O-Oh Child - Various - KSLQ FM 98 Hits (Vinyl, LP)

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Hartman, 21 To 18 — S. Norman, 29 To 16 — Dire Straits. Caldwell, 9 To 7 — Doobie Bros. Harrison, B. Welch, G. Murray, 29 To 19 — Dire Straits. Lynn, 17 To 6 — Doobie Bros. Welch, Ex To 28 — S. Ex To 26 — Blondie. Benson, J. Diamond, 28 To 21 — Dire Straits. Manchester, 13 To 8 — D. Caldwell, Ex To 26 — B. Welch, Amii Stewart. Pointer Sisters, M. Paragon Firm Plans Allman Bros. Paragon, which was founded in Macon, Georgia by Alex Hodges in , now represents a variety of artists, ranging from southern bands such as the Allmans, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Charlie Daniels to the mainstream rock of Alice Cooper, plus several new wave bands in- cluding the Police, Blondie and Ultravox.

In addition. Paragon possesses a strong black music division, representing Brick, Bohannon, Bobby Womack and Muddy Waters, among others. When I was at Motown, Berry Gordy used to stress that record-making was the domain of producers and writers, and that artists were to follow directions. Despite the expansion of the agency and its hectic schedule ahead, Hodges asserts that Paragon will not become so large a company that it cannot maintain close per- sonal relations with each of its clients.

We have and always will have a tight-knit organization that will give close, personal attention to each of our clients, large or small. Bob Siner has had a tremendous impact on the industry in a short period of time. The fact that they are making such a dramatic move into disco is indicative of just how far they are prepared to go to make MCA a monster. Pictured in foreground are: Chuck Brown and several fans. The coordinated push begins in March and will run for a two month period.

Adver- tising plans will include major buys in both radio and print, focusing on both consumer and trade publications with the marketing effort involving merchandising represen- tatives in every WEA branch across the country.

The merchandising has been set to begin in April and will run through the rest of the month. Album slicks, stickers, buttons, cubes, mobiles and 4x4 posters are to be utilized as part of the marketing campaign. Among the topics discussed were new issue policy and distribution, returns, back orders and special orders.

The double-LP is packaged in a single jacket with a sash-type window frame in the front. On the back, notes about each of the tunes are included. Capitol Records is putting out specially-packaged cassettes of the LP for promotional use and a merchandising and advertising tie-in with JBL Sound has been set up.

The cassette package comes in an over- sized coated-card stock box that resem- bles a paperback novel. It is only the second such promotional package launched by a major label. In Atlantic City is no specifically designated place for a piece to be affixed.

At the meeting, we began to lay the groundwork for change. Polydor, Columbia and Warner Bros. According to the executives sur- veyed, defects can pop up in any step of the record making process — from raw materials up through the packaged product.

The sooner we find the defects the less expensive it is, because there is less handling from that point on. A test pressing monitors the process of transferring the sound from tape to a lacquer master; this transference from a magnetic signal to a mechanically engraved signal essentially tests the cutting process.

The practice of issuing test press- ings came into existence as a means of in- suring that the finished record is an ac- curate reproduction of what went down in the studio. Many quality control experts find it necessary to visit the manufacturing plant itself, to inspect records while they are being pressed.

Other Q. Also, there is a national Q. They pointed out that since vinyl is a petroleum derivative, the problem reached its zenith in with the Arab oil embargo. Although the quality of vinyl seems to have improved of late, a new problem seems to have crop- ped up in the form of master lacquers.

In the last few months suppliers have had complications, so the plants have had problems processing the lacquers. And when you do that, you in- crease quality control problems. They also agreed that all things considered, record buyers today are getting a good value for their money.

According to Westbrook of MCA. Manufacturing, as a whole, is very concerned about turning out quality records. They work very hard to make a better product, and they are spending a lot of money doing it. In addition to enrolling himself, Jones also signed up his entire staff as BMA members. Pictured are l-r : Jones and Edward W. Wright, executive vice president, BMA. In February of , he joined Atlantic Records as local promotion representative in St.

In August of , he was named midwest regional pop promotion director. Mike Manocchio began his association with Atlantic Records in October, as midwest regional promotion director. Manocchio started in the music business as manager of several local bands and part-owner of the Euphoria rock club in , before going to work for DC Distributors as a promotion rep in He was appointed assistant national pop promotion director for Atlantic in June.

Bill Cataldo joined Atlantic in as a local promotion representative based in CTI Steps Out continued from page 14 As a result, CTI was considering the possibility of being distributed by a major over the summer and fall. Finally deciding that it was better off as an independently distributed label, CTI declared Chapter XI in order to get a breathing space to build it- self up again.

