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For the sake of his daughter, Batman agrees to assist, but only if there is no killing. Deadshot and Batman kick ass and rescue Zoe, but, of course, Deadshot kills a bunch of dudes including their leader Lord Kobra.

Batman throws Deadshot back into the waiting arms of Belle Reve Prison. Alfred undergoes hypnosis to implant a trigger phrase into his subconscious. This post-hypnotic trigger phrase—a line from a John Donne poem—will return Alfred back to his senses should he ever get mind-controlled. Presumably, Batman does this with all key members of the Bat-Family. It is unknown if Batman gets a post-hypnotic trigger phrase. Miracle sneaks onto Apokolips looking for info only to get attacked by Darkseid himself before fleeing.

Unlucky dude has been dealing with Amazo Virus complications for nineteen months now. Grail systematically defeats each hero before opening a portal through which the Anti-Monitor arrives. Lena is either an agent working for Darkseid or has simply gone made due to accessing a Mother box. Either way, she slips into a coma right after shooting Lex. Elsewhere, Mr. Miracle fends off an assault from Kanto and Lashina before being recruited to kill Darkseid by a griffin -riding Myrina Black.

Superman and Lex are boomed to Apokolips where the former heals up the latter with heat vision. Miracle that she has never seen eye-to-eye with the other Amazons, but wants the destruction of Darkseid. When Mr. Miracle responds by claiming that her battle is a lost cause since Darkseid supposedly cannot die, Myrina lashes out and tries to kill Mr.

Miracle for his lack of faith. Miracle booms away to safety. Batman leaps into the throne and is inundated with the cosmic profundity of the New Gods. Divinized, the Dark Knight learns a wealth of hidden information, including the true identity of Joker! The only thing the chair cannot reveal is information about the Anti-Monitor. Batman tells everyone about Myrina Black moments before Mr. Miracle booms into the Rock of Eternity and tells the heroes they must find a way to get the Anti-Monitor off Earth.

The chair tells Batman to search the depths of the multiverse for information regarding the Anti-Monitor. Hal Jordan volunteers to accompany Batman on this mission and they depart. Back on Earth, Grail enacts an occult ritual to summon her father. The heroes from the Rock of Eternity boom to Earth only to witness the arrival of Darkseid and his entire Apokoliptian army.

Concurrently, on Apokolips, Lex throws Superman into a fire pit hoping that it will give him solar energy, but instead it causes him to turn evil. Batman learns that the Anti-Monitor killed everyone on the planet in order to garner the energy needed to face Darkseid. Grail fends-off Kalibak by burning his eyes, then turns toward fighting Wonder Woman. Steppenwolf fights Mr. Meanwhile, on Apokolips, a re-powered but evil Superman attacks Lex Luthor. There, Batman learns that his real name is Mobius, creator of the very chair in which he sits.

Batman sees a vision of the creation of the positive-matter universe Universe-0 and the creation of the anti-matter universe Universe-3 and learns that the latter was born out of the essence of the Anti-Life. Mobius discovered the Anti-Life, touched it, and was imbued with the power of the sentient Anti-Life Equation , which now fuels him and runs through his veins.

Kalibak, Lashina, Steppenwolf, and Kanto attack the remaining heroes. Meanwhile, Grail and Myrina watch the massive Anti-Monitor become enveloped in primordial flame as he reverts back to his original Mobius form. Despite the prophecy clearly hinting at Superman as the great hero, Luthor deceptively plays the role. Batman then booms back to Earth.

Back on Apokolips, the Forgotten People strap Luthor into a bizarre device. If Luthor is the true hero he claims to be, his body will absorb the Omega Effect via the machine. We are on planet Mogo, not Oa. A pissed-off Hal fights an irremediable solo battle against over a million Parademons. A lone floating Mother Box, having guided the Parademons to Oa and now having merged itself with the vast energy of the Central Power Battery, beckons for Hal to become its new god.

Facing death, Hal accepts. Using his new god powers, Hal restores all life and sends the Parademons back to Apokolips. Wanting free human choice and feeling sick with power, Hal separates and destroys the Mother Box from his ring, becoming a regular non-god-powered superhero again. He immediately departs for Earth with hopes of talking sense into Batman.

First, the Caped Crusader sends some armed thieves to Antarctica. Then he drops a wife-beating would-be murderer on Paradise Island with the misandrist Aleka. After that, Bruce gets personal. He visits Joe Chill in prison and fucks with his head to an extent that the murderer will always be messed-up for the rest of his life.

Batman then returns home to Alfred in the Batcave. Alfred tells Batman that he is addicted to the chair, to which Batman feebly attempts and fails to get up out of it. Undeterred, Batman turns his attention to the big Bat-computer screen, which fills with images of the Joker—all taken directly from various famous comic book covers over the past several decades.

These covers are in no way indicators of canonical reference for the New Meanwhile, Cyborg, Big Barda, Mr. Miracle, and Power Ring break into Belle Reve to talk to an emaciated Ultraman and Superwoman, who is nine months pregnant.

The Volthoom soul entity takes control of Power Ring, turning her evil. Miracle with heat vision, bringing about the return of the Crime Syndicate. However, Owlman detonates his way into Belle Reve and tells her that the Crime Syndicate must team up with the Justice League against a greater threat.

Elsewhere, the Anti-Monitor is reborn as his original self. Encompassed by an army of Shadow Demons, Mobius emerges from his cocoon, having shed the Anti-Life Equation from his body. Grail steals the Anti-Life Equation and booms away. Shortly thereafter, the heroes meet with the Crime Syndicate at LexCorp to discuss a truce and plan of action.

