Armoured Assault - Various - Earache Thrash! Pack (CD, Album)

Later on in the year, even though the band had split up months beforehand Earache brought the band over to the UK to play a farewell tour playing numerous dates around the UK and Ireland only. In early it was announced that Earache's newest signing would be the Singaporean grindcore band Wormrot , and that the label would be reissuing the band's debut album - which had only previously been available direct from the band themselves - along with a second disc of over thirty bonus tracks.

Item location see all. UK Only. European Union. Delivery options see all. Free postage. Show only see all. Returns accepted. Completed items. Sold items. Authorised seller. In tech sitcom Silicon Valley featured "You Suffer" repeatedly in one episode. In response the label created a Twitter bot NapalmDeathBot which sends an hourly tweet with the price of bitcoin. They also inserted "You suffer" into the blockchain , a first for a label. To begin the new decade, Earache Records announced a compilation vinyl titled "The New wave of Rock N Roll" featuring a host of new acts.

In Earache were invited to host the first ever stage for heavy music at Glastonbury Festival. Having been well received by Glastonbury Festival , Boomtown Fair who are affiliated to Glastonbury invited Earache to curate a stage at their event which took place in Winchester during August The stage named The Earache Factory was designed around the concept of a disused factory within a run-down part of a futuristic town. Next, you get into the title song, and your buzz is killed instantly.

From here on, there is no turning back. The title song is shockingly distant from anything remotely resembling a listenable incarnation of Machine Head, as overly melodic, over-processed lead vocal lines dominate this song, and Robb Flynn tries his hand at a straight-up pop-metal number here.

The less said about this, the better. The worst possible ending to the worst album by a once great band. In the year , there is no place for this sub-genre to exist. Being a thrash band, there are certain expectations about the riffs and the brutal anticipation amongst the guitar playing, but this is not the case here. The riffs are essentially second-rate Exodus chimes lacking technicality and differed chord progression as everything sounds like one sub-par picking section on repeat until you find yourself struggling to stay awake.

Stripped away is the ring of originality and its grand cacophony, and so we are left with this generic pile of mindless thrash that presents no sign of a real band anywhere.

Any form of negativity is rather infrequent with few issues on the vocal patterns and his semi-annoying tone, but those problems are few and far between. Evile might sound like a good thrash band on paper, but their dull debut is cast into the dirt below due to several obvious and redundant errors. In my review of Onslaught's comeback CD, I lamented the almost absolute lack of proper thrash being released these days.

A few exceptions aside, the older bands have either split up or started mucking about with modern influences, and the young pretenders of the last 15 or so years have been either the groove metal spawn of Pantera and Machine Head's take on a dying genre in the 90s, or simply modern metalcore borrowing an old Bay Area riff here and there.

But despite this, there has always been a surviving underground passion for thrash in its purest, untampered form, with a groundswell of young bands currently tearing up the U. Considered by many as the most promising of the bunch are Evile, who recently cashed in on some lucrative support slots by being snapped up by legendary extreme metal label Earache. The Huddersfield 4-piece take their biggest influences from the heavier end of Bay Area thrash, never taking many cues from anything further forward than Their formative days as a Metallica tribute band have obviously left something of an imprint of that band on Evile's sound, but a middle ground between Exodus and Slayer is probably the most appropriate comparison to the songs on 'Enter the grave'.

Frontman Matt Drake's barking vocals are an obvious Tom Araya imitation, but performed so well that the replication never feels forced or awkward.

His lyrics are also delightfully old-school, with themes of war, death, and erm, a really big shark, a breath of fresh air compared with the cartoonish political subjects Dave Mustaine and Gary Holt have been turning out of late. Better still, there is not a hint of Pantera-worship, macho man lyrical posturing to be found on the CD. The 10 songs on 'Enter the grave' are uniformly tight and aggressive, with a multitude of jagged riffs ensuring that proceedings very rarely drag.

The guitar solos from lead player Ol Drake are massively impressive, sounding often like the speedy fret runs of Kirk Hammett but also taking in the more melodic and technical style of Exodus as well. Set off against the rampaging pace that most of the CDs runs at, the 7th and 9th songs, "We who are about to die" and "Bathe in blood" are more patient, menacing numbers.

Perfect midtempo thrash how often do you see that written down? The former is a near 8-minute thrash epic, while the latter is an ominous, marching effort with a riff that must lock live audiences into that rhythmic, swaying type of headbanging the way only this sort of music can. Both songs of course feature classic New York thrash-style breaks in the middle that are executed flawlessly and make sure the songs do not get mired in repetition.

It is very hard to find criticism for Evile on their debut CD. Some listeners may be turned off by the blatant lack of originality in their songs, but when looking past this and listening to the music on its own terms, there would be hardly a thrash fan alive without room for 'Enter the grave' in their collection.

A classic British thrash CD hasn't been recorded in some time, and it would be hyperbole to say that is what has happened here, but on this sort of form Evile may be the band to do it sooner rather than later. A better thrash CD in all likelihood won't be released in Along with Municipal Waste, Evile are the second Earache band to really be put in the spotlight for leading some kind of revolution in the metal scene, especially in the UK.

What more could a promoter want from a new band? There are even a few suspiciously delivered lines which sound rather similar to classic thrash songs Bathe In Blooooood, from a lacerated sky… but these guys are no plagiarisers. While the drums mostly have a formulaic backbone, he always does something to freshen up the tried and tested offbeat snare beat, with double bass rolls, floor toms and a variety of different cymbals.

