Latest news. Jul 28, Apr 24, Mrz 23, View More Posts. Faces of Folsom Europe. Our Team. Alain Rappsilber Board member, Chairman. Sylvio Jaskulke Board member, Gastronomy. Gunter Haake Board member, Administration. Sven Schindler Office Manager. Daniel International Contacts. Dieses Mal lag mein Fokus darauf, etwas Neues zu essen. Ich habe das Gericht mit einem scharfen Dip Gott, der war wirklich scharf O. Leider konnte ich nicht herausfinden, woraus er bestand. Jedenfalls war die Essensvielfalt wieder einmal beeindruckend.

Dieses Jahr fand ich die Preise extrem hoch. Den Beitrag auf Deutsch lesen? Another festival. In Germany there are still many demonstrations but also riots, that have to be stopped by the police, in town. So it is better to stay away from those places on May 1 rst.

Werder is a little town in Brandenburg and since it is more alike countryside, there are lots of fruit trees like cherry, peach, plum or apple trees. People do not only sell the fruits but also use them do get wine or fruits juice of it.

This year there was the The festival is a very big event, where also tourists from other parts of Germany or other countries come to. It is more a based in German culture as a spring folk festival with much commercial character. It was first announced by fruit wine growers from the area in and is now one of the biggest folk festivals in Germany like the October festival in Bavaria.

There are many stages, music of live performers and radio channels as well as a festival parade, a marathon and other sports activities.

Since Werder is close to the water Havel river with lake-shaped enlargements , there is also a regatta. Unfortunately most young people just go there to drink fruits wine and because you get drunk easily of it, the main festival evolves more and more to a drinking contest.

Police units line up the ways to the main street because there can happen attacks of drunk people or conflicts that end violently. Drunk Germans are often loud and rude, bawling and singing around like hooligans. Many private households open their gardens for visitors there to sell selfmade fruits wine, juice, cake and sandwiches or have a little stand on the street.

This part of the festival is more calm and peaceful. You can see many elderly people, sitting together around tables and talking, but the guests are also mixed from different age groups. Und noch ein Fest. Mai und ein offizieller Feiertag, der Tag der Arbeit. Weil man an diesem Tag nicht arbeiten geht, genau!

November als offiziellen Feiertag, an dem die Japaner der Arbeit der anderen gedenken sollen, obwohl dieser Tag einen anderen Ursprung, eher im Sinne eines Erntedankfestes, hat. Daher ist es besser, sich von solchen Orten fernzuhalten am 1. Dieses Jahr war das For me, this is one of the place that you can see many different people and different cultures, and still be able to make a new friend.

Most of the people here might look tough, but actually they are really friendly. All you need to do just simply say "hi". It also got couple leather shop and bar along the street. Although the drinks and food is bit more expensive, you will still have good time. Beside every leather stuff cheaper than usual. This is place for the people who has an open mind though. As long as you are one of them, doesn't matter which gender, how old you are, you will be welcome here.

One thing quite pity, that is even be said as one of the biggest gay fetish street fairs in Europe. Actually the whole Fair just in one street long. I do hope it will get bigger next year. Tour de table justice Heiko Maas Maas Heiko. Maas-van der SteurMBeek Reuven Rivlin at a meeting with Heiko Maas, March Secretary Pompeo participates in a walking tour of Modlareuth, Germany Beginn ist um Diesmal sollen Werke schwarzer Autorinnen und Autoren im Fokus stehen.

HIER geht's zur Veranstaltungsseite. Folgende allgemeine Auflagen gelten:. Corona hat auch uns, wie so vielen … More anderen, einen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht. Bleibt alle gesund und passt gut auf euch auf! Wir sehen uns hoffentlich in 2 Jahren wieder.

Seid gespannt auf das Wir freuen uns auf Euch! Sonst werden alle Programmpunkte wie geplant stattfinden!

May 21,  · Ein Filmbeitrag vom Straßenfest in Köln-Nippes -Neußer Str -.

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  1. 2 reviews of Folsom Straßenfest - Temp. CLOSED "My second time here, Very cool event. For some people who may not know what this is, I will do a quick explanation. this is the Street fair of the LGBT leather fetish community, One part of the 5/5(2).
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  5. Birlikte is the name and motto of a series of semi-annual rallies and corresponding cultural festivals against right-wing extremist violence in Germany, which first took place on 9 June in term "birlikte" is Turkish and means "together" (German: "zusammen.
  6. Straßenfest. 1 Reply. Subject Straßenfest; Context/ examples: Das Straßenfest findet alle vier Jahre statt. Author Katja 08 Dec 02, ; Sources.
  7. Posts about Straßenfest written by Currywurst & Kimono. Der Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin Das Pfingstwochenende ist vorbei und mit ihm der diesjährige Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin. Auch dieses Jahr war ich dabei und berichte euch nun, was es Neues und Bekanntes gab.
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