Mind & Matter - Fused Forces - Diamondz E.P (File, MP3)

The Bank Of England admit defeat after their attempts to put together a rescue package for Britain's oldest bank. Barings, fail. House of Pain's tour of Ireland ends in disarray and cancellations as Everlast fails to show for a concert in Limerick. Tricky's debut album "Maxinquaye" is released to hyperbole in the press, whilst erstwhile collaborators Massive Attack release the " Massive Attack Versus Mad Professor" album. In Brighton, indie Loaded announces the launch of a new label called Skint.

With three acts on its initial roster- Fatboy Slim, Arthur and Hipoptimist - label manager Damian Harris says "We haven't got any idea how it's going to develop, but it's going to be abstract and experimental". On the underground scene, clubs like Voodoo in Liverpool, Bugged Out in Manchester and Open All Hours in London are giving people a place to hear the vaunted intelligent techno much talked about in the press Apparently, it's quite good.

Now whatever did happen to that? No, make that the best film of last year. No wonder it cleaned up at the cinemas. Now it's coming out through Polygram Video to both buy and rent on March 1 , so you can replay every last frame as often as you like. We've got five copies of the film to give away, along with five copies of the CD soundtrack.

March Winners will be drawn at random. Sorry, but competitions are NOT open to overseas readers. And the editor's decision is final. Who, or what, is that?

A seditious multimedia cabal masquerading as a Scottish record label. They're not taking it very seriously, then? Yes and no. One Diskono operative, using the name "Raymonde Gange", told us via e-mail, naturally : "Our artists are part of a growing underground network of anarchists beginning to seize the means of distribution that has made mass media such a monopolist farce.

Then take Wee DJs as an example - they jammed Edinburgh's Forth FM one day last year and replaced chart fodder and fatuous chat with fucked-up noise. All good clean fun.

It all sounds rather infuriating. Diskono want to provoke a reaction from all you passive consumers out there. And to prove it, they will soon be attempting to "exorcise the ugly spirit of record collecting from the face of the planet. What with the most popular pills of last year sharing their logo with a certain Japanese all-terrain motor, we wondered what would happen if other car manufacturers lent their seal of approval to disco biscuits.

Watch out for these Es coming to a club near you very soon. They come on super fast ami make you throb clatigtnoiisly n Ilf. This was a floorfiller, atoptrack- wild reactions every time. Back in the early days it wasn't like it is now where every DJ plays different tracks. Everyone played this -at the time the idea was just to play all the hottest records that were around.

I didn't really have peaks and valleys like I do now. Thatearly Eighties British thing was a big influence on us. The sound was unique - totally different from everything else that was going on at the time. Funkadelic were an inspiration forme. I'd use them as a reference point. They set their standard so high that it was kind of hard to duplicate, but they did it.

I've been trying for the longest time to do some sort of collaboration with George Clinton. I would love to have George do vocals on some of my tracks. As soon as you heard it, it was the sound It was kind of the same vein as the Sharon Redd track - a D-Train, Colonel Abrams kind of thing.

Tracks like C-Bank were out two or three years before that -they were kind of a precursor to that Miami freestyle-type sound. Electro with female vocals. I heard "Planet Rock" in New York and it was kind of a bittersweet thing, y'know.

I was glad to hear something like that being played on the radio, but on the sour note I was like, "well, It should have been us ". It was on the radio one night and 1 was like "what is this? I was making music already, doing totally electronic recordings and the similarities really freaked me out.

I used to go to the music store and just play around with the synthesiser. I think it had the same impact on music as the electric guitar did when that was introduced. You could do anything with it-your imagination was the limit. Cybotron Clear Fantasy One of my own and one of my favourite tracks. It's the only really serious electro track.

A lot of stuff that came out after it seemed really corny andcommerical. Buttrackslike "Clear "-that was serious stuff. We changed the course of music in Detroit and because of that we shaped the rest of the world's club music. But this could fit into a house or garage set. We used to have what we called "social clubs" in Detroit and the music was post-disco, house music, stuff like that.

Kraftwerk The Robots Warner Brothers It was a totally electronic track and it peaked my interest - 1 was always a futurist and into science fiction. I went out and tried to find the record and the first thing I came across was "Showroom Dummies" - a picture disc with them looking like mannequins.

