Smack Ya Face - DJ AFROCUT - Murder On The Floor (Cassette)

Guns And Horses 2. Starry Eyed 3. Under The Sheets 5. The Writer 6. Every Time You Go. Wish I Stayed 2. Your Biggest Mistake 3. I'll Hold My Breath 4. Salt Skin 5. Lights Single Version 6. Little Dreams 2. Home 3. Animal 4. Believe Me 5. Your Song 6. Lights - Fear Of Tigers Remix 3. Salt Skin - Alex Metric Remix 4. Exclusive RSD release limited to copies with etching on "B" side. This is an often bootlegged recording from a tour which was considered one of their best.

The band consisted of Jeffrey Lee Pierce. This recording has been digitally remastered. All-analog mastering from the original tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio, pressed on gram black vinyl and housed in a single tip-on jacket. My Eyes Are Getting Heavy 2. Dynaflow 3. Ain't Feeling Too Bad 4. Silver Ghost 5. Skid Road Runner. Lucanna 2. We're Gonna Burn Together 3. Somebody Got The Blues 4. How Can You Win 5.

Jalacy J. As a young man, he played piano, boxed in local championships and learned opera at the Ohio Conservatory of Music. His most notable chart-topper was the boozy, raucous hit ''I Put A Spell On You,'' which was banned by many radio stations for its suggestive groans and grunts.

All things considered, Screamin' Jay Hawkins is considered one of the earliest pioneers of what would become shock rock. With a killer backing band featuring the great Earl Palmer on drums for most of the cuts and Herb Ellis guesting on a few. From the album notes- ''Producer's Note: This album was recorded live at the Club Amigo in North Hollywood on June 23rd and 24th, Nineteen Hundred and Yesteryear, and is dedicated to President Nixon, whose efforts to recapture the era of the early 50's do not pass unnoticed.

Jay would have liked that. What That Is! Feast of the Mau Mau A3. Do You Really Love Me? Stone Crazy A5. I Love You A6. Constipation Blues B1. I'm Lonely B2. Thing Called Woman B3. I'm Your Man B5. Ask Him B6. Recorded in , Hawkins' fourth album finds the artist at a point of transition. Luckily for us, Jay only tones down the yelling and the crooning and the grunting and the groaning marginally.

The tracks here are every bit as wild as you would hope and a bit more mature note: a very little bit. Please Don't Leave Me A2. I Wanta Know A3. I Need You A4. My Marion A5. Bite It A6. Move Me B1. Good Night My Love B2. Ain't Nobody's Business B4. Take Me Back B5. So Long. RSD exclusive 7" single for the new song "Hurricane" previously unreleased in any format and "Disappearer" first time available physically, previously only available as a digital single.

Both songs were recorded during the sessions for the band's debut LP Hot Dish which is in record stores now. With new artwork by Experience Hendrix. Pressed on red and yellow splattered vinyl. The bonus track on this RSD release has never been on vinyl before.

SIDE 1: 1. Material Real Bonus Track 4. Limited to copies wordwide. Side 1 1. Look Away. Side C 1. Only Wanna Be With You. Side D 1. Love The One You're With. Busted In Baylor County 3. Some Rowdy Women 4. Manifesto No. Bad Magick 7. Steady At The Wheel 8. Southern Comfort 9. Little White Lines With his latest EP, Cover Your Tracks, Lund expands on his Western heritage by wearing his more popular and prominent influences on his sleeve. Featuring the likes of Ian Tyson and Hayes Carll, Cover Your Tracks is a focused and deliberate collection of classic and unexpected songs, curated by Corb.

These Boots Are Made for Walkin' 2. The Cover of the Rolling Stone feat. Hayes Carll 3. They're Hanging Me Tonight 4. Outlaw Man 5. Ride On feat. Ian Tyson 6. Seven Spanish Angels 7. I Shall Be Released. One of the greatest solo debuts in rock history, Paul McCartney's McCartney, will receive a special 50th anniversary release in a limited-edition half-speed mastered vinyl pressing for Record Store Day.

