, and other basic needs.

Family Service, Inc. Recently, Family Service, Inc. For more information, contact Executive Director, Paul Chinberg at He just thought putting up a bunch of wooden woodpeckers between Ryegate and Harlowton would be fun. But when people saw the woodpeckers, one thing led to another and soon the retired mail carrier, carpenter, and long-time mayor of Ryegate,. MSU Billings Seniors on Campus offers unique educational opportunities for adults 50 and older who are young at heart and enjoy learning for learning sake.

Seniors on Campus seeks to foster intellectual stimulation, new interests, and personal development through academic pursuits, and to provide a community in which to gather, get acquainted and socialize. Seniors on Campus courses are open to all adults 50 and older. Current and retired MSU Billings faculty and community experts lead courses and special events. Find out more at www. Though he has never bought a lick of advertising, Earl has sold over 12, of his woodpeckers.

Driving around Harlowton one day with his friend Jerry Gantz, the two of them spotted a wooden woodpecker. Inspired, they decided to make some woodpeckers themselves and put them along US.

This third generation Montanan underwent a hip replacement and within seven weeks was back to walking the hills around her ranch in Roscoe, eventually hiking the Red Lodge Creek Plateau at the base of Sylvan Peak. Many wanted to buy one for themselves. We just kept making them and making them. Jerry and I, we worked sometimes eight hours or so to keep up. I can figure out when they run that. In fact they ran it in California the other day. This gal has ordered 6 of them. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Earl Osse of Ryegate displays one of his largesized woodpeckers, his top selling item.

He has sold over 12, of his various designs over the last 12 years. Sometimes his customers write back. So she did. She sent me cash. So I bottled it up and sent the woodpecker to her. About a week, ten days later I got a letter from that gal. Some of my friends told me you might as well kiss that money goodbye! Another letter Earl treasures is the one he keeps posted on his kitchen wall.

My brother and I always used to see who could count the most. But now my brother is at war. Earl notes. He makes three models of woodpecker, one 18 inches long, one 6 inches long, and one a door knocker. The big ones outsell the little ones by three or four to one. I get 25 big ones, and 10 little ones out of a sheet.

Earl says. He has kept his price steady ever since he began. But when we got to 7,, he quit. So although Earl keeps his friendship with Gantz, he has worked on his own since the year Earl severely injured his left arm in his younger years, so he has been used to working without it for most of his life. In spite of the sales that spin off from media coverage, Earl says most of his customers are the people who drive through the little town of Ryegate.

I got my place where I sit all the time, and this gal was sitting at that table. I came all the way from Arkansas to see you! Earl sat down and chatted with her, discovering in the course of conversation that she was born and raised in nearby Melstone and he knew of her family.

Earl relates. By now Earl identifies himself with woodpeckers so much that he has one of his creations fastened to the grill of his pickup. Earl muses. COR Enterprises, a nonprofit agency that provides vocational and supported living services to persons with disabilities in Billings and surrounding areas, continues to make progress on plans for a new facility.

With the aging of the current facility and an increase in the number of people served, the need for a new building is even more imminent. Fundraising efforts have been successful, but national and local economic problems mean that more support is needed.

Please consider making an individual, corporate, or memorial donation to the COR Enterprises Building Fund at South 24th Street, Billings, MT or by visiting the donations page on the web at www. For more information, please contact Tony Cline at ext Give the gift of art and inspiration with a membership to the Yellowstone Art Museum.

Wiley Dog Truffles - continued from cover change of pace. When you think about it, a bonbon with subtle wasabi undertones makes a most appropriate finale to a sushi dinner. Likewise, a sweet infused with whispers of citrusy lime seems the perfect way to cap off a bowl of Pad Thai noodles.

When asked about which of her 17 truffle flavors attracts the most fans, JoAnn says the answer. Just tasting this tantalizingly complex blend of cinnamon, orange, pepper, cloves, and hazelnuts is enough to evoke images of Mexico and the ancient Aztecs, who discovered chocolate. Fortunately for this chocolatier, experimenting with various flavor combinations comes as a natural extension of the way she and her family like to cook and eat.

If the food is pretty we photograph it. For the last few New Years Eves, tired of traditional meals, the Kimbrough clan has taken their experimenting to new heights by choosing cuisines from different countries to make a five-course dinner. JoAnn, her husband, Don, and the girls each pick two recipes to consider then narrow down their choices to five recipes for five courses. A bad choice is okay, too.

Last year we did German food. This personality-plus canine is as much a member of the Kimbrough family as any beloved grandparent or cousin. For JoAnn, naming her company for her favorite pet was one way she could safely include Wiley in the chocolate action.

