Messenger Of Love - Various - Bloodsucking Serious Beats (CD)

The title sequence is wonderful,the newlywed couple is genuinely sympathetic and there is enough sex,rape,torture and drug addiction to satisfy fans of sleazy grindhouse cinema.

The nudity is often full frontal and the camera spends plenty of time lingering on the girls as they lie naked on dirty mattresses in their grime covered room. Torben Bille is very convincing as a sleazy dwarf and his grotesque grin is truly bone-chilling.

This is surely mean and twisted piece of exploitation trash. If you're of a certain mindset, every so often, a film comes along that reminds you that you are really weird and not normal in the way that you seek entertainment. Well, i found one of these in "The Sinful Dwarf".

Sleazy, nasty, mean and sordid are words I would use to describe this unbelievable piece of cinematic excess. Likely the reason it's not as fun is that it isn't as "campy".

But it does get that way from time to time. I don't know, maybe it's just that the idea of enslaving young girls, getting them hooked on smack and forcing them to service men just makes me a bit uncomfortable. I mean, it's cool that a film has the power to do this, and it's unrepentently exploitative and not a work of art, so in a way, maybe you should feel kind of bad for watching, and then somehow that pushes you in the other direction and you end up kind of admiring the balls of the thing anyway and marveling that people thought that making something like this was a good idea at one point.

Speaking of balls, an interesting thing about this concupiscent gem is taht it isn't afraid to skimp on the male nudity either. Lots of these 70s baddies contain loads of women in various states of exposure, but the makers usually figure most of their audience are heterosexual males who don't want to see much in the way of cocks flopping around.

Although it's the women who are really being exploited in the story, the movie does somewhat play fair, physically, in what it chooses to put on display. Oh, you want to talk about the story? It was ok, but not all taht convincing. A bit perfunctory, but what do you expect? The dwarf gave me the creeps and his mother was sickly fascinating and her singing made shivers of unwellness shoot up my spine. Not so much the performance, but you know, the same sort of delusional dangerousness and so on.

The attic room where the girls are kept is a genuinely filthy den and you can't help but feel really bad for them. Then, maybe you think of real life crimes of imprisonment and torture and wonder what the hell you're doing watching this shit.

But look, it's ok. If you are into these grotty old exploitation movies, you know sometimes what you are in for. It's cool that oddities this weird and depraved exist, and that if you ever watch it with friends, its' got to be very special kind of friends indeed. The movie -- wasn't good, but I'm glad it exists. Does that make sense? IndieJoshua 11 June Sleazy, yes, Funny yes, Bad acting yes.

This piece of sexploitation is very entertaining. Olaf the dwarf steals the show with his whacky wicked evil smile - you just must giggle at his that grin!!!!! Mr Viggo Mortensen Skeptic 5 January This film is seriously disturbed. It is also seriously sleazy. In fact, Viggo Mortensen saw this at a festival, while he was shooting Lord of the Rings.

He said it was the most disgusting film that he has ever seen. High praise indeed! I have never been able to get this sleazefest out of my mind. I am surprised that there have not been more people commenting on this film. I give a big 'respect' to Ant Timpson for bringing films like these to our shores. They always outrage the moral minority. In fact, when the sinful dwarf This scene was actually cut by the censorship board.

So Timpson, using his twisted imagination used a blow up doll as the female victim. Timpson or someone else assumed the part of the sinful dwarf. The banned scene was then reenacted. It was hilarious!

The story is just so sleazy. A dwarf and his drunken cabaret mother, who cannot sing, store women who stay at their hotel in the attic. They operate a white slave trade. Meanwhile a young couple stays at the hotel. Listen, if I saw a creepy little man and his mother, who puts on enough make-up to embarrass drag queens, I would instantly run.

You would certainly not stay there. Anyway the couple stay there and after a gratuitous sex scene she disappears. The husband hunts for her only to find Needless to say this all ends in a bloodbath.

If you are really masochistic you should watch this with the infamous Bloodsucking Freaks. It is like they were both made by the same person. Both are dirty and grimy. Filmed on budgets of about 2 dollars. Both have bad acting. One image form this film that stays with me is that of the dwarf, who seems like has has to make a real effort not to drool, in a toy store holding a toy truck.