At the same time, the label obtained letters of credit from some of its distributors which were used to help borrow money. Supports Indie Distributors In light of the support of independent dis- tributors for CTI, it is not surprising that the label has a strong faith in the future of in- dependent distribution.

Jerry Wagner, president of CTI, also af- firmed his belief in indie distributors. Con- trary to popular belief, he said, "Indepen- dents pay as well as majors do. Pickwick all branches. Norway, Finland , and Velvet Venezuela. We have a solid contemporary jazz base, and we intend to continue pursuing that route. He became New York marketing coordinator for WEA in January, ; and in June of that year, he returned to Atlantic as director of national secondary promotion.

Mis- souri, his hometown. In he went to ABC Records as southern regional promotion represen- tative, becoming national promotion direc- tor in ' Some broadcasters were reportedly more in- terested in sight-seeing than in making a case before a congressman.

At the lunch, the group reassem- bled although the count was down to at this point. Speaking to a rapidly dwindling group. Van Deerlin said broadcasters must not put their faith in the FCC for deregulation, that they must look to Con- gress for a solution. The second rewrite of the Communica- tions Act is expected to be released in the next two weeks. Henry Geller concurred with Van Deerlin's assessment. MCA Inc. MCA fourth-quarter results were slowed despite 24 percent higher revenues and a lower tax rate.

The last-quarter net in- creased 2 percent more than the year before. However, income before taxes was 4 percent below the level. Many careers have been launched by independent labels. Suite Hollywood, Ca. Paul Johnson arranged the album. A miniature stand-up of Pat holding his latest release will be featured in book and record stores around the country.

Larnelle Harris sings the title song. Marijohn said that it was a warm and real visit put on film. She noted that the talk-show format is realistic and creditable.

Gentry McCreary, director of radio promotion for Light Records, is moving across the country these days at nearly the speed of sound and light. He is in the middle of a two- month promotional visit to stations, and McCreary is allowing only one day for his upcom- ing marriage in Detroit on March This is also the first album produced by pianist and arranger Tom Keen.

Ann Schuster has been appointed as the professional manager at Buckhorn Music, ac- cording to president Marijohn Wilkin Schuster will be assisted by Jake Long, ad- ministrative assistant. Light Recording artist Andrae Crouch will go into the studio to put finishing touches on his upcoming 10th album for the label.

The Archers have completed final vocals in the studio for their new Light album, scheduled for an April release. The itinerary already includes nine concerts in two weeks in California, Nevada and Washington.

Yesner said some dates are still available for the tour. Dan Brock Associates has relocated to Edmond, Okla. Robert F. Bennett and other fans and legislators. Cantus Press will act as a supplementary company to Triune, which has been in- strumental in expanding the choral music market place. Trigon Music, another divison of Triune, will continue to be the publishing outlet for schools and college music directors.

Riley and Found Free. Elwyn C. The album marks the first recording by Peek since he left the pop group, America. Though Christian music has diversified into many styles today, these three women are masters of pure gospel artistry.

This album is flavored with pop, gospel and even disco sounds. Harmonies are top-notch, and the production work is equal to anything in secular music. In ad- diton, all the material is original and well-written. Isaac Douglas is not exactly a household word, he may have created some excitement for himself with this album. Many albums today sound dull and devoid of spirit, but the Rev. Second row: Mike Dixon, Benson sales rep.

Farley and the Williams Family. Farley and the Soul Stirrers have sur- vived and flourished as a Gospel group for 40 years, and such artists as Sam Cooke and Johnny Taylor have been members of the group. The group plans to release anew album for Malaco this month. Produced by Frank Williams of the Jackson Southernairs, the new album by the Williams Family is due for release this month.

Richard Hogue of Metrochurch as marketing consultant. With more than 20 separate ministries, Metrochurch, located 15 miles north of Oklahoma City, has gained members in less than three years. Hogue has been a dominant figure in crusade evangelism for over seven years, and he has appeared live before more than 6 million people in , week-long crusades.

The Rev. Jimmy Snow and taped live at the Grand Ole Opry, has been named one of five finalists in the national television category of the upcoming Angel Awards. Finalists were chosen from among nearly entrants in various categories. Riley and Red Sovine. Executive producer of the show is Jimmy Snow and the producer is Dyann Rivkin. A minute radio program has been produced which will be made available to radio stations around the country. The program includes a live studio interview with Goodman.

Approximately program directors, music directors and radio ex- ecutives from across the country are ex- pected to participate in this year's meet. Committee members and chairmen from the country music industry have worked for months in preparation for what is hoped to be the largest and most informative seminar in its 10 years.