I was taken all the way with that. Caprioorn Capricorn label unknown Back then there were a lot of Italian disco records and a lot of them were electronic. This was another staple track at the social parties. It did have a vocal version but the vocals were awful, man. A lot of the tracks were licensed. I think Kano were from Europe. They were really electronic -one step away from being the dance music version of Kraftwerk.

Kano Tm Ready Emergency This was more of a song but the hook was vocodered. Itwasapaay track, people still play it to this day. Holly Dolly and "I'm Ready" were really happy, up, fun songs, this was more in a Giorgio Moroder vein. That was like the perfect mix. One particular summer- 1 or 1 - you could drop "Pocket Calculator" and it would fill the floor. All the black urban stations were playing it. They had another artist called Prince who was getting all the platinum promotion, but Kraftwerk were the total opposite of what Minneapolis was all about.

The whole electro movement came along and funk just fell by the wayside. Sinnamon Thanks To You Becket Sinnamon was like two or three female singers and it was just a groove, man, just a hook.

This track was for the real electronic music lover. Some of those Chicago Hot Mix 5 tapes would have nothing but Italian imports like this. This made everyone go crazy. Muzik Magazine, Kitlg's Reach Tower. That's showbiz, darling. Requests for " La Bamba " in a Chicago style will be politely refused.

Well, it beats sauerkraut. Truelove proved his manhood by presenting one of the trophies in the buff! That told him. Our stiffness is reserved for our upper lips, not our trousers," said a spokesperson. When Jay Kay only had one single out anyway? Where are the Pure Sciences? The Tidy Trax? And the MJ Coles?

Might as well go home now. And got lost! Shut up. When we pulled it off. Which was because. At the Ministry to hear Frangois K after an all-day bender, he graced the dancefloor with the most technicolour of pavement pizzas. The Best Of British featuring. Bentleys, limos and all manner of buffed, gleaming chauffeur-driven motors sit breathing exhaust fumes into the crisp November air. In America, home of the hard sell where less really is less, Trump Towers, that most pruriently gaudy of hotels, is where the young, rich, black showbiz elite come to get jiggy.

Within a 10 minute interval 1 spot comedian Chris Rock, actress Nia Long and rapper Heavy D exit the gold elevators and walk the marbled foyer. Fitting, then, that hip hop producer of the hour, Timbaland, aka Tim Mosley, should be staying here. When the production deal turned sour, Timbaland linked up with the LA-based Blackground Entertainment, who also manage Aaliyah.

I love working on music. There's little disputing the fact that he has altered the landkape of American rftb, his scattered, hard-hitting syncopated beats signalling a changing of the guard.

You got her producer [Rodney Jerkinsl trying to make her Aaliyah instead of giving her her own sound. Signed to a 1. When you rush music, it don't come out right. Puffy he is not. Tim Mosley he is. I want a family.

Walk through the door and you could be in an art gallery. But behind the counter are shelves of bottles and bags of herbs. There are glass cabinets with vitamin C tablets and immune system-boosling echinacea, aphrodisiacs, dream pictures on the wall, a rack of didgeridoos. And at the back of the shop three windows look out onto the canal.

Two girls are sitting there, ripping roaches from flyers and deep in conversation. Three guys in their early 20s walk in this cold, Tuesday afternoon just as the first few flakes of snow start to fall. One of the shop assistants, wearing his long, brown hair tucked scmffily behind his ears, is talking to a woman at the counter. At the counter are boxes of magic mushrooms. Asmokeable herl which will send you on a trip within seconds.

What they sell here can expand your mind, send you on a trip and then repair your body once you've come back to Earth. You can test your Ecstasy pills in clubs for the presence of any dangerous toxins.

Coffee shop culture has been exhaustively documented over the last two decades. So what do smart drug shops represent? And, more to the point, could it ever happen in Britain?

Particularly for alternatives to Ecstasy and cocaine. People were telling him they wanted natural alternatives to chemicals. The shop really took off when it began selling magic mushrooms in G'Spot 2. PsiiocybeTampenensis 4. Psilocybe Cubensis B. Britain: Not controlled. Herbal speed containing Ma Huang extract. Britain: Ma Huang is the natural form of ephedra -not listed, but classified under the Criminal Justice International Co-operation Act as a precursor chemical used in the illicit manufacture of meth- amphetamine, a Class B drug.