Even this somehow still manages to look sleazy. It is like you would have to wipe anything that he touches. In fact, I felt like I needed a shower after seeing this. If you like watching horrible obscurities then I recommend this film. If you like pure sleaze, see this. I'll give it a six out of Coventry 4 July Why, in heaven's name, would anyone want to watch a trashy movie about a perverted midget who keeps heroine-addicted girls imprisoned in his attic?

Well personally, I had TWO damn good reasons to track this sick movie down! First of all because it's generally known as a unique and ultra-rare exploitation gem, or more particularly, "the reigning king of dwarfsploitation cinema", like my fellow reviewer teptime put it so poetically!

Secondly, I have a bizarre phobia of "little people" and every film featuring dwarfs, whether horror or another genre, simply scares the hell out of me. So, if I ever need a reason to justify why I watch sick stuff like this, I'll just claim it was part of my therapy! Hence, despite that the screenplay doesn't really focus on tension or atmosphere, I found this movie to be rather unsettling at times. Olaf, portrayed by the Danish actor Torben Bille, certainly isn't the most freaky-looking dwarf in horror cinema history his face strangely resemblances that of comedian Jack Black, actually , but he has quite an evil laugh and his dedication towards noisy children's toys truly sent cold shivers down my spine.

Olaf lives together with his mother and runs a boarding house. As a slightly more profitable profession, they also have an attic full of attractive young girls that serve as prostitutes for a selected group of customers. Olaf keeps the girls calm and willing by injecting heroine up their veins and offering them toys.

Their business becomes endangered when a young couple moves into the house and questions the strange sounds coming from the attic.

Other than that, there's very little to see here and the pace is too frequently undercut by overlong and dire scenes of Olaf's mother and some other granny thinking back about their glorious days as cabaret singers. The picture quality is very poor and the sound regularly fell out, but hey, the immeasurable cult-value makes up for pretty much everything.

ElijahCSkuggs 23 April There's probably three classes of people who've watched this flick. First the sickest group is the people who find dwarfs or midgets funny,entertaining or arousing in anything, so they hunted this bad boy down. Second is people who want to see bizarre exploitation flicks. And thirdly, people who just stumbled onto this because they've got nothing better going on. Well, you can put me in class two, and maybe three a little bit.

I'm just one who doesn't find the sight of small people to be immediate entertainment. This has come to bite me in the ass a couple times because of people's over-zealousness towards movies with our little brothers to the south.

Don't get me wrong though, I love all things Warwick Davis. In this case though, our little pal Torben RIP delivers a sweet, little, and evil performance. Olaf doesn't mind, because you know he's having fun with these girls once in a while.

He he he. Well fortunately for Olaf and Mama, two down-on-their-luck lovebirds come knocking on the door. And it's only a matter of time before Olaf and Mommy conjure up some evil plans. The Sinful Dwarf is a really solid exploitation flick that delivers a great weirdo performance by Torben, some eXXXtra nice sex scenes that definitely helped the pace of the film , a gritty and sleazy atmosphere and a surprisingly fun story.

Who doesn't like tales of evil perverts in this case a dwarf kidnapping the town lovelies whom are whored out to customers so they can afford the bills.

And I haven't even mentioned the tactic they use to keep the girls quiet and subdued. Heading into this flick, I kind of had low expectations. I'm not a sucker so the term dwarfsploitation only has so much affect on me. All I hoped for was a solid and perverted ride, and that's what I got. F Communications , Never Records. Mut ge. Mix ge Comp 2 versions. Will I Dream? Never Records , Eruption Records. God Shave The Queen! Never Records , Swoon Records.

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  2. Mar 01,  · Well thats what i hate with this series named Serious Beats they were never full tracks only the radio edit versions were on these CD's. I never understood why that label got so expensive back in the day surely after Serious Beats 10 every volume was around 25€ between era/5(57).
  3. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Bloodsucking Serious Beats - Various Artists on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Bloodsucking Serious Beats - Various Artists on AllMusic - Messenger of Love. Oliver Adams / Praga Khan / Jade 4 U. Jade 4 U. 8/
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  6. BLOODSONG OF LOVE. Music, Lyrics, and Book by Joe Iconis. A wild musical theater interpretation the Spaghetti Western film genre. It follows the story of a wandering guitarist, known only as The Musician, on a journey to reclaim his bride from the evil clutches of Lo Cocodrilo. Raucous, heartfelt, and hilarious, Bloodsong is a raging battle cry.
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