As of last week, radio members had pre-registered for the seminar. The keynote address, which k traditionally a highlight of the seminar, will be delivered this year by Dr. Roger Blackwell, professor of marketing at Ohio State U. Blackwell co- authored with Dr. James Engel of Wheaton College and Dr. David Kollat, executive vice president of the Limited Stores. In his presentation of consumer lifestyles, Dr. Blackwell will examine structural changes occurring in the American economic system as a result of demographic and value trends.

He will also present evidence concerning how business firms and other organizations are reacting to instant gratification, the sexual revolution, naturalism and the drive for personal creativity, and the new feminism. The agenda will include four individual sessions and two concurrent sessions.

The concurrent sessions, one on Friday and one on Saturday, will be broken up into four individual workshops in separate rooms. The traditional rap session will take place on Friday night.

The session topics this year place a strong emphasis on recognizing the needs of stations and listeners in the future and how to prepare for coming changes. The traditional Saturday night dinner and New Faces Show will end the seminar activities. In the Top MARCH 10 a. Artists or their record company must provide transportation to and from Nashville if selected. Artists must have had a country record commercially first released in a country other than USA within the past 24 months. Applications which must be received at the CMA offices in Nashville by March 1, , should include: 1.

Biography and photographs 2. Copy of country recordings released 3. Name and address of artist and record label Country Music Association, Inc. Twitty is still one of the great country vocalists and his voice is more soulful and gritty than usual.

Teasley On his first Epic release, Johnny Rodriguez comes up with a Mexican flavored song about life and love on the border.

Teaming with Billy Sherrill, Rodriguez should chart high. The American leg of the tour will take Fricke, Milsap and Rich to the west, mid- west and southeast regions. The tour will concentrate on the major markets and per- formances will be held in the prime con- cert halls of each city. Ronnie used to be a jingle singer like myself. I met him in Memphis years ago when we were both absorbed solely with jingles. Charlie Rich is someone I have sung back-up for on several oc- casions.

I've been looking forward to this tour for sometime. Also on Warner Bros. Pro Sound recording awards are made each February to studios and engineers in- volved in the top-grossing albums as reported by the trade charts during the pre- vious year.

Rodriguez sings with clarity and depth on a wide variety of material. Even though his music is not as current as a Dolly or Waylon, Snow is a distinct stylist who takes meticulous care with his recordings.

He is also one of the finest acoustic guitar players in country music. The LP is well-produced and contains some of the most creative material heard in some time. Prepare to laugh when this record hits the turntable. Jeff Forrest is retained as treasurer. The very healthy attendance at the recent AGM is ex- tremely encouraging for the new com- mittee and its officers. The committee con- sists of people I have been happy to work with over the past months, there are also some interesting new faces and the wel- come return of people such as Ann Dex and Tony Byworth, both of whom have known revious frustrations of the CMA GB.

Isaac, who previously recorded for Gusto Records, has performed with such groups as the Boxtops and the Plague with Johnny and Edgar Winter. Sweat played with the Johnny Winter Group for years and recently went on his own. A pop performer from Washington D. Franklin's first release was produced by Bi! VornDick for South Breeze Produc- tions. That is how I regard him. He is more than a producer.

But, said Rodriguez, this album is very special. That can only happen when the artist and producer really communicate. Billy and I do. The proof is in the record," Rodriguez said.

Johnny has come a long way since the day a Texas Ranger arrested him for goatnapping and barbecuing said goat. The Center is a private non-profit organization seeking funds to construct a new facility in Corpus Christi. Once completed, it will provide a wide variety of recreational, educational, growth potential and life-enrichment experiences for multi-handicapped children and adults.

Hall, the Hagers and Ralph Emery; professional football greats Earl Campbell and Walt Gar- r rison; and rodeo star Larry Mahon are among the numerous Johnny Rodriguez celebrities who will perform at the marathon, a. Zell Miller. Country is really a state of mind. Just over a decade ago, there were maybe a dozen artists who had cornered the country market and everything they recorded sold well. But the pendulum has swung from the name to the material and to- day the market is much larger.

The spots deal with the Navy's delayed entry program. A veteran of various Nashville piano bars, Gibb is garnering more recognition for his writing. Tree writers Rock Killough opened the show. Speaking of Tree, it sponsored an old-fashioned guitar pull in honor of visiting Texas athletic director Darrell Royal. For the first time in its five year history, Soundstage, the one-hour PBS musical variety show, aired its weekly show live, obtaining pick-up on more than PBS stations.

The Feb. Produced by Ken Ehrlich, Soundstage has over the past five years developed into one of the most prestigious showcase slots for performing artists.