In exchange for helping fight Mobius, the Crime Syndicate promises to later restore Cyborg if they can put Grid into a permanent new body.

Superman and Wonder Woman also reluctantly give Ultraman a chunk of Kryptonite, which restores his powers. In Gotham, a wave of continuity-erasing energy washes across the city streets, accompanied by a deadly swarm of Shadow Demons.

The League does its best to prevent casualties. Mobius then arrives, demanding his chair back from Batman. Hal summons the Green Lantern Corps, which arrives in full force to attack Mobius head-on.

During the chaos, Grail booms onto the scene to kidnap Steve Trevor. Mobius fights off his attackers and murders Ultraman. Things look bad until the super-powered Lex Luthor arrives with an army of Parademons at his disposal. Meanwhile, Superwoman begins to go into labor on the battlefield. Batman, from his Mobius Chair, confirms this to be true. Mister Miracle and Big Barda help in the fight against Mobius, but Big Barda realizes that, with Darkseid dead and all of the Parademons on Earth, now is the best time to free the enslaved Apokoliptians.

After a passionate conversation with her husband, she booms back home to start a revolution. Superman, guided by Batman, grabs ahold of Mobius and erupts with a solar-flare. The explosion completely wipes away the Apokoliptian negative-energy that had consumed his body. Myrina Black, Grail, their griffin, and a shackled but now god-powered Steve Trevor boom back to Earth just as Owlman helps Superwoman deliver a healthy baby boy.

Grail commands Trevor to attack Mobius. Trevor shoots Mobius with an energy beam, which instantly vaporizes and kills him. Grail then murders Superwoman, takes the baby, and sucks up some God of Death powers from Flash, releasing the Black Racer. Manhattan during the Mister Twister mind-wipe episode from years ago. The baby, now with all the god-powers, is instantly reborn as an adult Darkseid, but subservient to Grail. Batman learns, from the Mobius Chair, that the only way to defeat Darkseid is to sever the Anti-Life Equation from him.

And only Grail can do this. Grid releases Cyborg. Then Owlman and Grid boom away. Myrina sacrifices her own life to help Grail rip the Anti-Life out of Darkseid.

Grail, Darkseid, and the Anti-Life Equation disappear without a trace. Jessica Cruz is given a power ring and becomes a new Green Lantern. Big Barda, owning up to her end of the bargain, leaves her husband Mister Miracle and booms away with the evil New Gods.

Elsewhere, Grail holds the baby Darkseid and vows to love him and raise him to love others. Good luck with that. Lex Luthor fashions a new war-suit for himself and, using his own Mother Box, returns to Apokolips, where a civil war is about to break out.

He is truly dying. Superman will conduct various test in an attempt to find a cure for his condition over the course of the next couple months. In the Batcave, Batman ponders what he has learned about the identity of Joker—the fact that there are three of them.

Hal Jordan visits and Batman gives him the respect he deserves. Batman tells Jordan about the three Jokers and vows to figure out the mystery. Manhattan arrives and kills them both! Batman goes on a quick but thorough investigation into the three Jokers mystery. Notably, Batman attempts to re-labeling his crime-files to attribute specific crimes to specific Jokers.

Of course, this proves difficult and the Dark Knight strikes a bunch of dead ends. A couple days later, Detective Chimp visits Batman and Alfred to ask for help solving a case. Detective Chimp shows off his chops and solves the case in an instant. Batman and Detective Chimp spend the night scouring the city until they wind up at a bar filled with holiday workers. Could it be? Batman stops her and drives her home to Coney Island. Batman then returns to Gotham, which has had a lull in criminal activity for a change.

And one more final note. Detective Comics Vol. Although, Harper Row must make her appearance in Batgirl Vol. Batgirl Vol. However, since Harper appears in Batgirl Vol. Technically, that would place us in mid September.

This paints a very offensive picture, where a White super-privileged vigilante opts to step out of the line of fire and substitute Child Soldiers of Color instead. But why does this seemingly glaring ugliness appear in the pages of DC Comics? As always, it has everything to do with bad continuity and writers and editors not communicating with each other.

So neither Snyder nor Bermejo are at fault for highlighting those traits specifically. Narratively speaking, the lack of communication between Snyder and Bermejo and their editors has turned the benevolent, paternal, and affable Alfred Pennyworth into a deviously conniving Right Wing asshole.

But beyond bearing directly upon character development, narrative flow, and plot-holes, this is a prime example of just how important continuity really is when it comes to serialized storytelling. Bad continuity can turn something innocuous into something highly offensive i.

Black Mask, in exchange for his life, gave up all his mob power and territory to Penguin and promised him he would leave Gotham. We must assume, however, that Penguin changed his mind about Black Mask leaving town, probably thinking Black Mask would better serve him as a lieutenant. Basically, these items all happen in-and-around the same time period, so a month later is relatively a month later irrespective of how you spin it. In the New 52, that has been altered and reversed by writer Scott Snyder.

Or maybe the science-and-magick-wizards at Belle Reve were preventing her birth from taking place? Oy vey. Also note that Darkseid first began preparations for his war against the Anti-Monitor nearly eight months ago during Convergence. But hey, you want to cover all your bases, right? These egregious errors are the price writers pay for doing extremely decompressed storytelling where an arc begins a full year prior to its end.

Error alert on maximum high! This issue is shown to take place on Oa. Technically, this tale could also have been listed as a flashback on our chronology, but it works just as well as a regularly bulleted item.

