What Have You Done? - Wold* + Kearney* - Mordake (CD, Album)

By filing a claim to quiet title, Pal made it apparent the title was in question. By calling us squatters instead of tenants, they lost some claim to the property. So we took the ball and ran with it. We were just treading water until Pal got tired and agreed to sell. DiCaprio says judges have rejected documents for having dirt on them and refused to give fee waivers to people with no income. If you mix pro per and adverse possession, you could not have a more hostile environment against us. By fall , the two cut side deals with Pal.

By mid-February, Pal was ready to start renovations, and all but two of the squatters had moved out. They made their final plea and Pal gave his last compromise: two more weeks, then they had to go. Frank, who had been living in the house for seven months, was unhappy about the new arrivals. Two weeks after the new crew moved in, a fire was lit in the upper apartment that burned through the ceiling and the floor.

But who did it? No Gas No Worries! If not for the squatters, Pal might have been less affected by the subprime crisis than most property owners. But Pal faced a different threat. It seems likely he bought the house as an investment, and as the market crashed, he was stuck with a house he could neither renovate nor sell, and was left to watch its value tank as he slogged through court proceedings.

In March, median housing prices had fallen In April — for the seventh consecutive month — Bay Area home sales were at their lowest level in two decades, DataQuick reported. On the screen, Pal is sitting on a couch in the downstairs living room of Hellarity. Sternberg called the police, accusing Pal of trespassing. As they waited for the OPD to arrive, which took more than 25 minutes, they discuss their conflict over the house.

And how did they get it? They took it And you know what? Because you know what? I need to have it. One to one. Man to man. The new group of squatters expected to see him Feb. Frank says Pal called him while he was at work that afternoon to make sure they were gone. But someone was committed to preventing that from happening. The night after the people upstairs moved out, at around a. Officer Vincent Chen found two used matches in the bathroom, where the wood around the sink had been burned, and a gas can hidden in the bushes on the east side of the house.

The one point of view everyone seems to share is that Hellarity has long been a tinderbox of contention, in which property owners struggling in a beleaguered housing market faced off against a group of people who reject the market outright for its inaccessibility to low-income people.

Eventually, it all — literally — burst into flames. Because bosses, landlords, and capitalists suck, the house has lots of repairs that need to be done before it becomes fully livable. This guy [Pal] has been in court with us for three years. Although if you think about it, one fear really should cancel out the other one.

Now, however, this law could make it easy for Brits to advance their medicine far faster than people in the supposedly high-tech and super- advanced United States.

You see, these scary hybrids could become stem cell goldmines. One of the barriers to getting stem cells for research is that they only come from human embryos, and human embryos come from human women. And we can even get that egg to start dividing as if it were an embryo, creating a bunch of human stem cells. Will these embryos create viable stem cells to treat all those nasty human diseases?

Or will they just be duds that act too much like cow cells to be usable by humans? Indeed, one of the most anticipated sci-fi horror movies for next year is Splice , which is about a pair of rock star geneticists who create a human- animal hybrid. Of course the hybrid happens to be a deadly, exotic-looking woman with wings and a tail and a super-hot body.

Early images released from the production show her naked, with her animal parts looking sexy and dangerous. But creating something like the sexy Splice lady is not only beyond the reach of current science, it is also illegal under the proposed UK law.

The hybrid clones will only be permitted to develop for about two weeks, which is the time required to create stem cells. After that, they must be destroyed. Ian Ferguson p. With a strong hip-hop and electronic scene, Oakland no doubt reps some diamond-in-the-rough producers.

The pre-produced format of the battle might unwittingly discover the next Timbaland in a computer junkie who chose GarageBand over World of Warcraft.

Ferguson p. Cheryl Eddy With Daylight Dies 9 p. Los Angeles groove band Orgone learned the ropes more quickly, graduating from stage-and-studio ensemble to album-producing headline act since it came on the scene in The gritty sweet voice of lead singer Fanny Franklin unifies the varied sounds of overdriven funk-rock guitar, New Orleans organ groove, Tower of Power horn lines, and Los Angeles border spice into a soulful simmering symbiosis. Ferguson 9 p. Ghost riding went straight from the Town to YouTube without ever being examined as an art form.