Merle Kilgore, renowned songwriter-artist-actor, has just been signed to appear in the Loretta Lynn movie, "Coal Miner's Daughter" which will begin filming in the Nashville area in April. Merle has appeared in several movies recently, including the up- coming release " D. J which was also filmed in Nashville. Merle is currently touring with Hank Williams, Jr. Man- drel! Fifteen additional songs were honored by NSAI.

Louis March Festivities center around benefit perfor- mances they are giving for St. Louis Univer- sity Hospitals at 2 p. Louis sub- urb Bridgeton before they embarked on a recording career in Nashville. Royce worked as a barber in St. It was at this point Royce and Jeannie decided to devote their full energies to the entertainment business. Baber and John W. Board Elected NSAI executive director Maggie Cavender introduced the newly elected board members and officers, who had been elected at a special membership meeting on Friday.

Both concerts will be filmed in their entirety for an upcoming Kenny Rogers television special. Rogers had his first hit at the tender age of 1 9 with the song "Crazy Feeling. The seminar will get underway Friday morning, March 9, at a. This means no handouts, hospitality rooms, or any other activities involving the marketing or promotion of specific products while official seminar meetings and functions are in progress. See you Thursday at the seminar. Participants included the governor, the mayors of Albany and Schenectady and the bishop of the diocese of Albany.

Many radio and television personalities from the area donated their time to help raise funds for the vocational training and rehabilitation of the blind.

WTHU asked listeners to submit letters explaining why they should be cited as the top member of their audience. Bulter stated in herentrythatshe loved the station "through good times and bad — through bad jokes and good neighbor projects — through beautiful music and dead air. Anyone interested in the news position should call operations manager Dick Rippy at Box , Shallotte, N.

The phone number is Whetsel attended the University of Pittsburgh. The garage sale provided hours of haggling for bargain hunters and many unusual items for the curious spec- tator. In its third year, the sale has grown to in- clude organizations and commercial ex- hibitors, along with the average homemaker.

One of a kind sales have in- cluded two buses by the local Metro bus service and police cars from the In- dianapolis City Police Department, along with a large quantity of unclaimed bicycles.

While clothing and everyday household goods were the main staples, the city Fire Department did a brisk business selling an- tique brass fittings from old fire hoses, fire hydrants, now useful as doggie stop-overs, and antique fire engine headlamps. Funds raised from the sale of the Fire Department items were donated to the local Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The Indianapolis Art Museum sold old art manuals and the local library solicited memberships while selling second and third book copies. Station jocks broadcast up to the minute progress reports live from the radio booth while shoppers were treated to their favorite country music. Jim Maddox may soon be moving to Miami, Florida.

Louis star- ted in radio when he was Actually, Michaels got rolling in broadcasting years earlier when he built a radio station in his house, that went throughout his neighborhood, in Nor- folk, Va. Louis where he spent two years, left and came back for a five month period. Like many air personalities.

Michaels credits veteran air personality Scotty Andrews with helping him to get into the business. The album was originally being held back until the release of the movie, but now Paramount Pictures has decided to shelve the movie, so the album is now being released. Wonder recently retur- ned to the studio to remix the LP, so that it basically stands on its own, as opposed to being a soundtrack album. He also added three new songs. The entire tour was sold-out before the group left the states.

Johnson has a non-singing role in the film, which was released in England a few weeks ago. Pictures in the States. King will be touring extensively in the U. From Hilltak, disco group Broadway will have its first effort for the label released. Source Records will release debut LP on its newly signed group called Smash.

Superman Peer Int. Stewart, 15 To 8 — P. Hyman, IS To 5 — A. Benson, Ex To 34 — Foxy. Lakeside, Tavares, D. The concert will be held in Atlanta and the lucky pair will spend a free night at the Omni Hotel.

Tower, Campbell reporting in-stores by Rainbow. The Halloween-day Molly Hatchet in-store at verture. Milwaukee was successful with several hundred patrons attending. Making a heavy chart debut this week, this track should establish Petty and crew as a solid pod singles group. Retailers, this comes in a picture sleeve with a great unreleased B-side.

Bowling, B E. Already receiving heavy pop adds and entering the charts this week with the highest debut, it will also be a big crossover record and a heavy sales item. Jeffries, G. Leao singer, writer Michael Jeffries receives excep- tional vocal assistance from Cheryl Lynn on a vocal duet and harmonies. Solberg, D. Santana, A. Ligertwood, A. Another shift for San- tana, but most appealing for T op A bright, snappy horn section punches up the rumbling, building beat while Gomm cranks out the vocals with pure pop flair.