Yeah, a lot of folks were posting the Capullo article about the new Black Mask design recently. Great White Shark looks cool too. If I can, I might even move it afterward. The next issues seem to be exploring Neo Gotham which as a concept is really cool, especially since in the cartoon it was always just explored at from a distance or in clubs.

I feel like the next few issues of Batman Beyond will either make or break the series. Bruce made the comparison himself later? Was Tynion going for some twisted metaphor there or something? Just like the last one it seems to be filler. The concept of Batman entering children into his own personal war on crime has long been something of interest to Batman fans and writers alike, but rarely gets addressed except by the occasional villain in many comics.

The concept of child soldier in and of itself is simply wrong, plain and simple. Otto Netz creates Spyral. He gets bored of Spyral and creates Leviathan. While doing this he is pursuing Oroboro. He is outed as the head of Leviathan and five British superheroes trap him on a Falkland Island through a bomb.

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That thing over there is the FDDI compander. Langston Carter told me that when the government agents came and took some program from you and you kept a copy. Where is it? I swear, I don't have it anymore. Maltbie turned and pulled a chair out from under a desk. He slid the chair opposite Bowers and sat. Let's get down to business. I know you have a copy of the code.

Do you know how I know? I know because Langston Carter told me you showed it to him a week ago. Fred leaned toward the young man and spoke in a whisper. He shifted in his seat and shot Maltbie a smug grin. You need me. This place would fall apart without me. A c omputer game. You like computer games? He took out his cell phone and dialed. When Arline answered he said, "This is Fred and I'm down in computer operations.

I want you get Captain George from security on the line and tell him to send two guards down here, pronto. Bowers started to speak but Maltbie silenced him with a raised finger. Fred glared at Bowers as he spoke. Then call the city FBI bureau and get that special agent who's been bugging me Dow, that's it. Get Dow and tell him I found the stuff he's been looking for but he's going to have to bring in his own computer jocks to get it off my machines.

Maltbie," said Arline. Maltbie hung up. He said to Bowers, "Let's not have any secrets between us, okay? If I was you and I was trying to hide something, I'd have a disk for myself at my home and probably one or two copies hidden somewhere on this system encrypted with a different name or something like that.

Now here's the computer game we're going to play. Until I say, 'limburger', you can't touch my computers any more. From this moment on, you're no longer computer operations manager. You're something else. What would you like to be? Bowers' hands shook.

He rubbed his nose and took a deep breath. He said, "I don't have to put up with this. There are plenty of places I can work. If you want me out, I'm out. I'll just pack my stuff And not only that, but if we find any questionable materials in your possession, say, passwords to private accounts, personal e-mail between employees, computer games with the copy protection defeated, that kind of stuff, I'm going to have you prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

No way, Jose. I mean, no way, Juan. I'm turning you over to the Feds. They'll take care of the federal crimes. And when they're done, my lawyers will take care of the company specific stuff. How's that? Two uniformed guards each three times the mass of the fragile Bowers entered the computer operations room.

I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything any other operations guy hasn't done. Come on. Are you saying you never read anybody's e-mail or cracked some copy protection? Maltbie swiveled in his seat and spoke to the guards. I may not need you. Maltbie said, "We're talking about you, John. You're here.

The code is here. The guards are here. Ever been to a jail? You know what goes on in there? He took off his glasses and wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead with his arm. You turn over the code, all of it, and I'll tell the feds that you've been an employee in good standing for five years. Otherwise, you have both me and the FBI to contend with. Bowers stood still. After a few seconds he said, " This is a trick , right? Bowers held his breath, hit the 'return' key, and turned his back to the screen.

A pattern of moving shapes appeared. He took a few steps around the computer screen and stopped when he was behind the tube. The images illuminated Maltbie's face. The shapes on the screen seemed to move without logic. They changed color and undulated like ripples on a wind blown lake. But when he looked up something was wrong. The room was full of people. As if by magic, the guards, uniformed police officers, men in suits Maltbie figured were FBI, and several employees he didn't recognize, were in front of him staring.

One of the men in a gray suit sat in front of Maltbie and behind the computer screen. He reached from behind the terminal and typed on the keyboard. Maltbie blinked. The screen was black. An older man in a black suit approached Maltbie. He stopped when he reached the computer screen. The man in the gray suit said, "It's secure," and the older man continued toward Maltbie.

Are you feeling all right, Mr. Dow turned toward the crowd and said, "Okay. Clear this room. I want everyone out of here. I want Benetti and Kurtz to take the kid in for questioning. Bob, can you do a search and see if there's any trace of the fractal generator left on this system? Benetti, after you take the kid to the office you get the secretary to push a warrant through for the kid's house.

I want everything searched. You track down his friends, his family, any of his little hacker buddies , and search their homes and places of business. I want it done thorough this time. We can't afford another accident like this. Dow turned toward Fred and said, "Mr. Maltbie, I'm afraid you're going to have to come with us.

It won't take long. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, sir. I hope I'm not going anywhere or doing anything until somebody explains all of this to me. If you come with me, maybe we can arrange something downtown Maltbie took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Arline. The phone rang several times. There was no answer. Fred looked at his watch and froze. Two hours had elapsed since he had walked into the computer room to confront Bowers. Dow took a pad of paper and a pen from his jacket pocket.

Somebody said it was a computer virus. I guess it came in off the network. We're hooked into stuff all over the world. Take a look for yourself. It could have gotten in anywhere.

Why did you expose yourself to it? I had no idea what was going on. One of my employees told me the government was looking for some program. Hell, you've been bugging me about some program. You never told me what to look for. How the hell I was supposed to know it was some kind of Maltbie said, "You want to tell me what this is all about? You want to tell me how you guys got in here without me hearing you? I can tell you it has to do with the program you watched.