A magic mushroom. Britain: Legal when not dried. Otherwise Class A. Britain: As before. Britain: Legal but difficult to get hold of. More suppliers got in touch with Conscious Dreams and soon they were selling products from all over the world. But until they remained a leftfield curiosity in Dutch drug culture. That year saw over more smart drugs shops open in the country, with another 60 over the next two years. The Dutch justice ministry, headed by Ms Sougdrager, decided not to take action over the mushrooms.

With that explosion came a more scattergun approach to what some shops would sell. The Dutch health ministry is taking action against some places which are selling belladonna, known in this country as Deadly Nightshade it can be used in small doses to treat heart complaints.

It needs to be used with someone who knows what it docs. People are veiy willing to take responsibility. If people see a drug is illegal, they think it must be flicking good. They banned GHB only to see chemists synthesise a closely chemically related alternative which was on sale a few weeks later. Again, our aim is health protection. The Dutch take a pragmatic line.

People will take dnigs anyway, so best to inform them about the potential dangers. What else can you do? There would be, of course, little point in keeping them otherwise. The peyote cactus is not noted for its beauty.

Even when it comes to herbal Ecstasy the law is no less compromising. This always carries the risk of Customs interception, but with the sheer volume of packages arriving in Britain your packet will gel through. A lot of this stuff is still experimental and not licensed. In Holland a drug is innocent until proven gu Ity. At least officially. Drugs policies across Europe all produce the same results, but the heal h of our population is better.

We have less dead people, less homelessness, less HIV. Website ion, access the I 6. After C S. Stargate Salvia Divinorum Recovery pack for taking after a cocaine binge. Includes L- tyrosine, vitamin C, vitamin B6. Britain: Legal. As before, but for Ecstasy. Contains tryptophan, a natural anti-depressant occurring in fish. Britain: St John's Wort Isa widely available homeo- pathic remedy for depression.

See also numberfour. Described as a "psychedelic amphetamine". Britain: Class A drug. The Home Office il ormation on it. You may well ask. I brought the breaks and the beats.

Phil was the technological part and it gelled beautifully. There was a lot we never got a chance to do, which is a shame, but we were both young and the record company was full of shit. I do still believe that we could have been massive. We could have been millionaires laughsl. Best PA would have been better, but at the end of the day I'm just glad he's on the way back. To this day I always talk about him.

If you listen to a lot of music now, we were doing that eight years ago. He knew his keyboards. All that filtering and a lot of the techniques that are practised today. He was there, man. You know the way they look at Goldie, that's the way they should look at Phil.

He's a pioneer. Fell In love with synthesised sound while listening to his older sister's Japan records. Moved to Cyprus aged eight where he bought hisfirst keyboard. Moved back to London aged 1 1. Spent his teens listening to Kraftwerk, going to Depeche Mode concerts and playing Numan nights with his then band. La Maison De Deux. Left school aged 1 5 to work there full time. Together they recorded two landmark tracks: "The Exorcist" and "The Bee", which sold over 70, copies.

Promptly disappeared for a few years. Set up Pure Science Communications imprint in He can interact, change and plan the dynamics of his set in the same way. The only real difference is that he's using the separate parts of his tracks, which he can manipulate at will, instead of records. So basically he can change the arrangements and add or remove beats, melodies and basslines according to the reaction and mood of the crowd in the club, and that's obviously a very good thing.

It's really unique. He's got total control over what he's doing, he can pick the crowd up or drop them down whenever he wants because he's not tied to other people's arrangements like conventional DJs. I like the way he uses old vocal samples as well, I think it gives his music a bit of familiarity. It's different from DJing, I wouldn't say it's any better or any worse, just different, but he can definitely dojust as good a job. I think it's very exciting. Maybe calling him the future of DJing is a bit strong, but with the way he works he certainly has a lot of room to manoeuvre.

He plays hard disks. How many DJs do you know of who can turn up to a venue and play all new, fresh music all night, non-stop, without repeating themselves? Think about it. Junior Vasquez built his whole career on the ability to play marathon sets, but he needs a specially designed booth stacked to the rafters with God knows how many thousands of records.