A choice number for AOR and pop lists. Womack, S. Southern-fried rocker should garner heavy AOR, pop interest. Gaudio, B. Anka Mathieu, a top-selling international recording artist, applies her high, quivering vocals to this Paul Anka num- ber, which he also produced, and the results are a stunn- ing ballad that is only slightly marred by her faint accent. She delivers the chorus with the power of a Streisand. Scott, S. Wolfe Welsh Ms. AOR and pop should check into this one.

Whitehead, G. McFadden, J. Gordy Jr. Bradford Virgin's ad copy for this Top 5 U. Sklerov, P. The building crescendoes should be familiar to most by now, but his vocal reading is warm and heartfelt. Also fine for pop play.

Offbeat electronics are the only variation from the insis- tent, agressive tone of the song. Faragher, T. Faragher D. Faragher, V. Handclaps meld with the roiling drum work, wirey guitars leading to a Knackish hook.

Pop programmers, check this out. Williams, Jr. Layered harmonies make this adaptable to pop formats. Locked in a professional life and death struggle with Charles Laquidara of the same station a recent Boston Globe Reader's Poll showed Laquidara as the favorite local personality and Glasscock a strong 3 in that category , Glasscock neld a press conference Nov.

Reels are available in mono or stereo. In addition, the firm offers a Christmas package of seasonal songs and traditional Christmas music. Budd Clain, general manager of the company said the library was expanded for those stations with a small record library who wanted to do a decade wrap-up at the end of the year.

The package of ten three-minute features weekly will spotlight the seers and scientists who will create the world of the future, i. NPML was founded to give recording studios, ad agencies, TV and radio stations, audio visual departments and cable TV companies a contemporary source of background music for their production efforts.

The From Studio B Company is currently releasing the first three features in its new on going syndicated series called "The Station Gang," a radio comedy series. Each feature can stand on its own, however all of the features have a continuing theme; the central character is either a station ex- ecutive or on-air personnel at the station. For further information, call toll free at Pictured are: l-r Steve Buckley. Capitol promotion manager.

Barbara : McGee, contest winner ; and James Thomas. Watermark, Inc. Prior to his appoint- ment, Davison had been with Golden West Radio for the past nine years. Watermark provides programming on a weekly basis for over stations world- wide.

Kingsley has been the producer of the internationally aired show heard in countries around the world since TM Pres. He has agreed to become a consultant for the com- panies. Patrick S. Not Novelty However, Robinson disputed this view- point.

Kids rap over records all the time, and it's done at discos. I think it's a way for people to escape. You may say its nonsense but its not really. Lauder- dale, Fla. People in the streets have never gotten away from it. And when somebody put it out commercially, it was a natural to be a hit. WBCN, C Molly Hatchet, Foghat, Pat Benatar. Gamma, Kenny Loggins, Foreigner. Fleetwood Mac. Bob Dylan, Eagles. Styx, Eagles. Bob Dylan. Jethro Tull, Cheap Trick.

Blondie, Fleetwood Mac. Boomtown Rats. Fabulous Poodles. Foghat, Steve Forbert. T oto. Eagles, Led Zeppelin, CheapTrick. Alan Parsons. Kenny Loggins.

Bonnie Raitt. Peter Green, Richard Lloyd. Pat Metheny, Now, Tanya Tucker. Cheap Trick, Boomtown Rats. Eagles, Bonnie Raitt. Fabulous Poodles, Karla Bonoff. ZZ Top. Styx, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young. Tom Petty, Alan Parsons. Cheap Trick. Cars, Bob Dylan. Michael Stanley, Jimmy Buffett. D Souther, Jethro Tull. Led Zeppelin, Neil Young. Styx, Tom Petty. Stevie Wonder. April Wine.

Boomtown Rats, Larry Coryell. Fleetwood Mac, Eagles. Pablo Cruise. Little River Band, Journey, Santana. Bob James. Jimmy Buffett. April Wine, Inmates. Foreigner, Eagles. Cars, T oto. Fabulous Poodles, Outlaws. Karla Bonoff, Kenny Loggins. Steve Martin Bob Dylan. Jethro Tull. Jimmy Messina.

Styx, Fleetwood Mac. ZZ Top Larry Coryell. Talking Heads. Stevie Wonder, JormaKau konen. Police, Fleetwood Mac. Boomtown Rats, Kenny Loggins. Steve Forbert. Richard Lloyd. Tom Petty, Blondie, Supertramp. Boomtown Rats, Head East. Fabulous Poodles, Tanya Tucker.

Tom Petty. Jethro Tull, Blondie, Styx. Cheap Trick, Police, Joe Jackson. Fabulous Poodles, Toto. Stevie Wonder, Sheiks ELP, Racey Head East. Tom Scott, Tony Banks.