The time was the s when, thanks to the Mill Panoram — a jukebox outfitted with a screen — pop and jazz artists could be seen as well as heard. Tonight, Mark Cantor presents a program featuring Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and dozens of other performers. Huston p. Fresh from a recent New Zealand tour, the globetrotting mystic has plenty of reason to celebrate: his local CD release party heralds the arrival of two new albums: Harlequin Goodnight and So Nice both Painted Sun.

Huston Through September 14 3 p. Foundation supporters will be dedicating a new, permanent building at the hut to replace the ramshackle outbuilding. Steven T. Jones 9 p. But he also taps into an interior space — or dimension — to create these formations, where folded or crumpled papers collectively suggest patterns of energy. Hayes is one of the more imaginative young artists in the Bay Area. This show is a rare chance to see paper suspended in midair near the infamous wind tunnels around Van Ness and Market.

Loco, of Dr. Digital photos may be submitted in jpeg format; the image must be at least dpi and four inches by six inches in size. In this process, the sun burns its path onto the film base.

The resulting negative literally has a burnt hole in it with the subject in complete reversal. I currently use fiber-based gelatin silver black-and-white photographic paper. My favorite part of the process is watching smoke come out of the camera.

Thank you for looking. CD Ascend is a new collaboration between Gentry Densley Iceburn, Eagle Twin and Greg Anderson sunn 0 , Goatsnake, Engine Kid , revisiting past moods while traveling into uncharted territory, done with the utmost focus on heaviness and power. Highest prices paid - cash or trade! We even make house Go to Amoeba. BY VOL. For full effect, however, the more personal credits, the better. Could it really have been that bizarre?

That bad? Newley conquered the West End and Broadway with shows mixing Chaplinesque whimsical bathos and big-ballad bombast. They gave some critics hives — but not audiences. Result: carte blanche for Merkin , the type of freedom that ought to have set off alarm bells from Hollywood to Hampstead. Tony seemed to have spelled out the end of our marriage. Roxie Film Center 16th St. Help support your San Francisco Bay Area artists! M47 WW. San Francisco, CA www. And I confess, part of my wonderment at their artistry stems from the fact I could never be in a band with my own bro.

Those are our kind of family values. Not so with Fiery Furnaces. Please use it as you wish. That searching sense of play — and enthusiasm — has kept the pair going as FF, which Matthew readily admits he never thought would last this long.

Growing up in Oak Park, Ill. So it wrecked my head to hear back in that he was charged in an air-rage incident with allegedly assaulting flight attendants and smashing up a first-class British Airways cabin, all of which he was later cleared of. SF, With her keenly observational lyrics, her i songs have a personal intimacy that reminds the listener of a contemporary version of Joni Mitchell or Simon and Garfunkel.

Sample tea, channel your "vital energy" in a qi gong class and demonstration, check out medicinal herbs, have your pulse diagnosed, drop in on a tour through the galleries, or sit back with a cocktail and unwind to live Chinese music.

One musician who is naturally engaging a world of influences in his music is Puerto Rico-born saxophonist David Sanchez. Selvaganesh on khanjira. The composer himself used sitar and tabla on numerous sessions throughout the s, when he began making funkier and more layered, open-ended music. Also exploring new concepts is veteran saxophonist Lloyd, who performs at the Healdsburg Jazz Festival May 31 with his Indian-music-inspired Sangam Trio, which includes percussionist Zakir Hussain and drummer Eric Harland.

The band uses its ethnic edges as stepping stones. Baez will also perform with his own band while the local VNote Ensemble formerly the Snake Trio offers its take on jazz and Venezuelan traditional sounds. That future is now with year-old bassist Esperanza Spalding. The Portland, Ore. For full schedule, go to kfjc. For more details, call or go to kfjc. We cant even afford to rap about cars. Rather uncharacteristically for hip-hop, the clip includes a crew of hoodie-wearing, dreadlock-shaking young guys pedaling through the Oakland streets on their tricked-out bicycles.

With 2. Trunk Boi Baby Champ, inventor of the scraper bike, recalls his initital inspiration. I just took it and ran with it. After all, their average age is about As one might expect of a group of more-or-less teenage boys, songs tend to focus on adolescent preoccupations such as partying, looking fly, and getting girls.

It may not be a message mothers want their daughters to hear, but the kids love it. They continue to glean game from the legendary rapper through their involvement with East Oakland nonprofit Youth UpRising, where Too Short volunteers. COM 31 red aeVsS! Santi White, hews to her ska-punk roots on her self-titled debut.