Pure Science, on the other hand, only needs a keyboard, a drum machine and his bank of hard disks. From a repertoire that extends to literally hundreds of tracks, most of which even the most dedicated of fans will only ever hear once. The sound is pure London tech-house, but encompasses everything from full on techno to deep boogiefied fiink. The difference is that he actually meets his own impossibly high standards.

Soothe them with some nice sounds, rough them up a bit with some badass, bare- knuckle bassline business and then smooth them out with some nice lush chords. It has its own life force and energy, but you have to find a way to tap into it. It can grip you no matter what language you speak or what your culture or background is. Get ready to be re- freshed. Or Goldie? Would you be able to walktheir dogs, to booktheirflights, to findtheir records when they'vebeen lost in Brazil?

To sort it out when they trash hotel rooms in Newcastle? Let us in! My brother Nigel was in N-Joi, and when they gave me a tape I thought was good enough, I dumped my company and eventually started managing The Prodigy. When we started, I used to have my office in my house. For about four or five years it was absolute mayhem.

Obviously you partied as well, so a couple of days a week you might be out of action. This is something real. Most of the time when we toured - I used to lour manage as well - it was pretty good. Obviously everybody gets tired, tempers get frayed, voices get raised. Tilings get broken, things get said, things get damaged. Cl, in a couple of hours. I said Tvebeen looking after you for three years, I got bored waiting.

Everyone gels fucked. So it is for Paul Oakenfold, mini-employment whirlwind, who at last count had created jobs for at least a score of people. Ros Earle has the unenviable task of managing the Oakey behemoth at her 1 1 -year old db company. There are three or four people at the management company, three at his agency, two people at the press agency and any number of other people on board. People think if they approach him in the DJ booth or in a restaurant, or at a party.

Our job Is basically to deal with whatever happened last weekend. You need a lot of patience and stamina. Two phones to his ears -one for outgoing, one for incoming calls - driving round and round, never finding anywhere to park, losing his temper. Meredith Coral; Goldie's "like an octopus". Then he lost his rag a little hit, and resigned himself to the fact that he needed an assistant. That might involve recording his next album, DJ tours, film projects, whatever.

I deal with any papers that need to go to his manager, and walk his dog. It has to be a very family relationship. If he wants to gel on the phone at 5am, you have to he awake. There will he a lot of things that come up that you don't neccessarily agree with, hut you have to do anyway.

You need to he unfazahle, keep a clear head at all limes, and he able to deal with a notoriously had lenifier. I got completely thrown in at the deep end. Would you mind running the club [Meialheadz at The Leisure Lounge] for me too? What can 1 say? Long live Goldie! John Gold, the technical extensic cohort Danny Lewis, has been on boart funny guys," he says. Well, 1 do absolutely e With 1 87, Danny has the firm ideas, an do the mechanics.

We workc recently and she couldn't get out of the laughing so much. He'll sit cars for a good hour. When came up with that bassline and evciy'th Then it blew up. I Julian's musical. They are :i with Colourgirl ilace she was ill' on her. Then we'll get T, and Danny'll town and talk about ork out and then we Go home early. Still, they did beat Prince to that squiggle-name malarkey by years Karl once toured with Blondie femmeDebbie Harry's backing band Rick's dad is a minister.

Their name? T-shirts and shorts have replaced thick woolly jumpers because the mercury has rocketed to an unheard of 70 degrees. What should be the Frozen Apple is now the Baked Apple.

The boys are in great spirits. Darren, look at me. Karl, chin up. Great, guys. Okay, Just give me a moment. You stand around like a lemon for hours, posing and feeling like a git. So while lenses are changed and lights are adjusted, Karl looks down at his turn-ups. He stares at his seams and starts pinching the side of his legs. Karl does a and shows off his scrawny bum. Would you like a whole arse or half an arse?

Everyone else cracks up. A bit later on Rick is over at the mixer toying with the EQ as an Orbital track spins. Meanwhile, Karl is in the other room checking out digital images of their last sold out New York show, which took place a few days before on Thanksgiving Eve at Irving Plaza.