Joe Jackson. Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty. Simms Bros.. Eagles, Foreigner, Cheap Trick. Blue Steel, Foghat, Knack. Sammy Hagar. Bad Co.. New dimensions in guitarism, on Jet Records and Tapes. Sam Music Ltd. Distributed by CBS Records. Poco, Gary Moore, Cindy Bullens. Molly Hatchet. Tom Johnston. T om Petty. Santana, Foreigner. Souther, Joe Jackson. Catfish Hodge. Alda Reserve. Most Added 1 2. Most Active 1. Almost everybody admits digital recording will someday be the ideal way to make records.

With a Sony PCM system, you can stop waiting for that someday to happen. And start recording now. So instead of dwelling on how digital can improve the sound of your recordings, we'd rather dwell on how Sony— and only Sony— has finally made digital performance live up to its promise.

Consequently, the dynamic range of the two track PCM is greater than 90dB. Frequency response is 20 to 20kHz. The total harmonic distortion of the PCM is inaudible over the entire audio spectrum.

There is no measurable wow and flutter. And considering that Sony video recorders are virtually immune to this problem in the first place, the chances of it plaguing your sessions are all but negligible.

Because digital quality doesn't deteriorate from one tape generation to another, the PCM lets you make generation after generation of lac- quers, all with direct-to-disc quality— but without any limitation on the number of lacquers you can press. Unlike other digital equipment, the PCM is actually available for delivery today. Not six months from now. Or "when we finally get all the bugs out. Besides the quality and reliability Sony equip- ment is legendary for, we've set up a hour digital hot line to service our customers.

And we intend to continue our exhaustive research in digital audio— and share future insights with the growing Sony digital family. You may think you've heard a lot about digital in the past. Hook, 20 To 17 — J. Manilow, 5 To 3 — B. Holmes, Ex To 26 — J. Wonder, 22 To18 — S. Richard, ExTo 25 — R. Joli,21To17 — M. Murray, 12 To 9 — J. Souther, 13 To 8 — K. ADDS: S. Souther, 29 To 26 — K.

Manilow, 12To10 — F. Murray, 7 To 2 — B, Streisand 8 D. Summer, Ex To 30 — I. Parsons Project, 16 To 13 — K. Joli, Ex To 27 — C. Richard, Ex To 26 — Cars. ADDS: 28 — B. Streisand 8 D Summer, M. Manchester, J. Cougar, R. Coolidge, Buggies. Souther, 17To10 — K. Manilow, 10 To 7 — B. Streisand 8 D. Cougar, Ex To 29 — S. Wonder, Ex To 28 — L.

Wood, Ex To 27 — A. ADDS: K. Rogers, S. Robinson, Kool 8 Gang, Foghat. Gayle, 26 To 21 — C. Souther, 15To12 — K. Holmes, 31 — Captain 8 Tennille, 32 — Blackfoot, Foghat. Richard, 29 To 22 — A. Murray, 28 To 21 — Supertramp, 23 To 20 — C. Thompson, 24 To 15 — J. Manilow, 12 To 5 — B. Robinson, 29 — R. Holmes, 30 — Captain 8 Tennille. Jackson, 16 To 13 — Styx, 21 To 9 — B. Summer, 5 To 3 — D. D Souther. Summer, Ex To 30 — C. Richard, Ex To 29 — S.

ADDS: J. D Souther, S. Robinson, T. DeSario, K. Loggins, H Alpert. Manilow, 1 5 To 6 — Styx, 10To4 — B. Summer, 4 To 2 — Commodores. ExTo26 — R. Holmes, Ex To25 — J. ExTo22 — S. Wonder, Ex To21 — K. Rogers, Captain 8 Tennille, S. Parsons Project. Wood, 26 To 19 — Triumph, 22 To 17 — J.

Souther, 21 To 16 — A. Hook, 24To21 — Buggies, 18To14 — K. Johnson, Ex To 23 — Kool 8 Gang. Gayle, T. Petty, A, Parsons Project. Thompson, 31 To 28 — C. Richard, 33 To 25 — Buggies, 30 To 23 — K. Hook, B. Souther, 18To12 — Supertramp, 14To10 — B. Manilow, 13 To 8 — K. SSunshineBand, 12To7 — B. Summer, 8 To 6 — D.

ADD: 25 — R. Thompson, 29 To 26 — S. Wonder, 28 To 25 — J. Souther, 24 To 21 — C. Manilow, 13To8 — R. Jackson, S. Robinson, Jefferson Starship. Wonder, 30 To 25 — C.

Gayle, 38 To 24 — J. Summer, 17To13 — J. Buffett, 12 To 9 — M. Johnson, 9To6 — K. ADDS: D. Rogers, F. Richard, 25 To 19 — T. Curry, 14To 10 — Journey, 10To7 — B. Manilow, 7 To 5 — Commodores, 6 To 2 — Styx. Holmes, 27To 24 — M. Murray, 22 To 15 — J. Souther, 20 To 14 — Blondie, 18 To Dr. Hook, 17 To 10 — B. Hayes, Ex To 3 — T.

