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Have you checked your trans fluid? Does the truck vibrate while downshifting? When was your last transmission fluid service? Now that you have a lift kit installed the truck vibrates. Did you cancel your drive line angles? Have you looked at the condition of your tires? Toyota says to rotate every miles. Tacoma tires must be road forced balanced using the Haweka adapter on the tire machine tsu Have the balance weights fallen off the tires? The proper and only way to test for bad universal joints is with the driveshaft removed.

You cant tell if the universal joints are seized or tight spots with the driveshaft on the truck. You may see play in the universal joints , but you wont be able to properly check the u-joints without removing the driveshaft. All it takes to create a vibration is one seized universal cup and there are 4 cups within each joint. With this said , you cant tell if that cup is seized with the driveshaft connected. Removing the driveshaft and manipulate each universal joint by hand from side to side feeling for tight spots as you go If you beleive its bad motor mounts or transmission mounts , grab a big pry bar and pry at the mounts to see if the rubber is torn or weak.

The cooler thats built into your rad is designed to cool the transmission with the weight of just the truck by itself. When you are in 4x4 low , your torque converter is usually in the stall stage and creates a tonne of additional heat.

If your engine overheats , your transmission will also overheat Normal fluid temperature in transmission to be deg. Rate of oxidation to double for each temperature increase of 20 deg F above normal deg F. As oxidation rate doubles, useful life of fluid is cut in half.

At deg F life is , miles At deg F 20 deg above life is 50k miles At life is 25k miles At life is 12k At life is 6, At life is 3, At life is At life is At temperatures much above deg F the metals in the transmission will tend to warp, twist etc. At a fluid temperature of deg F fluid life is 30 minutes! Source: Empire Lubricants Inc.

The unique Tru-Cool design allows the colder, thicker ATF to flow more efficiently through two open bypass channels positioned at the top of the cooler. As operating temperatures increase, the ATF becomes hotter and thinner, It's then directed through the core where it is cooled.

Tru-Cool's highly efficient cooling technology combines improved protection against lube failure with optimal heat transfer. Trouble shooting and cable replace A43D.

Last edited: Sep 18, Cause I'm so tired of hearing how it's a 4 speed when I know I hear 4 shifts cause it's always in first at stop. Do you know what the torque converter does? There is a lot of information included in this thread, you may want to read some of it. Gearcruncher, any help on a hiss like this from the trans? Does it make the same noise in reverse as it does in forward when under load? Hold your foot on the brake and hit the gas in reverse If I had to guess , there may be an issue with a thrust bearing inside the converter.

Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. Demystify all those weird sounds and discover when they're cause for concern.

Hear That? Ringing in the Ears Out of Nowhere. Popping Jaw When You Yawn. Growling Stomach. Heart Beating in Your Ears. Not sure though, but it could also be the weight, some discs weigh more than others. TwoTone25 , Feb 24, Location: Mid Atlantic. The OP didn't specify how old the unit is or whether this has been an issue from the start. Mr Bass , Feb 24, Location: USA.

Given the imprecision the CD's are manufactured to it's actually surprising they don't vibrate more, could be one of the reasons the drives fail. GuildX , Feb 24, Location: Austria. It has to do something with some CDs being slightly warped or off-center, if that's possible.

Some CDs really make those light slim-drives move around the desk while ripping. I used to rip those in my old heavy Toshiba notebook that was build like a tank. Now I put a mousepad under the drive and a book on it. Back in the days when I was much more worried about what could go wrong with my CDs or player these noises really bugged me. I never found an explanation why some discs made noises in my CD-player and others did not.

I'd hold two discs together to see if one was warped and if the holes were matching and usually both CDs looked perfect to me. I remember a small thing that I never found an explanation for. When my CD-player stopped spinning at the end of a CD, sometimes it stopped without a sound, or with barely a sound. With some CDs though, it stopped with a sound like ssssssssssss-shshshshsh-shd. If you know what I mean. If the fluid level looks low or you see the engine temperature is often very high, make an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible.

An oil and filter change can be done by most competent home mechanics who have the proper tools. If you think there's a leak or the oil light has come on in your car, immediately check the oil level. Then take the vehicle to a professional to find out what's wrong. Oil lubricates the engine parts and helps dissipate heat. So running out of oil will result in the internal engine parts contacting each other directly and wearing out prematurely.

Never changing the oil will result in the engine seizing; if that happens, it will have to be replaced. Buying the right kind and getting the right service can make all the difference. Make sure you buy the right type of plug for your make and model at an auto-parts store. With cars built before the s, you can probably do the job yourself. But with most newer models, Ibbotson recommends having the dealer or a certified repair shop handle it.

You might see your fuel economy and engine performance get worse. CR's best advice: If maintained well, spark plugs can last , miles. By the , mark, you could be overdue for installing a third set of plugs. Make an appointment with your dealer or a trusted mechanic to have the work done.

It starts with paint that looks like it has bubbles forming. Once you see even a little bit forming around the wheel wells, hood, trunk, or suspension mounting points, there could be a serious problem beneath the surface.

It depends on the extent of the damage. If you have rust, get several competing estimates on the work. You can patch surface rust, but that will only slow down the problem. Replacing body panels on a ,mile car can be expensive. I owe my career to two fateful events: my father buying a Corvette and my purchase of an Audi A4 rather than a Chevy Tahoe.

Jan 12,  · 4- Trans fluid is used to transfer hydraulic power 5- Trans fluid is used as a coupling device to transfer engine load to the gearing. 6- Trans fluid acts like a glue when automatic clutches are applied providing additional holding strength. 7- transmission fluid has a high detergent level and keeps your valve body clean.

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  1. A very effective fix for electrical system noise is called "The Big Three" upgrade. This is where your vehicle's battery charging wire and chassis ground wires are augmented by adding large gauge wires (1/0- or 4-ga.) to those connecting the alternator to the battery's positive pole, the battery's negative pole to the chassis, and the chassis.
  2. Sep 17,  · “Your body creates noise similarly to the way a wind instrument generates sound,” says Raymond Casciari, MD, chief medical officer of St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, CA.
  3. Aug 25,  · As a result, excess fluid builds up in the body. This is called fluid overload (volume overload). This can lead to edema (excess fluid in the skin and tissues). Many medical problems can cause fluid imbalance: After surgery, the body usually retains large amounts of fluid for several days, causing swelling of the body.
  4. Body fluids, bodily fluids, or biofluids are liquids within the human body. In lean healthy adult men, the total body water is about 60% (60–67%) of the total body weight; it is usually slightly lower in exact percentage of fluid relative to body weight is inversely proportional to the percentage of body fat.
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  7. Feb 25,  · Also some discs have their outside edges less neatly trimmed and this can cause noise. I have a Stereophonics CD that goes whirrrrr when I play it in a tray player because the outside edge is ragged. Maggie, Feb 24, #5. tmtomh likes this. fogalu There is .
  8. Nov 02,  · As your car gets older, make sure you’re not surprised by these 10 car repair red flags. Consumer Reports looks at 10 key car repairs that can help you get to , miles.

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