Things are not going to seem the same to you. I'd like to have a doctor check you out. If you guys want me to see a doctor, you're going to have to start giving me answers. Dow pulled a card out of his wallet and offered it to Fred.

Please call me as soon as something happens. We have specialists who can deal with this thing. He walked toward the elevators to take him out of the basement. Dow pushed the card toward Maltbie. If anything at all happens, call me right away. Maltbie lay in his bed staring at the ceiling. Sleep wouldn't come. He counted his breaths, listened to the beams in the wall crackle with the changing temperature, and visualized the event in the computer room.

He thought, "I just sit down. Look at the screen. Pretty colors. Blam, FBI and police all around. Two hours gone by.

Two hours lost time. He rolled onto his side and moved his legs to a cooler spot under the sheets. There was something about the two hours that was more than disturbing. It was interesting. It drew his attention like a vortex. He thought, " Lost time. Lost time like UFO abductees. UFO s. My son Kerry. He saw his son on a swing smiling as he became pendulum to gravity's clock.

A pendulum marking time. And then Maltbie saw two playgrounds and two Kerrys swinging and smiling. The two became four. The four became eight. The image split over and over until all Maltbie could see was a pattern of textured gray in front of him.

It looked like cloth. He longed for a magnifying glass to examine the cloth, to extract his son from the web. The web. He reached out to touch it and a phone was in his hand. The sun streamed through the window. He blinked and centered himself. He was sitting on the edge of his bed with the phone in his hand. There was a voice on the line. He looked at the phone in his hand. Suddenly he saw two phones, then four, then eight. The tinny voice multiplied until Dow's voice became the throaty roar of a crowd.

It was the only way to explain the sheer tandem devastation and weirdness. He wondered why - maybe the Bugarup University sorts had defeated Unseen University at a game of foot-the-ball, couches had been burned, tensions had flared and -. Sure, dogs seemed respectable enough, but the line between them and werewolves was very, very thin. With apes, a man knew where he stood. With the thought that he might be walking into a trap, Sam followed the dog, anyway.

In Concord, barbarians attacked the poor dog outside something called the Museum of Freedom, and Sam Vimes deftly countered with his baton when his words failed to stay their violence, but the problem was, they did not submit. Sometimes, he could get their weapons out of their hands, but disarming seemed to be more difficult than it should have been, and even disarmed, their hands went for his neck.

Vimes took out the one trying to strangle him with a low and dirty baton strike just under her ribs, and the barbarian, a young woman, went down, blood trickling from her lips. She twitched a bit, but when they were all down, he checked and felt her pulse flag, fade, and finish. Sam had killed a woman. He checked the other barbarians that he had felled in front of the Museum and found them all dead.

Sam examined the baton, frowning to himself. The weighting felt appropriate. On the balcony! I've got a group of settlers inside! The raiders are almost through the door! Grab that laser musket and help us! On the balcony, the young man, dark as if he were from Howandaland or certain parts of Klatch, was dressed similarly to a man who had been dead on the ground before Vimes had arrived. The weapon had felt too good in his hand; had fit just like a bottle of whiskey. Vimes went inside the dilapidated old Museum of Freedom, nothing at all like the Royal Art Museum, though it also purported to contain intangible concepts on display.

They always died, and Sam laughed hysterically to himself. He was having a nightmare, and it had started when Sybil died. Vimes could have borne the freezing cold, but oh, something had snapped inside him when she died, snapped just like the neck of the raider dead at his feet had snapped. The Summoning Dark laughed, not with but at him, and purred, They had it coming.

They had you coming. Vimes had seen crimes like that. It was all so much, and it made him unreasoning in his anger, which, he reminded himself, was not a valid excuse for the blood that splattered and soaked the baton. Wearily, Sam followed the sound of the voice, and he found the young soldier standing guard over a group of clear civilians, both young and elderly. Preston Garvey, Commonwealth Minutemen. Preston looked deflated. That was the idea. So I joined up, wanted to make a difference.

And I did, but Now it looks like I'm the last Minuteman left standing. Protecting the people seemed like a good idea. The civilians arrayed in the room did indeed seem to be in need of protection, given the ferocity of the local raiders. He shifted uncomfortably, trying to think what sort of charge sheet Carrot would have written up for him.

Sam might have. Yesterday there were 8. Now, we're 5. First it was the ghouls in Lexington. Now this mess. He wondered if Reg Shoe had survived the apocalypse. The man had already died once; it would be a shame for him to have to do it over again. Anyway, we figured Concord would be a safe place to settle. Those raiders proved us wrong. Tell him. Old school. You might've seen it. We're talking a full suit of cherry T Power Armor.

Military issue. Inside that baby, super is the new normal. You'll be stronger, tougher, resistant to rads. And… Get the suit, you can rip the minigun right off the vertibird. Do that, and those Raiders get an express ticket to Hell. You dig? That sounded like the sort of magic armour that wizards had made in the old days, before the wizards had realized that the heroes they made it for would then turn around, while wearing the magic armour, and beat the wizards to death.

Preston was probably the prophesied hero or some such. All Vimes would have to do was go, get the armour, give it to Preston, and then he could be back on his way to finding young Sam. The suit's out of juice. Your high-grade, long-term nuclear battery. Used by the military and some companies, way back when. And we know right where to find one It's kind of a fancy battery. They used one here in the museum to power the exhibits, a long time ago. There's one in the basement, behind a security gate.

