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This is a court order declaring that you have been rehabilitated. It may also relieve certain sex offenders from their duty to register. For example, in California you must submit letters of character and other documents as part of the petition. Understand who's eligible for expungement. Every state has different requirements about who is eligible for expungement.

Expungement exists to clear the records of people who probably won't receive further convictions. The following circumstances generally make someone eligible for expungement: [18] X Research source [19] X Research source Being a first-time offender Having an arrest or misdemeanor conviction, as opposed to a felony conviction Being a juvenile at the time of conviction Having already served out the sentence Going a year without further offenses after conviction Having a drug offense.

Part 2 of Find out whether you're eligible for an expungement. Visit your state's courthouse or court website to find out what requirements you must fulfill. Since every situation is different, it can be difficult to determine whether your are eligible. It's a good idea to speak with someone in person to find out how to proceed. In some instances, defense attorneys will negotiate agreement with prosecutors regarding future expungement. Specifically, the prosecutor agrees not to oppose expungement if the defendant meets all requirements.

Be sure to check with your attorney to find out if such a discussion took place. File a petition for expungement. Once you've determined that you're eligible, file a petition with the courthouse. You'll have to pay a fee, and you'll have to wait for the court to process your paperwork. In some states, you'll receive a hearing date on which you'll meet with a judge to have your record expunged. You'll also need a copy of the disposition of the case, and a set of fingerprints.

A certification of eligibility is not the same as an expungement. It is just the paperwork you must have in place to file a petition for expungement. In states like California, you must complete and file a Petition for Dismissal form. You must also submit an Order for Dismissal form and a Declaration.

Small mistakes in the petition may create delays in the proceedings, since you'll have to start over. In some states, you must file the petition in the county where the court charged you with a crime.

Consider working with an attorney. It is a good idea to hire an attorney to help you navigate this process. An attorney can help you determine whether you're eligible. He or she will also help you fill out the paperwork properly and complete the necessary steps to get your expungement. If you have a hearing, he or she will also go to court and speak on your behalf. Even a case that seems straightforward could end up being more complicated than you thought.

It is worth it to have an expert involved to help you. Public defenders often help individuals seeking to improve their professional and personal opportunities. If it is your first offense, and you have no other convictions, it is possible. Louvre Museum. Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Rockefeller Center. Montparnasse Tower. Heineken Experience. Windsor Castle. TV Tower. Warner Bros. Studio London. Filters Create and purchase your own Filter to frame birthdays, weddings, and any other event.

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  2. Sep 13,  · Find out if you're eligible to get a stimulus check on your own, or if you are claimed as a dependent. Angela Lang/CNET At age 18, you're old enough to vote, drive, serve in the military, go to.
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  4. Jul 11,  · Your criminal record can make it more difficult to get a job or rent an apartment. Employers and landlords may inquire about your criminal history. But, if you expunge your criminal records, you can honestly say that your record is clean. The process of having your criminal records expunged is different in every K.
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