Writing every song and playing every instrument with backing vocals from Linda McCartney , the eponymous album represented a creative rebirth, bursting with new ideas, experiments, playfulness and freedom. Sonically, McCartney's bare-bones home recording aesthetic imbued the album with an authentic lo-fi spirit, a much sought after sound that continues to retain a contemporary edge 50 years on. The 50th anniversary Record Store Day limited edition of McCartney was pressed from a master cut by Miles Showell at half speed using the original master tapes at Abbey Road Studios.

It was made as a vinyl specific transfer in high resolution and without digital peak limiting for the best possible reproduction. They were, in her words, spoken during the concert, "my very, very favorite band. The original reels were saved from decay in and now, restored and mixed for the first time, the music and magic from that night are a must for every record collection.

Face Two: All songs written and performed by Melanie Safka 6. Part of the point of the tour was to give Chuck a chance to revisit his past, in Cement, VUA, and even some stuff he wrote way back in the day.

This release has a mix of those, along with one brand new song, Blue Heart, which he wrote a few months before passing. Quality recordings are scarce and others were sabotaged by off-time clapping, buzzing old amps, and endless stage banter. A Side 1. Sophie Live in Manchester 2. Blue Heart Live in Knoxville 3. Come Around Live in Huntsville 4.

Song 2 Live in Huntsville B Side 1. Nameless Live in Manchester 2. Tractor Live in London 3. Bella Donna Live in London 4. Bob Forest Live in London 5. C to G Douglas' unapproved hidden track. Nasir "Nas" Jones' record Stillmatic was considered a major comeback for the 90s rap icon. It signaled a return to the gritty, urban chaos of his acclaimed debut album, after releasing record after record of gradually more mainstream material, and Nas' return to prominence in the highest echelons of hip-hop.

In spite of this newfound critical clout, Stillmatic's release did nothing to squash his then ongoing feud with fellow New Yorker Jay-Z, who had gone so far as to challenge Nas to a pay-per-view rap battle, a challenge Nas rejected, stating "If Jay-Z wants to battle, he should drop his album the same day I do and let the people decide.

Nas fans never would get the no-holds barred lyrical battle with Jay-Z many had speculated. What they got instead was one of Nas' most personal and introspective releases to date in Not long after Stillmatic's release, Nas spent much of his time away from the limelight to tend to his ill mother, who would pass on from breast cancer in His experiences with his mother's mortality as well as the fallout of his feud with Jay-Z, who continued to produce diss tracks as Nas tended to his mother, would inspire much of the lyrical material on his next record.

God's Son was released in December of , and like Stillmatic before it, was subject to major critical acclaim. On God's Son, Nas effectively took the battle-hardened demeanor he had cultivated and tore it down across 14 tracks that were emotionally insular, though still dusted in urban grit, and still finding time to shoot back at Jay-Z's potshots on tracks like "Last Real Nigga Alive" and "Mastermind.

God's Son has been out of print on vinyl since its initial release, but Get On Down is excited to bring you this deluxe LP package for Record Store Day , remastered from its original audio and pressed on exclusive colored vinyl!

B Side 1. Zone Out feat. Hey Nas feat. I Can. C Side 1. Thugz Mansion N. Warrior Song feat. Alicia Keys. Mannequin Records celebrates 40 years of Nocturnal Emissions with a white vinyl reissue of their first album, Tissue Of Lies, originally released on the band's own Sterile Records label in The Nocturnal Emissions project, masterminded by Nigel Ayers, has been on the cutting edge of new music since the s.

Ayers has been described as a Guerrilla Sign Ontologist, cutting-up and pasting the contents of the human psyche. With a background in avant-garde art, his work has grown from audio visual installations through underground video works which changed the shape of British television. In the early '80s, Nocturnal Emissions hit London with a barrage of seminal funk pioneering the use of sound samplers, multi-cultural collage and electronic noise. They became a shape shifting chameleon lightening the darkness of post-industrial music, combining extremist performance art and video displays with apocalyptic beat music.

