My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

My mother, she drowned in the bathtub, My father, he died from his gin, My sister choked on her chocolate, My stars, what a fix I am in. I tried making beer in the bathtub, I tried making synthetic gin, I tried making fudge for a living, Now look at the shape that I'm in. Toggle navigation Home. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean. This story has inspired many songs and stories to this day. The Jacobite was said to have written this song in honor of Charlie's name. They seemed to use the term bonnie in purpose to cover up the real reference to the song.

People could easily tell the song as a love song where the narrator is a wife who lost his husband at sea, as the word bonnie can also refer to a woman or a man. Bold Italic Link Add an image new! Explanation guidelines: Describe what artist is trying to say in a certain line, whether it's personal feelings, strong statement or something else.

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Apr 10,  · “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean” is a traditional Scottish folk song which remains popular in Western culture.5/5(2).

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  1. My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea, My Bonnie lies over the ocean, O bring back my Bonnie to me.
  2. Jul 20,  · My Bonnie lies over the ocean My Bonnie lies over the sea, My Bonnie lies over the ocean, Oh bring back my Bonnie to me.
  3. My Bonnie lies over the ocean My Bonnie lies over the sea, My Bonnie lies over the ocean, Oh bring back my Bonnie to me.
  4. Referencing "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean", Bonnie refers to a name of a person in this tune. This person in this folk song is Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart). He .
  5. Mitch Miller - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean Lyrics. My bonnie lies over the ocean My bonnie lies over the sea My bonnie lies over the ocean Oh bring back my bonnie to .
  6. Songfacts®: Although its origins are unknown, this popular Scottish folk tune is said to be about Charles Edward Stuart, aka Bonnie Prince Charlie, who led the Jacobite rising of in a failed attempt to reclaim the British throne for his father, James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales.
  7. Apr 19,  · My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my bonnie lies over the sea means they have gone to sea - There is a lament that goes with this song called “Deep blue Sea” and it tells the fate of the Bonnie, Deep blue sea baby deep blue sea (x3).
  8. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean This song is a Traditional. This is a traditional song and therefore has no particular artist associated with it. It is believed to have originated in Scotland.
  9. The winds have blown over the ocean, The winds have blown over the sea; The winds have blown over the ocean, And brought back my Bonnie to me, to me.

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