Santogold' s songs are catchy, fret-skipping pumpers, with quirky lyrics, jittery beats, and the occasional well-placed jump into the alternative rhythmic universe of dub. Marke B.

Still, the move was tentative. With Jim, the transformation is complete. In the process of honing a new skill, he has produced one of the best hip- hop albums this year. For the exhibit Fischbeck installed a grand version of his Make a Baby project, an interactive whatzit in which neon electronic blurts respond to audience members as they form human chains with conductive wires. Tickets online now and at independent outlets, cmioren 12 and under fr EEwitn paid adult R am or snmei D n-s ite ca mm n g f o r 3-D a v ti c ket noi de rs on y.

Richie Panic www. He fronts an all-out bananas punk energy — Gorilla Biscuits trumps Hot Chip — and his unerring ear blows dragon smoke from my broken lightbulb. Vin Sol www. Nick Marsh, recently said to me with a laugh. He describes his sound as POPalicious — heavy beats over classic trax, but tasteful and widely appealing — and presides over the No More Conversations www.

Aw, sweet. Look for his seven-song EP — on which he plays guitar, bass, and synths — to hit this summer and munch up the younger club- bables. Celebratinq 20 years! COM 35 Please Visit cafedunord. Independent, Divisadero, SF www. Prices are listed when provided to us. See Picks, page 20, for information on how to submit an item to listings.

Darlene Langston Trio Shanghai Gaucho, Mitch Marcus Session Amnesia. Manny Moka Biscuits and Blues. See Picks, page DJ Trevor Simpson spins dance tunes. Juanita More brings you rotating disco DJs and fab fags, drags, ferns, and daddies. Cathouse Cat Club. Dance the night away to new country and rock.

Dance lessons and live swing bands. Frat House Castro. Nightshift Stud. Qool Minna Gallery. Satellite Anu, 43 Sixth St; , www. House and techno. Stay Gold Make-Out Room.

Queer dance night. Wax Wednesdays Milk. Joyous pop beats with Richard Flood. DJ Santero and guests spin salsa, samba, meren- gue, reggaeton, and hip-hop. See Sonic Reducer, page Floater Red Devil Lounge. Frankie Lee Biscuits and Blues. Savanna Jazz Trio Savanna Jazz. Sonya Jason Quartet Shanghai Stompy Jones Top of the Mark. Tipsy House Plough and Stars.

El Tren Pier Project Greenfield Ashkenaz. DJs play — Brazilian dance music, plus a live set by Forro Fiando. Compression Temple, Howard; www.

Alternating DJs spin everything from funk and nu jazz to dub, house, and footwork. Pacific Standard Time Levende Lounge. DJ Sakel spins soulful music. Riot Grrrl Stud. Jah — Yzer, l-Vier, and Irie Dole spin the reggae jams for your maximum irie-ness. Toph One, Professor Smith, and guests spin new music and give away some promo swag, so get in there and say you knew about it first. Soulful house and dance music with DJs Dedan, Daniela, and guests.

Hook Shop Shattuck Down Low. Local producers go head to head with their best hip-hop cuts. Selector DJ Sessions Jupiter. DJ Fuze of Digital Underground spins reggae, soca, salsa, baile, hip-hop, house, and more. Scott Biscuits and Blues. Jonathan Poretz Quartet Shanghai Quin Plough and Stars. Blow Up Rickshaw Stop.

Indie-pop disco noir presented by Jefrodisiac and Emily Betty. Live set by Shy Child. Some names? DJs Headnodic and Ian D spin hip-hop, funk, and dance grooves.

Club BackBeat Deco Lounge. DJ Pirate Steve shivers your timbers with hot dance jams all night long. The Dirty Duo spin dance records. Fat ones. Fruit Stand El Rio. DJs Carmen and Miranda spin funk, soul, and world beat. Plus: free oysters! With host Gina La Divina. Hip-hop and house with DJ Spectre.

Remedy DNA Lounge. Deep house and hip-hop. So glam, so hot right now. Indie pop, twee, post-punk, and electro: otherwise known as the kind of music cute girls like. Get on it, Jethro! Diverse dance music spun by rotating DJs. Ruby Room. DJ Jarett Prayers spins electro, punk, Northern Soul, new wave, shoegaze, disco, electro, and rock and roll. Dub FX 12 Galaxies. Rogues Plough and Stars.

