Jackknife - Bazz (15) - Destroy Destroy Poserton (Cassette)

The Hill. The Grapevine. Consumer News. Healthy Living. If you need another good reason to share cooking duties with your partner, consider this: Joint food preparation makes for better kitchen hygiene. Maybe MAFFICKS don't fall into any of these categories, maybe I just missed them, but popping this late '80s cassette into the deck last week was my first introduction. A mix of D-Punk and era-appropriate DC with more than compelling guitar work and earnest vocals, these are five tracks that will likely not change anyone's world, and that's OK Labels: Deutsch Punk , germany , punk.

A few years ago I referred to the demo a "thinking punks hardcore," and I feel like the EP takes that even further. On the one hand, this is four really smart women who are killing it in a way that supersedes most any hardcore descriptor.

Full Disclosure: My cassette sounds pretty bad since it was probably hastily dubbed in someone's bedroom the night before tour. But since I am a purist, the download above is from my tape Which is pretty bad.

Tell them I sent you and they'll send you a free button in the mail. Labels: New York , punk. There's something to be said for studio projects. When it comes down to it, you're pretty much doing it for yourselves, for the pure enjoyment, and if no one likes it or cares or ever even hears it?

Well then maybe that's fine too. It relieves virtually all of the pressure, removes pesky irritants like outside influence, and opens up the songbook so you can essentially do whatever you want. Labels: garage punk , New York , punk. I am not really sure how I missed this until recently, but I am here to help my fellow unenlightened. Two songs here Labels: California , Los Angeles , metal. Labels: drone , industrial , synth. I have no idea what the source material is, but it easily trounces the US CD of the album that I have.

My analog rig is about twice as costly as my digital Oppo BDP with Modwright solid state mods , so the difference could be due to that. The vinyl quality is superb. Preston , Apr 13, Neonbeam , Apr 13, Neonbeam, Don't get me wrong: I agree completely, but it's been difficult for me at least to find a quality LP of the album. So, I bought this as a stopgap until they hopefully do a high quality re-issue. No offense taken. Of course you are right Just glad I bought it in After my last post, I searched quite a few websites for copies of this LP.

There were only about 10 legitimate copies of this available. Someone should repress this classic album! Location: Toronto, ON. Capitol Vaults Repress. Non-Smoking Vehicle. Front Bedroom, Rear Bath The list consist of lighting fixtures not straight to leaking water system. Home - Uncategorized - gulf stream vista cruiser reviews.

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  2. Destroy Destroy Poserton by Bazz, released 16 January 1. Side F 2. Side U 3. Boner Punxs (live in Poserton Circle Station) 4. In The Pit (live outside Maüs Haüs) 5. Jackknife (live in a Burger Palace Dumpster) 6. Escapee (live in Posertunes) 7. Double Fist (live at a P.U. party) 8. Chaos Walk (live on Falston Ave.) 9. Punk House (live on Howie's stoop)
  3. Riccardo Zappa - Santo & Zappa. Per poter gestire al meglio la tua navigazione su questo sito verranno temporaneamente memorizzate alcune informazioni in piccoli file di testo denominati cookie. È molto importante che tu sia informato e che accetti la politica sulla privacy e sui cookie di questo sito lucbabobfilante.svizokagluricocoveswaytsunucuph.co ulteriori informazioni, leggi la nostra politica sulla.
  4. Destroy, an Album by Seth Gueko. Released 25 January Genres: Trap, French Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop.
  5. The thing, as I understand the shit from Greg, is that there was a real comp called Destroy Poserton that was made up completely of fake bands. Then a faker band called BAZZ was invented just to be excluded from the comp thusly scorned, they ran to the basement to record this Destroy Destroy Poserton cassette.
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