You'll need to pick the lock or hack the computer to open it. Vimes tilted his head to one side. To him, a computer was a stone circle, typically made by the druids of Llamedos, to assist with calculations of meteorology and other such things. He was deeply uncertain how hacking up a stone circle could open up a door; that smacked suspiciously of hidden temples and Heroes and booby traps. Lock-picking was, however, a thing Vimes could do, even if all he had on him was a collection of hair pins.

But oh, so much better. Blissfully, he did not need to fight anyone else on the trek down to the basement. The baton stayed at his hip and brought no harm to anyone. The lock was odd, but with a little experimentation, he was able to get it open. Once he had the fusion core, a little metal and yellow device, possibly even a Device in the dwarfen fashion, he headed off to find the Power Armour.

Along the way, he found another holotape. Sam Vimes had never heard of the United States, but there were many places on the Disc he had never heard of. Sometimes, they needed it shown to them, with a well-placed boot. Nuclear detonation? Global event? The Power Armour was on the roof, and Vimes slotted the fusion core in the back of it to make it go. It opened up for him; there was no need for a squire in donning this armour, but Vimes felt terribly uneasy about just climbing inside. What if it never opened again?

Swallowing his distaste, he grabbed the minigun, whose name was a plain, bald-faced lie. There was nothing mini about that gun. It was, at the very least, a macrogun. Then Vimes tromped back to Preston and tried to get him to take the armour and the minigun and go do his clear Fabled Hero duties.

Maybe our luck's finally turning around. Once you, that Power Armor, and that minigun show up outside, those Raiders'll know they picked the wrong fight. Good luck. Vimes stared at him wordlessly. He looked like the sort of person that he had arrested for a living. Preston was trusting him to save these people Preston was protecting? Someone would need to be a troll to lift the minigun, or have a set of Power Armour, as Vimes currently did. Sam told himself those lies, and he hated himself the whole time while he thought those lies even more than he hated how the Summoning Dark laughed in his head.

Even with the Power Armour, the minigun felt disturbingly good in his hands, so comfortable, as if it had always belonged there. No, there was no time. Sam caught a raider trying to rush in the door of the Museum of Freedom and another three shooting him from afar, staggering him back even despite the Power Armour.

Aside from waves and waves of raiders, who all wanted to die rather than stand down or flee or do anything at all that anyone with any common sense might do, there was something else moving in or under the city, something subterranean that shook the street, that he could feel even through the Power Armour. He saw glimpses of the creature through ancient, dirty windows and blasted out buildings, something that moved and flowed like a noble dragon, though it was smaller and lacked wings.

Sam ended it, the minigun hot in his hand, a warning. The streets were still for a moment, as the blood of raiders oozed warm and sticky on the cracked asphalt. He stood over the body of the creature. I'm just glad you're on our side. He was trying to drop the hot, hot minigun that his hands were still clutching, quite against both his will and his better sense.

Gods, but the minigun had made it all so easy. Why should he have to strain himself? He was, after all, protecting and serving the people. We could use the help. Sam needed to go find young Sam. That railway caper with the Patrician had only been the start of it. Any relation to Sanctuary Hills? A word. About the journey you're about to start on.

He let it pass with a grunt. Destiny was for chosen ones, not tired old men like him who just wanted their sons back. Out of hope. But all's not lost. I can feel He's alive. Vimes finally dropped the minigun. Where is young Sam? I really do. But it's not like I can see your son. I can just He's out there. And even I don't need the Sight to tell you where you should start lookin'. The great, green jewel of the Commonwealth. Diamond City.

The biggest settlement around. But at least he was alive! Gods, young Sam was still alive! For now. And he had a lead! Diamond City! His grasp on non-Ankh-Morpork geography was always shaky, at best. Did he have to be on the lookout for those? Maybe you bring me some chems later, the Sight will paint a clearer picture.

Mama Murphy, we talked about this. That junk We're all gonna die eventually. We're gonna need the Sight. And our new friend here, he's gonna need it too. Now let's get goin'. Sanctuary awaits. Thanks to our friend here, it's safe to move out. Sam watched people, and as he trudged to Sanctuary, which in fact was the same thing as Sanctuary Hills, with the ragtag survivors he told himself another bad reason why he was doing this: that Preston looked too shaken and depressed to be trusted with the lives of so many.

Preston might be a fool, but he was also clearly rattled, quite possibly by his recent string of bad luck. Sam wanted to hide the Power Armour in the Red Rocket Truck Stop, but it ran out of magic twenty feet from the garage, so he pulled out the spent fusion core and continued the rest of the journey on foot.

He was a natural pedestrian, in any case, and he was glad enough to be out of that tin can death trap. There was a limit to how much the backpack could hold, but it seemed to be much larger inside than it was outside, and it allowed Sam to carry a frankly unreasonable amount of kit before he had to slow down his walking pace.

Arriving at Sanctuary seemed to buoy Preston with new hope. He looked around at the decaying old buildings with wonder. Pretty nice place she's found for us. I think we could settle down here, make it a place to call home. What do you think? He was going to go find young Sam. He pushed past Preston, and he sought out where Mama Murphy was settling in.

They're still hoping there are Minutemen out there somewhere. The only chance to start rebuilding the Minutemen is to show people that they can count on us when they need us.

Trouble is, I've got my hands full here. Do you think you can help out with the settlement? Sam paused and pinched the bridge of his nose. Could he really leave a whole settlement of people to die? And yet, it was another bad reason. Your energy. He sighed wearily. Still, she was the only lead he had. I know your pain. This world, it's not yours, but here you are. The Sight can help you, kid.