Johnston, Ex To 32 — J. ADDS: T. Petty, Foreigner, Shoes, K. Loggins, 26 To 23 — Dr. Johnston, 22 To 18 — C. Thompson, 21 To 17 — D. Milsap, 14 To 1 1 — B. Manilow, 13 To 8 — B. Manchester, 28 To 23— M. Jackson, 26 Ti ' 22 — B. Summer, 8 To 6 — L. Wood, 14 To 5 — R. Holmes, 6 To 4 — K. ADDS: 26 — S.

Robinson, 27 — Supertramp, 29 — 1. Furay, T, Johnston, S. Wonder, 29 To 25 — M. Loggins, 16To7 — R. Holmes, 8To5 — R. Furay, Ex To 30 — A. Robinson, 24 To 19 — R. Furay, 23 To 18 — Dr. Hook, 20 To 15 — R. Summer "Radio. Jackson, 26 To 19 — C. Summer, 5 To 3 — Styx. Holmes, Ex To 29 — S. Rogers j Foreigner. Mills, 22 To 15 — R. Holmes, 19 To 13 — A. Murray, 7 To 5 — C. Richard, Ex To 20 — ' Hayes. Alpert, R Furay, Buggies. Martin, 32 To 27 — Blackfoot, 31 To 26 — S.

Robinson, 30 To 24 — I. Hayes, 29 To 23 — Supertramp, 25 To 19 — Dr. Souther, 19To9 — R. Holmes, 15To7 — K. Richard, 38 To 32 — Cars, 36 To 31 — N. Lowe, 39 To 30 — S. Wonder, 34 To 29 — M.

Quatro, Ex To 35 — Foreigner. ADDS: R. Holmes, 24 To 18 — J. Robinson, 34 To 30 — C. Carter, 32 To 29— R. Furay, 31 To 1 28 — K. Holmes, 15 To 12 — Supertramp, 1 4 To 1 1 — C. Gayle, 12 To 10 — M. Johnson, 13 : T 08 — M. Nightingale, 1 1 To 7 — J. Souther, 10 To 6 — B Streisand 8 D.

Coolidge, Ex To 32 — F. Mills, Ex To 26 — M Jackson. De Sario. Holmes, 24 To 17 — F. Mills, 17 To 14 — M. ADDS: 15 — S. ADDS: Cars. Manilow, 18 To 15 — L. Wood, 21To12 — K. Souther, 37 — Supertramp, 38 — R. Holmes, 39 — S. Petty, S. Loggins, 27 To 24 — C. Richard, 28 To 23 — S. Milsap, 21 To 17 — M. Manchester, 19 To 16 — S. Manilow, 14 To 1 1 — L. Wood, 20 To 10 — R. Holmes, 10 To 8 — C. ADDS: 27 — M. Jackson, 28 — I.

Hayes, 29 — K. Rogers, Hal! Wonder, 29 To 26 — T. DeSario, 28 To 25 — S. ADDS: 30 — J. Souther, 35 — SugarHillGang, 36 — C. Thompson, 37 — Blondie, 38 — B. Mills, 14 To 9 — C. Thompson, 16 To 8 — B. Summer, 10To7 — B. Manilow, 11 To 5 — I. Hayes, 5 To 3 — C. Gayle, Ex To 30 — S. Loggins, Ex To 27 — Foreigner. Ex To 26 — R Coolidge.

Thompson, 20 To 16 — Supertramp, 22 To 1 5 — R. Holmes, 19 To 14 — J. Souther, 15To10 — B. Rogers, Ex To 30 — I. Hayes, Ex To 27 — M.

Jackson, Ex To 25 — S. Gayle, 18 To 15 — I. Hayes, 20 To 12 — B. Hook, R. Furay, , Robinson, Pablo Cruise. Loggins, 18 To 15 — C. Jackson, Ex To 23 — R. Mills, 15 To 10— D. Summer, 9 To 7 — B. ADDS: 29 — S. Robinson, 30 — C. Richard, 31 — M. Johnson, 17 To 6 — B. Summer, 9 To 5 — J. Warnes, Ex To 30 — R. Furay, Foreigner. Gayle, 20 To 14 — A. Johnson, Ex To 35 — M. Jackson, oreigner, M. MD -1 — Styx. Coolidge, 44 To 38 — Blackfoot, 50 To 35 — T.