Earl Thomas Biscuits and Blues. Choptops, Badmen, Infamous Swanks Uptown. Pascal Boker Band Savanna Jazz. Proteges of Hyler Jones Shanghai Rainfall Quartet Dogpatch, Third St; Ricardo Scales Top of the Mark. Jinx Jones Trio Jupiter. Refugees Freight and Salvage Coffee House. DJ Daymitreeus spins old school hip-hop, yo. Join the 4onefunk Band and DJs B. Frisco Disco Transfer. Toph One and special guests bring you classic hip-hop, funk, soul, and Bay bangers.

Jump Off El Rio. Mighty Breaks Mighty. The Stars and Garters Theatre Co bring you puppets, girls, antics, fables, and foibles. Soulful organica meets elec- tronica with DJ Flood. Pop History Ruby Room. Join professors Botello and Tolle for a crash course.

Vinroc, Apollo, and Shortkut spin hip-hop, breaks, and global classics. Fronted by the risky, romantic Kate Jackson, the Sheffield, England, quintet proved to be just as adept at intertwining the tawdry with the chic as their hometown forerunners, delivering laser-precise details of the dating scene while making the blood rush with every dirty dalliance and morning-after sound.

Amid the snappy glam guitars, ice-sparkling synths, and jitter-pop rhythms, Jackson peered into the dance floors and singles bars and narrated back with a furious mix of exhilaration, lasciviousness, and cool detachment. But for all their newfound experimentalism, the group has kept its flair for penning liberating live-wire pop anthems firmly tucked in its front pockets. Misisipi Rider Bird and Beckett, Chenery; Soul Sanctuary Ashkenaz.

With Shay Black. Reggae and dancehall with Stepwise, Dread Lion, and weekly special guests. Industry Night Madrone Lounge. Half off booze for anyone in the bar, club, or restaurant biz. Full Bar Restaurant Heated Garden Salsa Sundays El Rio. Live set by Rumbache, plus free BBQ and dance lessons.

DJs Dr. Sun-Daze Double Dutch. Hip-hop and old-school with DJ B-Love. Live musician showcase with local talent. Lost Weekend Biscuits and Blues.

Underground hip-hop and old-school. With DJ Veronica and special guest. Club Camille s Beauty Bar. Classic-era drunk rock. Guitars tinkle nicely away in their highly minimal mood. Composition wise I was at times reminded of Soft Verdict, in their earliest phase like short versions of 'Maximizing The Audience' , but there is also post rock influences and folktronic, as well as say Durutti Column.

Each of the thirteen pieces could easily serve as a soundtrack to a short film with lots of wide, open shots from nature scenes. Excellent mood music here. Relaxing, cinematic and throughout excellent music. Although I hate to do so, thinking that each release should get its own space, the release by Quentin Sirjacq, which I played right after pq, fits to be reviewed along with pq.

Sirjacq started to learn classical piano, was a devotee of Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and John Coltrane and therefore studied jazz and improvisation. One could expect a jazz release, but his debut album 'La Chambre Claire' has little to do with jazz music.

Its an album where the piano is the dominant instrument. A few tracks have some other instruments, like violin, violincello, vibraphone, guitar and sparse electronic treatments, the piano is the leading instrument. Here too, the influence of Soft Verdict is to be noted, except here a little bit later, when Soft Verdict became Wim Mertens. Also other known piano players drop by, such as Robert Haigh although Sirjacq plays usually a bit faster , Micheal Nyman or Harold Budd, all with that Satie-like touch.

Music that is full of melody and melancholy, this is highly romantic music. Not like the more strict minimalism of Glass, Reich or Palestine, but very European, full of meaning, symbols and, who knows, even a romantic touch. Perfect sunday afternoon music, with a glass of white wine and fine poetry.

Sirjacq sometimes comes close to the edge of kitschy music, but avoids the trap. And from Sirjacq to Goldmund is a small step, smaller than with pq to Sirjacq, since its all about the piano. He has made a couple of releases and this is his second release on Western Vinyl.

Keith Kenniff is behind that moniker and his previous release on Western Vinyl was 'Two Point Discrimination' in which he recorded the piano with various microphones, close to hammers, pedals and the keys.