Nocturnal Emissions have since been credited as a catalyst for a generation or two of sound workers. However, at the height of their success, the Emissions decided to shun the crass commercialism that had developed around them, and to develop their work as a secret alchemy. Nigel Ayers has continued to work with a strong underground of cult support, avoiding music industry fashions, and following his own creative path he concentrated on creating a strong sense of a wilderness identity through sound.

For both Life After Death and Born Again, this is the first time digitally remastered audio has been available on any physical release. This package includes biographical liner notes from veteran hip-hop journalist and author Kathy Iandoli and artwork by Grammy-winning artist Masaki Koike.

A truly special two-sided picture disc featuring imagery unavailable elsewhere - one side features the cover art, and the other, the Aureyal: a symbol representing the unity of the seven Gelfling Clans. The Aureyal presents itself in the visions of various important gelfling characters and is formally identified as "the sigil of great power" by skekGra the Heretic.

I wanted to create new sounds that felt like they came from the world itself, as well as using thematic large scale orchestral elements to bring an emotion to the journey of the characters. There are two Dark Crystal picture discs being released for Record Store Day, with completely different track listings.

Remember Your Oath — Samuel Sim 3. Song Of Thra — Daniel Pemberton 5. The Skeksis Arrive — Samuel Sim 6. Outcast — Daniel Pemberton 7. An Old Story — Daniel Pemberton 2. He also hosts the everlasting podcast," Big O and Dukes" since , boasting more than 50 Million downloads.

From there, they decided to write their own material in the same spirit. They made only hard copies of CD and Tapes and sold them out within the first weekend. This limited edition record comes with a bonus track and skit not included on the CD or Streaming. Think Wheeler Walker Jr. Big Blue Wave 2. Look Behind The Banana 3. Interlude 1 4. Content is available under Attribution 3. WWF SmackDown! WWE SmackDown vs. ECW Hardcore Revolution.

Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2. Pro tip: if you go "rock" in the next round, you will beat that pair of scissors. I've had three copies of Archipelago "borrowed" forever, and felt like I got a good deal on all of them. Plays 8 track and reel to reel of which I still have some that work.

The next person to hear, "Theodore Roosevelt, arriving", is going to be in for a bad time. Probably the Carrier Squadron exec, or the Pac Fleet deputy type commander. Was decent. It was the vertical grilling cage-thinggys that were unique, I thought.

Is it because they're out of work and can't afford a bag of cat food? They have a pickle festival. It is pickle city usa but really not a city. I always have trouble getting my foot up to the steering column to hit the switch. I thought it was a tawny port. Then i looked closer and of course it was. And I don't think era of promotion really has anything to do with the Roosevelt situation.

A cheering crew is nice but utterly immaterial to the case. He wasn't relieved because he was unpopular. Know I have been hard on you at times, but it was because I cared. Good on you! Shame on those pet "owners. It has brutal scenes of Communist repression. And that was surprisingly made in A woman posted on FB that she would be willing to not only shop for, but buy groceries for anybody who demonstrated a need.

She thought she would be contacted by elderly shut-ins, but she was put in touch with a man with 6 adopted special-needs children. The man's wife died 2 years ago from cancer and now he's raising all those kids by himself. He was having a hard time getting to the grocery store. She delivered shit ton of food to him and the kids and said she would continue doing it. Both she and the man are middle-aged. They didn't say if she was single or not, but I found myself hoping she and the man get together romantically eventually, since they both seem like such good people.

It's an odd date, June 10th. One would normally say the 1st, 15th, or 30th. Makes you wonder. I was making it on a 10" griddle but the dough was always chewy, With the comal thingy in the oven the crust comes out crispy. I am using the same bread dough recipe I use for bread too. Anecdote data. So, I see the break even point just that - unless we are losing ,00 per day to Kung Flu the nationwide lock down a hoax.

Thank you! Posted by: nerdygir See The Lives of Others. It's about a Stasi agent spying on some actors in East Germany. One of my personal top five movies. We are giving up all of our rights over what is increasingly looking like a hoax. Had one in my Mustang There were commercial 8-tracks where they had gone to the trouble of re-ordering the songs so they didn't have the track-change in the middle of a song.