You can also visit her website www. When Willie dons his winter coat, however, the abandoned runt transforms into a majestic animal. You will be surprised at all the exciting changes. Beartooth Nature Center, Red Lodge The Beartooth Nature Center is a sanctuary for animals and an opportunity for people to observe them in a natural setting and learn about them through interpretive displays.

All of the animals are here for a reason. They cannot be returned to the wild because of injury or habituation to humans. Each animal has a story. Fortunately, someone found them and contacted Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, but they were imprinted to humans. The vulture cannot fly because he was hit by a car. Their bald head can dip into decaying meat without dirtying feathers and their short, hooked beak works perfectly for tearing through flesh.

Less endearing characteristics include their ability to vomit on their attackers or throw up to lighten their load so they can fly. They urinate on their legs to cool down, with an added advantage - the acidic liquid kills bacteria picked up tromping through unsanitary material.

Many readers will remember visiting the Red Lodge Zoo from their childhoods. In , people visited the animals at the Silver Fox and Fur Farm.

By the s, the Zoo population. When it closed as a private business in , local citizens formed the Red Lodge Zoological Society and gradually built it up as a non-profit entity. The recently-purchased 20 acres on Rock Creek five miles north of town includes ponds, meadows, and aspen stands.

Outside await wilderness and the animal area. Readers may donate or support the center through a membership, which includes admission to Zoo Montana. Animal adoption makes a fun and unique gift for kids, adults, or for yourself.

For more information about the Beartooth Nature Center visit its website at www. Its contents. War - -Her land thcre and JIM.

OOO to the Mrs. Hemingway left JIOO. Boston, vancy said Thursday that the New York City. Hemingway, a journalist New York anartment and author, died Nov. York City at age 78, alter a long Hemingway Iclt no aur- -jjlnejs; - vivora.

Ceo- hla. Proaldeol Madrid at Mexico, cities In Germany. The public is Invited. In Jarge J. Insurance, accounting, elected at the January board utilize waxy barley, which would Designation to member agencies communications, education, and meeling. These allocations general business professions. There I growers. The public defender was appointed to represent'Romero on both I counts.

He will be represented by Ihepublicdefender. Onca Inside, burglars entered the offices of Dr. Seniors, I it Is located In a btgh-producllon which went fro m , Youth H burn this renewable resource If groupsweresccond,at Buy it! She was ; Gooding Memorial Hospital. He married Sylvia Tangerman jgoj. In Kearney, Neb. In t'J3a, they moved to she married Alex L.

Buriat moved to Idaho in May , and farm- ed at Subicll. Station until i! H6, when v. He also had worked in. Shelley, whore she worked for the p. Her hus- Survlvlng arc: his wife of Gooding; band died In , and she moved lo two daughters. Shirley Hanslcn of Bliss Jerome In Bulling and Judy Pope of Twin Falls; a son. Richard R. Everson was a member of the of Twin Falls, died Thursday at.

Magic LDS Church. This proposal still needs some research. Harris said. According to the United ' Way's by-laws, each. The magazine circulates , copies and is well-read among en- trepreneurs and managers of small, privately held companies. Caruso said. Top-ranked California had 70 businesses listed.

Call Donho novvl Day or night X. The fonilly suggests award funding. Optimist Club Children'. The fellowships could occur. Robert Saxen. Dennis 'Arbaugh of Jerome; and otMurtaugh.

Patricia MllehcU-and baby, Dwlgbt-Ross. Robert Saxen ol Buhl, Mr. Gerardo Valdei of MurUugb and Mr. Joe Wilson of Burley. Choose from old-fashioned smoked hams, boneless hams, thick cut New York steaks, smoked turkey.

Mail Orders Welcome. Jeanne Schlagenhauf, Twin Falls associa- tion president, said that the film is about responsibility and that viewers will leam something about schizophrenia. Admission at the special event, from 1 to 4 p. View Hospital will present free public information sessions on "Chemical Dependency, Effects on Fami- lies and Intervention Procedures, "'beginning at 7 p.

Mondayat the hospital, Shoup Ave. In Lo gan. Friday, Oecombor Twin Falls, Idaho B I am happily married and am a private in the U. I will get right to the point. I slarM wearing women's panties when 1 was In the.

It began when I saw my ' mother's peach-colored satin panties ' in her dresser drawer. My wife has no objections. I am : not gay or bisexual. I am a straight guy, absolutely straight. Is there anything wrong with that? I have read a lot about yoga and It says that everyone has both masculine and feminine traits, which may explain my preference for feminine undergarments.

Also the femininity In me comes out when I dance ballet and do aerobics. I have beautiful, shapely legs and am verygraccful;'"' Right now I am In the Army, so 1 have left my panties back home.