It always has answers. Sam clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth. He had not mentioned anything about being frozen to any of them, nor had he mentioned how Codsworth seemed to think that Sam was, in fact, from this very neighbourhood. Sam rummaged through his somewhat occult backpack and pulled out several odd items that he had picked up during his travels.

Now let me ride the high to where the Sight wants to take me. Jet - chems - they were drugs. That was what Preston had been nagging Mama Murphy about!

And surely, no one was going to deny a witch some Jolly Sailor Tobacco, but drugs… were complicated. On the job, Vimes mostly encountered troll drugs, because the Patrician only bothered to outlaw drugs that were particularly likely to cause violence and death, and troll drugs usually did both. He knew his… flaws. You ask them what they know, but people's hearts are chained up with fear and suspicion. But you find it. You find that heart that's gonna lead you to your boy.

Oh, it's So bright against the dark alleys it walks. Follow the signs to the bright heart. I'm gonna need to rest now, kid. Mama Murphy sank down and seemed to diminish.

The way to Diamond City found Vimes faced off against monsters, only some of which were not human. Vimes was walking on a raised road that bridged, allowing another road to run beneath it. As he leapt over the side of the overpass, baton in hand, the sound of gunfire rang out. When he landed, he saw to the dismay of his stomach that the farmers were already dead on the ground. The raiders seemed quite eager to have him join the farmers in death. Vimes cursed himself for being too slow to save those poor sods.

But you avenged them , the Summoning Dark said cheerily, in his head, in the shadows under the overpass. They continued their trek to Diamond City. The hours ground by. That was it. Alex laughed and nodded, "Good for them. Elijah choked on his sip of whiskey and raised a brow at Alex who was busy blushing and gulping down a large sip of her own whiskey. She avoided his gaze and stared out at the rooftops, "I-uh, just mean that it's nice that she and Klaus are spending time together when it's so obvious that they like each other.

They stood in awkward silence for a moment until he turned and waved to the table, "Shall we? Alex nodded and darted to the table, sitting in the chair that he pulled out for her. As food was brought out, she looked over at Elijah's plate but bit her lip, not wanting to be rude. As they ate, Elijah noticed her glancing over, watching him eat. Smiling, he sipped on his wine and then leaned towards her, "Yes.

I can eat. It's an ability that comes with age. Younger vamps aren't as able. Elijah regarded her for a long moment as she ate. If she had magic, it would be very helpful to have her around. Alex paused with her fork halfway to her mouth and shook her head, setting it down. Looking up at him she frowned, "I'm not even sure I believe I have powers. It might just have been the fact that I fought back at all that weakened what that man was doing. Elijah frowned and shook his head, "Of what I know of magic, that's usually not the case.

But we have an acquaintance that can help. Elijah smiled sadly, "Sometimes we don't get a choice in what we are. She leaned forward and eyed him curiously, "What…what happened to you? I mean…how did you come to be a vampire? I read that you are an Original? What does that mean? Elijah stared at her, toying with the stem of his wine glass. They were treading into dangerous territory. Even with her knowing what he was, knowing his history was something else.

Some part of him, the violent, ruthless part that committed atrocities and hid them behind the red door whispered for him to do it, to kill her and drain her. But a better part of him, a stronger part, urged him to be rational, and to tell her. Taking a breath, he started.

My mother was a witch, and was barren. She went to her sister to make her have children. She struck a deal, and was able to conceive, but the deal demanded that her firstborn be given to her sister. Alex hissed softly and Elijah nodded, "By that time my mother had already had a second child, a son, my brother Finn.

So, our sister Freya was given to our Aunt Dahlia, and our father Mikael was told she died of plague. His gaze became shaded with sadness, and he shook his head, "The loss darkened him. Despite having me, and my sister Rebekah, our parents were deeply unhappy. My mother had an affair with a local chief while our father was away raiding. She became pregnant, and our father never knew it wasn't his. The addition of Klaus brought great joy, and our brother Kol completed our family. Elijah took a long sip from the wine glass and turned his gaze to the table top, "Our father grew to hate Klaus, because he was not the warrior he had hoped for.

It turned out that our mother had given him a bespelled pendant to keep him weak so he would kill another human. If he had he would have activated his curse and become like his real father…a werewolf. He turned his gaze to her and smiled softly, nodding.

Soon after Klaus killed someone, and activated his curse. Our mother used a powerful spell to turn us all into something more, something awful, and bound Klaus' powers. The rest…is too much to tell tonight. He looked emotionally spent having told her just that much. Raising the glass of wine to his lips, he drained it and set it aside. Alex shook her head and ran a finger around the rim of her glass, "So…no offense…but your parents sound like assholes. She smiled sadly, "Because you grew up with shitty parents who made shitty decisions on your behalf for their own selfish reasons, and you had to live with the consequences.

I might not change the fact that you've lived for a thousand years, but I'm sure you would have picked a loving set of parents if you could have. She shrugged, "If I could get rid of all this fucking weirdness to have my family back, I would in a heartbeat.

Elijah stared at her and then sighed, "You have my condolences. It's unbearable to lose a loved one.

Alex nodded and stared resolutely at her wine glass, determined not to tear up. When she had taken two or three steadying breaths she lifted the glass and drained it, swallowing hard. Clearing her throat, she looked up and smiled, "Well, how about we talk about something happier? Elijah nodded and stood, offering her his hand.

Alex raised a brow and stood, taking it. He led her down the hall and back down to the plaza where a record player was now set up. Releasing her hand, he stepped over and fiddled with it for a few moments before the sound of jazz music filled the air. Alex grinned and stepped forward, taking the hand he had extended. Squeaking softly when he spun her around and then tugged her close, she blushed as his hand skimmed across her bare back, his fingers cool against her warm skin.