Your wish is their command. The songs are about the typical thrash themes, death, war, corruption and a little ancient history. Evile are a great thrash metal band, that much is undeniable. Originally written for www. It is not nor This is The production simply is too good for old school thrash metal standards even if Flemming Rasmussen has put his name on it. The modern equipment blows their cover. A problem? The production —objectively speaking — is remarkably good!

What exactly does Evil sound like. Opening break followed by a Anthrax riff, the Exodus riff comes in at At the Slayer riff - taken almost directly from Reign in Blood - starts and sets the tone for the verse. The originality is zero but a unique combination of these three styles of thrash within one minute. On the following songs a lot more different bands look around the corner for inspiration.

This is top class thrash metal. Hell, the whole song is one of the best ones on the album. At times he almost sounds identical.

This is also because of the same type of lyrical rhythms he uses. Not a bad thing I assure you. Although with this kind of dynamic retro-thrash I would prefer equally dynamic vocals. Confounding genre tags in 28 minutes of howling fury, Reign in Blood proves them to be simply great. Combat, Before doing time in Death, Testament, and, currently, Strapping Young Lad, drummer Gene Hoglan made this album roar, holding together the lesser performances of bandmates interested only in out-heavying Slayer.

While it doesn't quite achieve that goal, Darkness Descends does deliver a vicious, messy attack that lives up to Dark Angel's motto: "Too fast my ass. Capitol, Major-label deal in hand, a chip on his shoulder, and an excellent though short-lived lineup guitarist Chris Poland, bassist David Ellefson, and drummer Gar Samuelson backing him up, ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine channeled personal bitterness and pointed politics through his signature snarl and superior shredding skill, creating this masterpiece of thinking man's thrash.

Elektra, The Dark might have too much classic-metal influence on it to be described as a straight up thrasher, but singer David Wayne R. Island, Besides helping to put the word mosh into the pop lexicon "Caught in a Mosh" and featuring the best metal song about Native Americans since Maiden's "Run to the Hills" "Indians" , Among the Living showcased Charlie Benante's insane speed drumming and Scott Ian and Dan Spitz's hardcore-inflected guitar work, which together made for a total beatdown, NYC-style.

Metal Blade, On their debut album, Phoenix-based speedsters Sacred Reich tackled topics of political and social injustice like many a good thrash band did, turning singer Phil Rind's outraged diatribes into perfect slam-dance fodder.

The band would go on to become unwitting pioneers of metalcore, particularly influencing the more 'core acts of that scene, such as Hatebreed. Metal Blade, Flotsam would soon cough up bassist and main songwriter Jason Newsted to Metallica, but not before creating this spectacularly dense and intense collection of speed-metal anthems.

Epic, Perhaps best known as singer Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard's pre-Nevermore band, Seattleites Sanctuary deserve attention in their own right, mostly for their fist-pumping debut album, which was produced by none other than Dave Mustaine and displays jaw-droppingly high-pitched, layered vocals that Dane has yet to match.

Lisää Earache Thrash Pack 01 Rock Band™ -kirjastoosi. Paketin sisältö: "Blinded By Fear" – At the Gates, "Thrasher" – Evile, "D.O.A." – The Haunted/5(9).

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  1. Add Earache Thrash Pack 01 to your Rock Band™ song library. Pack includes "Blinded By Fear" – At the Gates, "Thrasher" – Evile, "D.O.A." – The Haunted.4/5().
  2. (Music Downloads Not Rated by the ESRB) Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game track pack: Earache Thrash Pack This pack includes "Blinded By Fear" by At The Gates, "Thrasher" by Evile, and "D.O.A." by The Haunted. PLEASE NOTE: this song game track pack includes three song game tracks at a discounted rate over individual.
  3. Only initial copies of "Grindcrusher - The Earache Sampler" (catalog# "MOSH 12") included the limited edition etched 7" single (catalog# "7MOSH 12"), which was entered into the Guinness Book Of Records as the world's shortest single. The music on the 7" is contained in a short groove at the edge of the record, and the rest of the vinyl is covered with the following etched writing/5(81).
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Earache Sampler CD on Discogs/5(11).
  5. Record label founded in Nottingham (UK) by Digby Pearson. Dedicated to extreme music, primarily but not exclusively extreme metal. Labelcode: LC / LC If a role is attributed to any of the following entities please choose the appropriate profile irrespective of roles credited: Earache Records Earache Records Ltd. Earache.
  6. Add Earache Thrash Pack 01 to your Rock Band™ song library. Pack includes "Blinded By Fear" – At the Gates, "Thrasher" – Evile, "D.O.A." – The Haunted. For music credits, visit Show more. Add-ons for this game. Rock Band™ 10th Anniversary Pack. Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
  7. Nov 13,  · 1-Damned for All Time-Abandoned 2-King Their Name Is Slayer-Artillery 3-Hunted, Stalked & Slain-Blood Feast 4-Perish In Flames-Dark Angel 5 .
  8. Apr 01,  · 's Ride the Lightning established Metallica as the thrash act with not only the most personality but the most skill and ambition. Its follow-up took James, Lars, Kirk, and Cliff's newly epic palette into cinemascope — and did so with such mastery that Master consistently polls as the greatest metal album of all time, thrash or otherwise.
  9. SOCIETY 1 Sound That Ends Creation UK rare promo CD Earache metal Thrash album. £ + £ postage. Various - Earache Presents Earplugged CD NAPALM DEATH CARCASS BOLT THROWER CD. £ 6d 18h + £ postage. Make offer - Various.

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