Tlieir first New York appearance for over two years, it was an apocalyptic barrage of sound and vision. Every mumbled vocal was perfect. New Yawkers were chanting lager, lager, lager! We Just followed our noses like we always do. Full stop. No matter where you go - America, Australia, Japan. No piercings, tattoos or Satanic alliances for these lads.

From day one, Underworld have always channelled their energy and creativity into song rather than image. Because they could be your mates. They look like us, talk like us, and their music sounds like a fusion of everything you ever dreamed possible. Tracks were made, re-made, modified and then put right back through the old mashing machine Just because they were in no great hurry to release it.

Not until it was perfect. After we had done the live stuff, we went back and redid a few tracks. It helped us and helped the album progress. The engineering is so neat and crisp that you want to strip your clothes off and dive headfirst into it. In this fast-food world of slice and dice bedroom MIDI ninjas, "Beaucoup Fish" is the heavyweight champion of the world.

I think that this album will take you on a journey. The primaiy reason for the deal seems crystal clear; getting their hands on Underworld. So this is the big time. Time for the band who have never been bothered about fame to pull their fingers out.

We enjoyed doing four mixes anyway. It was also a bil of control on our part. Has his sobriety affected the new album? When it was starting to get too dark, I knew 1 had to move away from that. It felt like the very thing that Rick and I had broken away from in the Eighties. Back then, we wanted fame and all of that, but not for Underworld.

Rick worked on text without me and we had to do small little things for ourselves. There was nowhere to run anymore, so I had to deal with things. It was a conscious decision 10 years ago to write. I felt that the only way to get the stories that I wanted to bring to Underworld was to lose enough inhibitions to lose my common sense. Just wander through the streets sniffing at the wind.

A dog in heat and all of that. Think you could do a karaoke "Banstyle"? Test your knowledge by spotting which tracksthese lyrics comefrom. But watch out. Two of the th em are made up. Which ones? You and us where we all work together. It all had to he brought along. Before, it was all gettingjust a bit too boring. Even recording and his part time photographic pursuits became dull and routine. The weather is still unseasonably warm, the sun is beating down on us and it feels wonderful.

In the past 48 hours. Underworld have completed an interview marathon. I mean, this is what I do 1 6 hours a day in the studio. We did the right thing, which was to stop for a while. And it worked.

In May , Rick got into Tomato design projects and intentionally steered clear of Undenvorld. He says that he became obsessed with text.

I worried a little, because I knew that 1 wanted to get into Undenvorld, but I was feeling nothing for rhythm at all. Working with Trevor, who toured with Bjork for two or three years and Howard Jones for years, got me interested in rhythm again. So you cn? Theirs is an intangible genius so earthy and real that no marketing conglomerate, cor oration or con. We all know it. So where many bands become more obsessed with perfection as they age, Underworld have learned from their woes to stretch out and chill the funk out.

The results arc magical - a true document reflecting the angst, joy and pain of our times. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved.

Bryan Adams c40 Cuts Like A Knife c40 Reckless c40 Into The Fire c40 Waking Up The Neighbours c40 So Far So Good c40 Unplugged c40 On A Day Like Today c40 The A. Anger 3 c62 The Unnamed Feeling E. WinAL L. Singles These discs are supplied solely for back-up purposes only you own the original item but would like a backup copy or your item is damaged, scratched or faulty.

Billy Jam DJ Spooky vs. Troll Donald vs Chuck Don't be a pest ADA Double Dee feat. Boxer live on mic Dr. Dre Dr Dre Dr. Dre introducing Snoop Doggy Dogg Dr.

Evil Dr Evil Dr. LaFlow Dr. Who Dat? Dr Who Dat? Dubya RX mix dubya vs arnaaald dubya vs. Nebulus E-Fluent E. MAN feat. Fresh Anaalog Musiic Experience F. Fresh Analog Music Experience F. God Bless G Fisher G. Huff G-Huff G. Perico G. P Get set V. K One I. If that ain't the highest form of passion and committment! Whitefield J. Period J. Period feat Q-Tip J-Period feat. Q Tip J-Quest J. Bjork Jimi Hendrix vs. Sparks K The-I??? Sinisista Krisma feat. Dream Team L.

The Legendary K. Holes Loop. Missy Elliott vs. La Kim Shabazz M. Freeze M. Rydah J. Munwi Masters At Work feat.

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