But, of course, if you're used to the LP track order, that was almost more jarring than a mid-song click. Speaking of nostalgic tools Mom soon to join the Century club, God willing and the flu stays away has a bottle opener very familiar to all us kids - opened innumerable bottles of pop in the Olde Dayes. One end is the bottle cap opener, and the other end is My sisters have teased for many years which one of them is going to grab it when Mom moves on.

The teasing has been a bit serious at times. So, a while back, I went online and bought two of them. When the time comes, those two go in Mom's drawer. And I'm getting the old one. Mwah hah hhaaaa. The best is yet to come! Joe Kennedy Sr knew Rachel Maddow? They were produced at the Lordstown, Ohio plant built for that purpose that Trump wanted GM to re-open to make ventilators. Good for you!!! Posted by: Alberta Oil Peon at April 03, PM miJU3 Which leads us to an existential question that has never been properly answered or even debated, yet : is it better that one man should have a floor-mounted dimmer switch in his SS or that the entire world have a dimmer stalk in a '99 Ford Escort?

Pretty bleak choice, I think. If I remember correctly. Olive is in NC. She got stopped for driving in town with her brights on. Cops couldn't even figure it out. Took to the dealership to bitch and had to be shown where it was on the column. Krauts and Frogs are getting pissed at Trump. They were the ones who were buying the 3M masks. Some Kraut official just accused US of "piracy".

But I'll never forget our pompous ass of an English teacher going over it at the end of class. I enjoyed that book way, way too much for my own good.

But, this was 30 years ago. Oh, yeah! Before they went under. So no gym for at least another month. Hope they don't get too militant over it.

Hasn't worked out well for them the last two times. So then he propagandized in the opposite direction with the Killing Fields, and it got optioned for a Hollywood film and Schanberg got rich. Fuck that guy in particular. And despite the timing, that is definitely NOT something I would joke about! NE Way That balloon thingey I realize the joke wasn't that good, but the punishment seems a touch harsh. I remember liberal teachers having to explain the book was not about the Reagan era USA.

Context it a hell of a thing. People will read anything into anything without context. There is another book like that. Mt Olives and Vlasics are the two common brands now, along with the store brand. A couple of other brands that I grew up with are no longer around. Did not have diabetes or any other preexisting condition. Woke up feeling like shit the other day, needed an ambulance a few hours later, dead that evening.

His parents are having a hard time trying to get the body sent from NYC. No, not a hoax. No healthcare worker in my family and I have a brother working in ER tonight believes it's a hoax. Most will not die of it, but it hits some people - even some young healthy people- very hard, while barely causing the sniffles in others and nobody knows why.

My vet says that may be part of it for some folks, but for others, it has to do with having an infected person in the household, and other family members are either afraid to go out, or they just simply panic due to the general hysteria stoked by the MSM.

Afterward, many pet owners regretted having their pets put to sleep and blamed the gummint for starting the panic. But he was driving the PT boat. Really interesting information. For those of you who need it, here's a second monologue from the musical Chicago, for when you need 20 seconds while washing your hands :- "You know how people have these little habit to get you down Like Bernie.

Bernie liked to chew gum. No, not chew, POP. So this one day I come home and I am really irritated and looking for a little bit of sympathy, and there's Bernie, sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, and chewing.

And so I said to him I said, "Bernie, you pop that gum one more time! So I took the shotgun off the wall and I fired two warning shots. Into his head. The asscrack shot at is pretty hot. Posted by: RickZ Amazing that in a city that's majority nonwhite and majority socialist, every murderer was either a white evangelical or a white Republican CEO.

I own three. Well, two, actually, cause the 47 CJ2A doesn't have a high beam I think. The only car I've ever owned without a floor dimmer is my Range Rover. Let me point out in the pics of wiped out grocery shelves, in the canned goods section the ONE vegetable still well stocked was I rest my case. Congrats on the job btw. Do you think your new attitude had anything to do with it?

