In Hoc Anni Circulo - In Novo Anno

By Nicholas Haggerty. By Regina Munch. By Piotr H. Must Reads. Claiming that Joe Biden does not deserve to receive Communion misinterprets canon law and reduces Catholic theology to a partisan political weapon.

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Et tu terra tota, Salvatorem saluta, saluta! Salve, parve Iesus, qui nunc nobis venis, extollit te populus, ad gloriam nos ducis! Tuum natum sanctum omnibus salvatum! In hoc anno novo laeti simus nos; natum orantes Regem parvulum.

Stephanus sanctus post hoc festum, martyr Dei primus omnium. In hoc Nobis det Deus nunc salutem, et in anno novo prospera! Angelorum carmina canunt caeli carmina et extollunt Dominum qui est salus hominum. Virgo Parvum edidit, diabolum perdidit. Salus mundo lata est, nobis mater data est. Christo sit laudatio, angelorum cantio propter sacrificium cuius nunc initium. In omni vero loco sub circulo septentrionali accidit totam unam revolutionem diem esse, scilicet cum sol est in capite cancri, et totam aliam revolutionem noctem esse, scilicet cum sol est in capite capricorni.

Sed quilibet parallelus inter hos secatur ab horizonte, et ideo cum sol est in illis semper in die naturali, continget reperire diem et noctem. Sole enim existente in capite cancri et describente tropicum aestivalem erit tota illa revolutio dies, quia aut sol est in confinio visus, aut supra horizonta.

In omni vero loco alio est declinatio horizontis ab aequinoctiali minor declinatione zodiaci, unde paralleli plures de his, qui sunt a tropico versus aequinoctialem, ex parte poli elevati semper sunt super horizonta et ex opposito semper sub horizonte.

Unde dum revolutione firmamenti describit sol parallelos apparentes, semper est dies. Et dum describit parallelos totidem ex opposito occultos, semper est nox; et quanto maior est accessus ipsius zenith ad polum, cum tanto minor sit declinatio ipsius horizontis ab aequinoctiali, tanto plures de parallelis, quos describit sol sunt toti apparentes et totidem toti occulti.

Unde plures revolutiones sunt dies unus et totidem nox una. Et propterea una medietas caeli semper est apparens et alia medietas semper [20] est occulta. Sources of Latin hymns found in Piae Cantiones :.

Guido Maria Dreves and Clemens Blume, eds. Cantiones Bohemicae. Leipzig: O. Reisland, Cantiones et Motetten des Mittelalters. Klemming, ed. Iesus Christus. S Maria. Primary source for many scholars, including Dreves, Woodward and others.

de novo: from the new "Anew" or "afresh". In law, a trial de novo is a retrial. In biology, de novo means newly synthesized, and a de novo mutation is a mutation that neither parent possessed or transmitted. In economics, de novo refers to newly founded companies, and de novo banks are state banks that have been in operation for five years or.

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  1. Jan 21,  · Provided to YouTube by Supraphon In hoc anni circulo in novo anno · Sacred Lyrics · Symposium musicum · Miroslav Frydlewicz · Jan Bajer Old .
  2. In hoc anni circulo. For Christmas. Words: Anonymous, "Probably of the XIIth Century" Also found as Verbum caro factum est, Ex virgine Maria, from Woodward, Piæ Cantiones () & Klemming, , 5 verses, with additional translations. And see In Hoc Anni Circulo-Du Meril, , 19 verses Compare: See the Word Our Flesh Become (“Verbum caro factum est”).
  3. In Hoc Anni Circulo. For Christmas. Words: Anonymous, a 12th Century Latin and Provenςal French Hymn from a ms. in the Bibl. Nat. Paris (Lat., , f) See also Verbum caro factum est, Ex virgine Maria, from Klemming, , 5 verses, with additional translations. And see In hoc anni circulo, from Hopkins, ed., Great Hymns of the Church Compiled by the Late Right Reverend John Freeman Young.
  4. In hoc anni circulo in novo anno. More by Anonymous. S: T Sigfrids Officium: Celebremus Karissimi. Carmina Gemina (A Medieval Journey Through Cantigas de Santa Maria, Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, Codex Buranus) Laudario (Musique au temps de Saint François d'Assise) Carmina Burana.
  5. hoc anni circulo.7 Ex. 3 The refrain, which in Ex. 2 was the last of four lines, has already been expanded to pick up the third line and add a repetition. The final cadence has moved back from F to the low D as in the Gregorian source, retaining the strict Dorian contour. Now of course it is.
  6. hoc anno, hornus, hornotinus: Find more words! Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in Latin. anno verb, adverb: year, for a whole year, last year, a year ago, swim near: hoc adverb: this, to this, therefor, so far, thither: See Also in English.
  7. Liturgický text – In hoc anni circulo in novo anno 7. In hoc anni circulo in novo anno: 15 Kč: Koupit album.
  8. In Natali Domini In Natali Domini Medieval Christmas Songs - Mittelalterliche Lieder zur Weihnacht - Chants de Noël du Moyen-Âge Niederaltaicher Scholaren - Konrad Ruhland, dir.

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