As they danced Elijah found himself holding Alex close, his cheek pressing softly against hers when he wasn't dipping and twirling her. Hearing her soft gasps and sounds of surprise was…interesting…to say the least. He could hear her pulse throbbing so close to his mouth…and the scent of her skin…her desire…it left him aching with need. As the song came to an end they drifted to a halt and Alex's hand slipped out of his and trailed up his arm, squeezing his bicep softly, "Elijah, are you alright?

Alex could see some internal struggle occurring in Elijah, and she thought it had to do with the electric tension she had felt between them as they danced. His hands still rested softly at her waist, his fingers barely brushing the skin on her back. Lifting her hand from his right bicep, she reached up and touched his cheek softly, "Elijah? His face changed, dark lines running up it towards his eyes. They snapped open and locked onto her wrist, just inches away, and she saw that his eyes were no longer a dark brown, but tinged with red and black, and something else… hunger.

He inhaled sharply and stepped back in a flash of movement that took him halfway across the room. Alex stared at him, her heart pounding and nodded. She quickly walked over to her bag and gathered up her things before turning to ask a question, only to find the room empty. When the cool night air hit her skin she shivered and tugged her jacket on, sighing as she walked down the street to her car. Elijah watched from the shadows on the balcony, making sure she got to her car safely.

Safer out there than in here- he thought. He had nearly lost control and torn into her. He frowned in distaste. Anything his bloodthirsty brother approved of was something he was sure to avoid. But clearly this woman was dangerous to his tenuous hold on self control. Alex climbed into bed and sipped on her cup of tea, pondering the evening with Elijah. Everything he had told her about his family, his demeanor, the way he spoke, it all seemed to her that he was a deeply wounded person that used a mask of civility and propriety to hide his pain and to keep people at arm's length.

If he was going to help her find who had killed her family, he was going to have to let her in, or get used to her being nosy and getting closer than he was used to. She smirked and recalled the feeling of his hands on her. I certainly don't mind getting closer…though I wonder if that's just regular attraction or a vampire thing? She shook her head and set her mug aside, settling back against the pillows, turning her lights off.

Either way, attraction or no, she was going to use him and his resources to find out what had happened to her family. Three days later a cold front moved in, blasting the Quarter with freezing air.

Alex scowled at the thermostat and zipped her fleece jacket up farther, shuffling to the kitchen for yet another mug of tea. She set a strainer full of mint tea on the lip of the mug and spooned in honey, her feet curling under her as she waited for the kettle to boil. She had been working on her thesis for the past three days, writing and doing research, and she had a massive headache to show for it.

Her phone chirped, sending her into a frenzy, searching her pockets for it until she saw it lying on the counter a few feet away. Scowling at it, she snatched it up and sighed when she saw that it was a text from Cami.

Not that she didn't want to hear from her friend…but it had been three days and Elijah hadn't emailed or texted her. She was starting to think he was reneging on their deal. And that he had been so overwhelmed by how the evening had ended that he would rather just freeze her out than talk to her.

Sighing, she quickly replied to Cami, letting her know it was fine if she came over to catch up. Alex hadn't gotten much done in the last hour; she had been too cold and frustrated with the way her paper was turning out to concentrate. When the kettle screeched she jumped and went to pour the water over the tea leaves, sighing softly at the refreshing scent.

As the tea brewed she texted with Cami. Apparently her friend was on her way over with whiskey, pizza and snacks.

Must have been a hell of time with Klaus" Alex murmured sipping on her tea, her brows raised. Shaking her head she went back to the study and wrapped her blanket around herself, turning her attention back to her paper until Cami arrived. By the time Cami rang the doorbell she had a pounding headache, a cramp in her shoulder and was frustrated beyond belief.

Her paper was not cooperating. She needed to get more of the books and journals that Elijah had promised, and to speak with the covens. She needed to find out what had happened to her family, and to finish this damn paper.

Groaning softly, she saved her work and shut her laptop, wrapping the blanket around her as she walked to the front door. Cami stood on the other side, a scarf pulled up to her nose, holding a pizza box against one hip, and a bottle of whiskey in the other hand.

Balanced on the pizza box was a container of gelato, pretzels, and chocolate syrup. Cami nodded and laughed, "Weren't you just in Europe? Isn't it much colder there this time of year? Alex nodded and rolled her eyes, "But I was getting used to the warmth. I'll take that back puh-leez. Cami laughed and they made their way to the kitchen, Alex quickly grabbing the gelato and popping it in the freezer.

They opened the pizza box and grabbed slices, pretzels and tumblers of whiskey before making their way to the living room. Cami grabbed another blanket and snuggled up beneath it before taking a large sip of alcohol and closing her eyes.

She sighed and opened them and smiled at Alex, "Ok, first off, I'm sorry I bailed on you the other night. Did everything end up okay at the bar? Alex hesitated and wondered if Cami knew about Klaus and his family. She had her suspicions that she did. Cami saw the hesitation and something else pass over Alex's face and reached out to touch her hand softly, "Hey, what is it? Did something happen? Alex sighed and nodded, she would have to risk telling Cami. She didn't have any other friends really, not after so many years away and after what had happened to her family.

Things were fine, until I took the garbage out the back. There was this man standing at the entrance of the alley, and he was this ominous presence. He had this doll-thing with him, and he wrapped something around its neck and started chanting in Latin I think, and all of a sudden the air sort of left the alley. I couldn't breathe, it felt like my whole body was collapsing inwards…I thought I was going to die.