I miss them, but I'm afraid. And there. Not on- ly is IL unsanitary, It really nause- ates me. I recently married and ' thougbt that would -put an end to this disgusting practice, but It hasn't. Abigail VanBuren Dear Abby the Christmas season I witnessed an exchange between a salesperson and a customer In a department store that lost the salesperson a sale.

The store policy was to' refuse to allow the customer to use an unsigned charge card for her purchase. The customer produced various forms of identification, but refused to sign the card. Her reason; If her signature was on her cord and It was lost or stolen. It could be used by the person finding or stealing It. It would be much harder to match the signature already on the card than to match one that you put there yourself.

With another Christmas shopping season upon us, we should all check -our credit cards to be sure they-are.

And salespersons should make it a policy to check the signature bn the card against the signature on the charge slip. Usually no other identification Is requested when you use a charge card. I wish I had spoken up at the time of the occurrence, even If the customer had told me to mind my own business.

Your letter reinforces that belief. All my life I've been skinny. Not sickly skinny — just skinny with a few curves. Believe me. Please print this. Abby, for all the skinny people who are sfck of hearing, "You are skin and bones; you would look so much belter If you pul on a few pounds. Jay H. SUN til p. But under skcplical questioning, the SEC officials conceded that computers by themselves are not enough to make criminal cases.

Boesky, perhaps the most famous and most successful of the high-risk speculators known as arbitrageurs, agreed last month to pay a million line and plead guilty to one felony count to settle an SEC com- plaintoflnslder trading.

Dennis Levine were caught only because o informants. Ander- son, -assistant comptroller general of the GAD. Phelan Jr. The company said 5 to 2, with up. Interest-rale American Telephone 4 Telegraph, down totaled Inde'x was down 2. Uje-counter-markel4ost-i to Total sales rose O.

S percent In iNovember to a seasonally adjusted. Sandra Shaber. But she added that "If Wall Street thinks this means a surge in consumer spen- ding. Jerry J. Jaslnowskl, chief economist for the National Associa- tion of Manufacturers, said indica- tions of a rebounding economy are misleading and the nation may well be headed for a major downturn. Because of the new tax law, much of which takes effect Jan.

The government report said auto sales were down 0. November sales were up over Oc- tober in every category except auto dealers and department stores.

Sales by furniture, home fur- nishings and equipment stores rose a strong 2. Hardware stores and building- materials outlets recorded a 0. In all. Sales of non-ducable goods, which are those expected to be consumed In three years or less, rose 0.

Included were gains of 1. Dennis Eckart, cases has been extraordinary. But Dingell said he beljeyed morr a. SJfFS' solution.

I Both front-seat occupants. John Danfortb, R-Mo. Pelrauskas, characterizing the HlghwaySafety. Including imports, pany kind of commitment" because average 9 million to 10' million cars a of engineering and development year. Judsani l. UH- W. CBS iw-Es.

Ml ' lOD- 31V 2. MomPI — MohkOl 2'. MofiMh 2. NooalOl- 1. JoyMIg r. KImbCI 2. Hrahr 9. Salta Lul Dig. M- McOnO 2. V - II 73U-1D 19 ! DB TwIrr Falla. Port, wheat 2. I Jen. Treasury Bills Dec. Bonds Dec. D-mark Dec. S-lranc ' Dec.

SWi uadlbrrt mowha. M downt. Mwa Ji. ID 1 dart northam aortng wheat t3pclprotam2. Idaho Pwr. DO higher; cows braaking ulil- , ily and commarclal 3ir0fr Couf Giadaiona Gold Coin.

Board said commitments on such Popularity of adjustable-rate mor- mortgages handled by U. In November, in early October. M — CtoOATtmtnt ol Agiicultuii. Jeu hUTid bain lu ir iioriga ctiiraai. Producara deaiiing mixa n caniprlcainToTmitWnanoutoconUbtdealara. S riln pficaa era tn avaraga oriaveni Nagle Vaiiay oalar quauuona oDiainad weekly. Soil whne wDeai, Dee. Pricaa ai3p. Read Grain Co. All pricea are quoted T. Ort 54 JO 5. OOW yP U' Cow careaaMa: 3 loada 'epdrlad.

Cultora moaiiy t 00 ftfener. X tower. M higher. M lower. Seedioaa balUea I iba generally aieady. IMS iba aieady to 1. Tradei low 10 modeiale lor Ham 10 moderate demand and ol-. NoJ I75 lb fog '". ISl'' e! Cold Yreka. I Dee 3U.

W U M TD X'41 I Jun 4I0. X NY Cornea apol monthetosedWed. M; Nofih Dakota round teda 6. X: tyaeia iM 18 sseka non. X: waahingiori 9. W: dtierado M, -wanoiO. Ruaaeia X ib eittona per owl, ceun. Wiaeonain N; Col- orado i6. W; Oregon S" : Si- eo M May X. Fab fl 73,10 PacQE 1. Stonger os o new groin buyer. X, one firm Oiaal Nonnema: weti Nabriaka, JAP - Tmekatj tail blda lor. P'o- jun cesaora. X fiv U un Choose from over different gifts, in a variety of sizes and prices.