Course, again, the 47 Jeep doesn't have doors or windows. Posted by: Yudhishthira's Dice at April 03, PM II2Y0 All of that is indeed true, but still, I am amazed that Hollywood even showed a little bit of a depiction of what Communism was like, and that regime in particular. I saw "The Killing Fields" when I was fourteen and the scene where the protagonist makes his escape and winds up in what turns out to be a mass grave made quite the impression on me.

What also made an impression on me were the journalists all patting each other on the back at awards banquets and shows while Pol Pot was unleashing hell in Cambodia. The Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues. Mindbendingly perfect in every way. Curiouser and curiouser. But it's Hollywood. Posted by: DonnaV at April 03, PM d6Ksn It's possible that some peoples' genetic makeup makes them uniquely vulnerable to certain diseases, just like some folks can die of a single bee sting.

I'm one of those freaks that just never gets sick. With my luck it would be this shit. At least you know the product is from the USA. It is probably the same with vlassic but I doubt anything branded Mt. Olive is from anywhere else. I got some of these fresh pickles from Grillos pickles. I have to admit, they are damn good. Did I mention it also has a two-speed rear end? Even Hillary in yoga pants doesn't have one of those.

Posted by: Nevergiveup Launched a SM-6? I know, I know - you're a DDS. Basically a giant 8 track with a cassette player attached.

I'm talking about her intolerable character on SVU. I'll be ready to serve after the 2nd reheat. The broth undergoes a significant change, blending into a color much like a roux, vs. Believe me, it's worth waiting for that roux-effect to kick in. That's when all the flavors are fully realized. Two roast chicken carcasses and drippings. Simmer down for six hours, let cool, separate meat from bones n' cartilage. Season the broth before adding ingredients. Add the meat. I use it as a "seasoning", vs.

Good for bugs in your teeth. It was used to take the collected produce from the pickers or harvesters and take it to the cannery. Funny how a certain thing can bring back so many memories. Has to hold onto the sterring wheel and slide down the seat to reach the starter button on the floor.

I'd like to try that. I don't think things would have gone this way if the opportunity had come up months ago. When I went for a walk this afternoon, instead of driving directly to a park, I drove to my maternal grandparent's old home and walked around the neighborhood my mom grew up in, her old hs, their church and the park down the street from their house.

I seldom visit that neighborhood and when I do, I usually just drive though. It felt both satisfying and sad to walk down that street, which is the scene of some of my earliest memories, since my mom visited her parents a lot and grandma babysat us many times. The corner bakery grandma took us to to pick out doughnuts is now just a house, as is the old ice cream parlor where I remember eating mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The hall where my parents had their wedding reception is still there though - opened in A little stroll down memory lane Those things suck. Got a breather, back to toiling in the vineyards of disease and filth soon.

Case rate still accelerating here but the sense is overall of flattening, declining deaths, and now just down to the daily grind. Reduced admits, empty ICU beds, vents standing by. We Are America. We WILL survive. I do recall a funny Conan skit where they had an awards show only for Law and Order. There were so many Law and Order variations on at that time they had their own show called the Law and Ordies.

Airspeed probably plays a role in the volition thing, because a '46 with a doesn't have much airspeed. Life needs to get back to normal. And tired. The talking point it seems is elections will be suspended because of the WuHan Flu.

Posted by: Berserker-Dragonheads Division I'm not much in touch these days, and just checked to see if Bike Week was canceled, or not. Not cancelled. Almost all of these Hollyweird shows were made by leftists, but still they would be canceled and triggering today. Funny how that is. How did you know? There was simply no alternative at the time, if you wanted tunes in yer Chevy Van other than the radio that Was It.

Cassette tape came later, it was actually a dictation media and thought wholly unsuitable for music reproduction. They did manage to make it work really well. But prior to that, 8 Track was the Only Way, practically speaking.

Consistency is tough. And I tend towards trying to load a gazillion ingredients and lots of cheese. That doesn't work so well. I need to buy a paddle. I use a cardboard piece and lubed with cornmeal. The trick generally is to get the oven and pan screamin' hot, and slide the puppy in thar. It should only take several minutes. To me, the crust is almost the most the most important component of Good pizza.