Cami's face was stricken with fear and anguish at her friend's story, but Alex continued. I…fought back against his power. I don't know how. Alex looked up at Cami's face and Cami could see how scared her friend was when she said, "I-I think I'm a witch Cami. I think he was trying to kill me like whoever killed my family did. And I have to find out why. Cami was paralyzed with fear. Her friend was tiptoeing along a line that she couldn't uncross. When she knew certain information, she couldn't unlearn it.

It could mean the end of her. Cami nodded vaguely and watched her friend walk into the other room, panicking. How in the hell was she supposed to protect Alex from the truth? She had already met Klaus. Now a witch had attacked her. If she had any more exposure to the supernatural, she couldn't turn her back on it safely. When Alex came back in the room, she had a book in her hands and a stack of photos. She sat back down beside Cami and opened her grandmother's book to the section on Vampires.

She turned the book so Cami could see and pointed to the pictures, to Klaus and Elijah. She looked up at Cami and could see panic in her friend's eyes. She touched Cami's hand softly, "Cami. I know what they are. I didn't realize it until after I had met Klaus, and I came back home and re-read her book. I got attacked by that witch, and I went to my advising session and I showed my professor, and Cami, he knew. I swear to you, people in this town know.

Not just about witches, but about vampires too. He gave me the address for the Mikaelson compound and I went there, hoping to speak to Klaus, but you were still gone, both of you. I wrote a note, and I ended up meeting Elijah, his brother. Cami made a soft strangled noise and Alex raised her brows, "Just breathe. He took the note and said he would pass it on. I went home and I went through my grandmother's things, and I found these photos. I think these people were her coven.

See this man? Alex nodded, "The man, Laurent, he's who attacked me. Grams and the other man, Antoine, are dead. I've been doing some research, and it looks like most of the coven is either dead or vanished. Just like my family.

Alex nodded, "I know. But Elijah is going to help me. I went back to the compound for dinner on Sunday because he invited me to look at the archives, and I told him everything, including that I know he's a vampire.

It went…surprisingly well. Cami choked and dropped her face into her hands, "Oh my god. He could have killed you! Alex nodded, "He could have. But I think he's genuinely interested in why the witches are trying to kill me, and why they killed my family.

Plus I'm a history nerd, and he's got half the world's recent history in his head-it's a match made in heaven. Cami lifted her head and snatched her tumbler up, taking a large swig before shaking her head, "Or hell.

Alex frowned, "He was remarkably well mannered. A little old school actually. What's your problem with him? Alex gave her an exasperated look. Cami sighed and nodded, "Okay.

Fair point. It's just…it's more his problem to talk about. It's personal. Cami shook her head, "No…the opposite actually. Very high walls and deeper waters once you get past those walls. He's seen more pain than anyone will ever see in a lifetime, and he's been the cause of a lot of it. It haunts him. Alex nodded and rubbed at her forehead.

The alcohol was dulling her headache, but now she would have another for a far different reason. Sighing, she finished her slice of pizza and went to grab another, splashing more whiskey into her tumbler. Cami rejoined her on the couch and Alex nudged her with her foot.

What did you and Klaus get up to? Cami's cheeks burned and she lifted the glass to her lips, wetting them before speaking. Well, he had something he needed my help with, don't ask me about it, it's something that he or Elijah will have to tell you, trust me. We had to go out of state for a few days and the place only had one small bed. Cami flushed hard and slapped Alex's leg, "Shut up! We did sleep in the same bed, but we didn't have sex.

Alex sensed that this was too important to tease her friend about and so she leaned into the plush of the couch and sipped her drink, "Okay, tell me" she murmured.

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  3. The next day, Lucius Fox, Batman, and a team of scientists try to shut down the nuclear sun on an oil rig in the middle of the Atlantic. As Ukur’s army descends upon the rig, Superman unmasks and begins a slug-fest with Aquaman, who claims that he’s joined ranks with Ukur to protect the sea from being poisoned by the artificial sun.
  4. Giorgio Faletti. I Kill. A best-seller across Europe, Italian author Faletti’s first novel is a top-notch thriller. Monte Carlo, in Monaco, is supposed to be one of the safest places on earth, with a police force more concerned with paparazzi than with homicide, but that all changes when a mystery man calls a popular radio show. The next day two faceless bodies are discovered, along with I.
  5. That wasn't so bad, I didn't have to lift stuff, I just had to write and, like, organize files,” Atia could sit up by her own power now, “I got beat up all the time, obviously. But I was treated way better than other slaves. I had an important job, I was the record-keeper. I was smarter and more valuable than most of the Legion.
  6. Gary D. - lucbabobfilante.svizokagluricocoveswaytsunucuph.co Anthem (Mat Silver&#;s Rocking Drums Single Mix 2).mp3 8 MB.
  7. Apr 12,  · (3) - Nuclear Sun '98 (Bit Music) Various - Wanted Nº (Bit Music) Deja Vu (2) - My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From Titanic) (Bit Music) Skudero meets Gollum* - Infectious Flight (Bit Music) Oberture - Inter-Ratet (Bit Music) Gollum & Hunter - Journey To Sound (Bit Music) Technologics - El Club De Los Humildes (Bit Music).
  8. May 12,  · (ONE ON ONE) - NUCLEAR SUN '98 RESONANCE - IN MY BLOOD EUPHORIA - ANGELICAL VERSES BIT WANTED EP Black Mushroom - Don't Clap Anybody Digital-Dee Living Today (12") DEJA VUfeatTASMIN "My Heart Wil" Tim Wokan The Blue Monkey (12") EUROBIT 2.

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