We'll even ship youtgift for you. Twin Pain. Waho Friday. SHAD Prosecution assured now. But under skeptical questioning, the SEC officials conceded that computers by themselves arc not. Boesky, perhaps the most famous and most successful of the high-risk speculators known as arbitrageurs, agreed last month to pay a SlOO million fine and plead guilty to one felony count to settle an SEC com- plaint of Insider trading. Ander- son, assistant comptroller general of the GAO.

John Dingell, ' D-Mleh. Dennis Bckart, D-Ohlo, a member of the subcom- mittee. The exchange's composite index of all ili. Nationwide turnover Ir. Manufacturing, 3. Retailing Issues were broadly lower, showing indexclosedat Total sales rose 0. Leaving aside auto sales, which ; have been very erratic In recent ' months, the new gain was 0. But she added that "If W. Jaslnowskl, chief economist for the National Associa-- tlon of Manufacturers, said Indica- tions of a rebounding economy arc misleading and the nation may well be headed for a major downturn.

The government report said auto sales , were down 0. Sales by lumllure, home fur- nishings and equipment stores rose a slrong2. Sales of non-durablc goods, which arc those expected to be consumed In three years or less, rose 0. S, auto sales, including imports, average 9 million to 10 million cars a year. O'Neil and other air bag -ad- vocates, meanwhile, predicted that General Motors Corp. Milford R. The number of cars to bo equipped with driver-side bags will be "much closer to 1 million Uiah , Instead of the passive seat belt, to protect- drivers.

Port, wheat Dec. Treasury Bills Dcc. S-franc Dec. J-yen 'Jan. UenON - T. Milan SI. New York Hosp. I Volley beans H Valley grains Qiail nonbarni: t? Ouotaiions ara Idino piieaa comeiao by Ban Mitkal Nawi. Oepartmant ol Asilcullure. OO , hiflMr, mooaraiaty aeiwa; taidy onildrm U. Non dialling. Individual to n.

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  1. (File, MP3,, С Теми Ты Или Не В Теме - Орёл City - Выстрел В Небеса (CD, Album), Lake/Interstate - Lost Trail - Covered Mirrors: A Collection Of Lost Trail Juvenilia (File), Fire Down Under - Riot (4) - Feel The Fire (CD), I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Extended Version) - Flip & Fill - .
  2. Cd di Ennio Morricone È stato un compositore. Allievo di Petrassi, ma anche suonatore di tromba in orchestrine da ballo, si divide sin dall'inizio tra una libera adesione al serialismo (Musica per 11 violini,) e la musica leggera.
  3. - The Powerhouse (CD), Black Woman - Worlds* - As Time Flows On (Vinyl, LP), Lovely City - Cat Stevens - The World Of Cat Stevens (Vinyl, LP), Threequel, Im A King Bee - Slim Harpo - Im A King Bee / I Got Love If You Want It (Vinyl), Jar (5) - Mała Nocka (CD, Album), Part 2 - Bim Sherman - Crucial Cuts Vol II (CD), Precocious Mouse - 2_3/.dll.
  4. Sitemap Mr. Ego - Helloween - Treasure Chest (Cassette), To Be In Love (Full Intention Radio Mix) - MAW* Present India - To Be In Love (CD), Ballad Of Singing Tapes - Lost Trail - Covered Mirrors: A Collection Of Lost Trail Juvenilia (File), Koteletter, Symphony No. 1 - Various - Great Moments In Music (Vinyl, LP), Concentration (Intro) - Rare Essence - We Go On And On (Vinyl, LP, Album.
  5. Label: Onkelz Boots Reproduction - • Format: CD Sampler, Unofficial Release • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Sitemap. Live To Tell - Madonna - Live Vol. 1 (CD), Step If Ya Wanna - Pazz The Jazz - The Demos EP (Vinyl), Broken Island (Audio), The Blue Ridge Sundowners - Sundowners Theme (Vinyl), Ottawan - Discomania (CD), Quelquun Qui Sen Va - Françoise Hardy.
  6. (Vinyl), Money Rules The World, Aliens Of Gold (Blake Stone Theme) - Andrew Hulshult - 3D Realms Anthology Re-rockestrated (File, Al, Good Morning - Various - Jazz Collection Vol. 2 (Vinyl, LP), O Tannenbaum - Various - A Mellow Jazz Christmas (CD), Johnny Got A Boom Boom (Bonus Track), Mr Buddy - Vybz Kartel - Mr Buddy (Vinyl).
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