Bonoff, 34 I o 28 — N. Lowe, 30 To 25 Sports' 27 To 23 — R. Little River Band, 31 To 20 — J. ADDS: B. Raitt, J. Cougar, Pages, I. Gomm, E. Summer, 23 To 6— B. Manilow, 6To4 - K. Hook, C. Gayle, C. Thompson, L. Wood, J. Gayle, 29 To 25 — Dr. Hook, 28 To 23 — S. Wonder, 26 To 22 - E. John, 25 To 19 — R. Souther, 19 To 1 4 — L. Wood, 17 To 12 — Commodores, 14To10 — B. Manilow, 12To9 — A. Murray, 10 ro 7 — Eagles, 8 To 6 — M. Johnson, Ex To 30— K.

Richard, Ex ro 27 — Supertramp. Parsons Project, R. ADDS: 24 — I. Gomm, 25 — Triumph, 27 — ELO. Souther, 1 4 To 9 — B. Summer, 9 To 7 — Dommodores, 7 To 4 — B. Manilow, 5 To 3 —A. ADDS: 23 — R. Holmes, 24 — Captain 8 Fennille, 25 — C.

Richard, R. Richard, Ex To 28 — S. Wonder, Ex r 0 27 — M. Jackson, Ex To 25 — J. Petty, Police, Kool 8 Gang, C. Thompson, I. Hayes, Foghat. Robinson, 32 To 28— B. Richard, Ex To 39 — M. Milsap, Ex To 36 — J. Hook, J. Souther, M.

Jackson, A. Loggins, 40 To 34 — I. Hayes, 37 To 33 — R. Hook, 28 To 22 — J. Wood, 24 To 16 — S. Robinson, 18 To 15 — B. Gayle, M. Jackson, F. Mills, A. Richard, 22 To 19 — C. Gayle, 21 To 18 — L. Wood, 20 To 17 — J. Souther, 26 To 16 — B. Manilow, 1 1 To 8 — Eagles, 9 To 4 — R. Dylan, Ex To 29 — C.

Thompson, Ex To 28 — Supertramp. Hook, Foreigner, K. Hayes, 32 To 28 — A. Summer, 15 To 10 — J. Souther, 9 To 7 — B. Manilow, 1 0 To 6 — Foreigner, 7 To 5 — Supertramp. ADDS: 31 A. Murray, 34 — Kool 8 Gang, 36 — K. Rogers, 37 — T. Petty, 38 — S. Souther, 10 To 8 — Supertramp, 13 To 7 — B. Manilow, 8 To 3 — Commodores.

ADDS: 21 — C. Thompson, 28 — Pablo Cruise. Parsons Project, 25 To 22 — C. Richard, 23 To 18 — J. Souther, 19 To 16 — Blondie, 9 To 5 — F. Manchester, Ex To 19 — Kool 8 Gang. Warwick, K. Buffett, 30 To 24 — I. Hayes, 27 To 23 — Niteflyte, 34 To 22 — C. Richard 26 To 20— B. Manilow, 29 To 18 — J. Souther, 20 To 17 — L. Wood, 21 To 15 — C. Robinson, 19 To 12 — R. Holmes, 12 To 10 — M. Johnson, 10 To 7 — A. Murray, 17 To 4 — B. Summer, 6T o 3 — K. Cougar, Blondie, C.

Thompson, Foreigner. Wood, 29 To 23 — A. Murray, 26 To 21 — J. Manilow, 9 To 7 — B. Summer, 7 To 3 — Commodores. Cougar, Foreigner, K. Loggins, S. Rogers, 12 To 7 — Knack. Wonder, 27 To 24 — C. Richard, 26 To 21 — Supertramp, 21 To 17 — J. Souther, 15 To 1 1 — B. Manilow, 13 To 9 — B. ADDS: 29 — R. Summer, Ex To 30 — J.

ADDS: 23 — S. Parsons Project, 20 To 14 — J. Murray, 7 To 5 — Commodores, 4 To 2 — K. Ex To 19 — England Dan 8 J. Coley, Ex To 17 — C. Mandrell, Natures Divine. Johnson, 21 To 14 — J. D Souther, 23 To 1 1 — C. Summer, 4 To 2 — Eagles. ADDS: 24 — K. C 8 Sunshine Band, S. Robinson, R. D Souther, 22 To 18 — C. Manilow, 1 1 To 8 — D. Summer, 8 To 5 — B. Streisand 8 D Summer.

Hook, 39 — Foreigner, 40 — K. Souther, 13 To 6 — Styx, 14 To 5— B. Summer, 9 To 3 — Commodores. Buffett, 25 — C Richard. Souther, Ex To 13 — R Holmes. ADDS: 21 — M. Jackson, 30 — D. Loggins, ABBA.

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