It really is. That's what makes delivery chain stuff so disgusting. Shakey's of all people, used to understand this. Anybody remember them? Pretty fun to visit, they had an "old school" vibe and smelled wonderful on arrival.

Can you freeze it in bags? If I say so myself I am one of the Navy Experts in Order Writing so they purposely allowed me to retain all my access for things like this.

It was a complicated Order to write for people so it fell into my lap. Windshield wipers? You mean the swingy crank thing above the windshield you move back and forth with the hand not holding the can of Mountain Dew? I miss her very much.

The rained-out one, as it happens. Was just the right thing for lunch, as the roasted, whole pig wasn't ready till 'bout 5 pm or something like that.

No one starves at a Tx Mo Meet. Posted by: Common Tater Yes! And Farrell's. I guess you just lay down the windshield in the rain. I can't believe how many people are still using the drive-thrus. I mean, we're all deathly afraid of the Wuhu-flu, right? We're not. Can we get some? Then it started getting more and more woke. And of course the spin-offs They couldn't. TV had gone through an earlier phrase where all the villains ultimately were white corporate executives, and Hill Street Blues was a breakthrough because they had white cops and black cops, white criminals and black criminals, smart white people and smart black people, dumb white people and dumb black people, etc.

No way could you do that today - the SJW's would roast you alive. Jim, I recall your aversion to onion when we went to dinner. Jim Sounds pretty yummy. But around here, the half-life of a batch tends to preclude the necessity of freezage. Shakey's was never my fave but people loved it. They had cool video games but the pizza was just ok. Farrell's was the place to go for your birthday. I miss Pizza Inn for some reason.

I know. I miss my mom, too. Thing was built like a tank. What I wouldn't give for one more day with her! An all-you-can-eat pizza buffet and a teenager is a money-losing proposition for Shakey's from the get-go. I also liked their sauce as it had more spicy heat than most pizza joints at the time up through today. Shakey's was a fun place for teenagers on a date. Their root beer was pretty tasty, too. Bought it when she was 18 off the internet, 17 years ago.

A wreck. Frame is WWII, complete with machine-gun mount. Everything was replaced except for engine, body, and front diff. Hence, the use as a "seasoning". The direct pain felt inside my mouth when encountering especially a raw onion, can ruin my palate for days. As a kid, I tried every kind of onion ring under the sun, hoping again and again, to find a delight rather than the "9 volt battery" reaction to each nd every one. I don't think there is a deep fried food that smells quite so alluring as a fresh batch of onion rings.

I've learned my lesson, there. But the aroma, omg. Imagine you're feeling a bit light on your feet in spite of being a petri dish participant. We had last I checked. The White House model predicted deaths at its peak on April 15th. If deaths continue to double every 3 days, we are looking at 22k on April 15th. Trump formally notified the intelligence committees of both the Senate and House in a letter dated Friday that was obtained by Politico. Dude saw her coming.

Some mutations are more virulent but don't spread as easy. Some spread easy, but then are not as bad. Anyway, just a guess - I know nothing about the field. How many hands-on is that? Hi Slap! I loved the theme song still do! They won't even let us go outside to play anymore. But on a rough road, the semi-square 7.

The casting, sadly, was not terribly profound. Unfortunately, it is memorable for all of the wrong reasons. McGreavy comes off as a highly-caffeinated Sgt. But Gould is surprisingly unremarkable here, turning in a curiously flat and remote performance. Art Carney plays Morgens, an elderly, eccentric private investigator and collector of vintage clocks, who briefly allies with Moore.

Stevens would engage this low-rent private investigator through a listing in the Chicago Yellow Pages. The shooting schedule was drastically slashed by a third almost immediately. The cast and crew were challenged to wrap up production over an eight-week period.

So much of the plotting here is not so much improbable as it is outrageously illogical. The danger that Moore will soon find himself in is made apparent from the very first sequence of the film.

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