An interesting approach, I'd say, but that seems to be gone on this new release. Maybe there is a bit of electronics at work here, but Kenniff plays some highly reflective piano music. Moody, atmospheric, silent and usually slow.

Very much like Sirjacq but then just piano. Goldmund too borders closely on the edge of new age, but firmly stays away from such notions. An excellent CD, neh an excellent modern trio. If you used to like such music on Les Disques Du Crepuscule, then these should appeal to you too. On the first two wind instruments even. Robin Hayward plays microtonal tuba which has a microtonal valve system and, the apparently well-known Roberto Fabbruciani plays bass flutes - bass, contrabass and hyerbass - the latter being over twelve meters of tubing.

As you can imagine with such instruments things go pretty low here. I wasn't looking at the CD player when playing this, but it seems, oddly enough more like one track than five separate ones. A work of immense deepness, with just a bare minimum of sound information and a maximum of empty space.

That seems like easy going music, but it isn't. This is one for your absolute full attention, but then it will be to your full satisfaction. This is a great start of the series. This is a more 'traditional' improvisation disc, if such a thing exists in the world of Another Timbre.

Probably not. But here, at times, we recognize the instruments. The soft scraping of the violin, the trumpet sounds like one, but then, that's only on a few instances. By and large however, these instruments sounds like anything but a violin and trumpet. And all of that without any type of electronic processing. This is also a great disc, also one that requires ones full attention, as at times things move beyond the threshold of hearing.

Excellent, concentrated music. The press blurb writes that Carl-Ludwig Hubsch and Christoph Schiller are relatively unknown players in the field of improvised music, but Hubsch I saw a couple of times in Extrapool. Like Hayward he plays the tuba and Schiller plays the spinet. Now that's an unlikely instrument in the world of improvisation. A delicate instrument meeting the elephant of the brass section in Hubsch's own words. The spinet here is used as a box that generates sounds, many sounds.

The strings, the box, the keys, it all makes sound. The tuba too, of course, blowing the lower range of sounds. Again two instruments that are used as objects, but what's interesting here is that, while it sounds like improvised music, it also sounds like electronic music, or perhaps even more closely like musique concrete, and that also without the aid of any electronics.

Here too, silence plays an important role, making another play of silence versus non-silence, but its also the one that has the widest possibilities: improvisation, both old and new, electro-acoustic and composed music meet up. A free release, in several ways. I don't think I heard of Mathias Forge before, but he plays trombone here on this release. He teams up with Olivier Toulemonde, who plays a variety of acoustic objects. This is the one where we probably regret there is no video registration, since it would be great to see what this would look like.

Toulemonde skipped the electronics of his earlier work, and just uses amplification in what is a great, refined work of silent music. At times its difficult to recognize who is doing what here, but throughout the trombone is to be spotted well.

A fine blend of the electro-acoustic music and improvisation, again with some emphasis on 'silence as an instrument'. Maybe its the fatigue after three of those releases such is the bad luck of a reviewer , that this one may seem a bit lesser than the other three.

No doubt that would have been different when played in another order. Four fine duo's! Two pieces here, from April and September , and this is an even more radical record than the one on Another Timbre.

This is all very silent music, at long intervals it seems as if nothing is happening, such as in the second part of the second piece. Maybe its because I am tired, right now, that I have great trouble letting this sink in. Its just too quiet for me and too hard to concentrate on I guess. Maybe this is not the time for such a release to review, but the strange thing is that it seemed to happen every time I played it. Silence gone too far, for now.

One is France, Quentin Rollet, a. En on electronic devices, objects, contact microphones and voice and Zsolt Sores, a. Ahad, on viola, analogue synthesizer, objects, contact microphones, feedback and voice. All three have an extensive background in the world of improvised music, especially Q. The contribution of Q. But at other times he is on par with the other two, who play a great electronic set of sounds.

En's solo work came close to microsound, an interest he brings on board here too. Stretched out field of drone like sounds, piercing sine waves and feedback along with the scraping of violins and pre-taped sounds field recordings maybe?

A wild combination of pure improvisation and what seems to me composed layers in the background. The closest it comes to resembling something else, I think, is Morphogenesis, although this trio have a more lively dynamics. From the extreme soft to the brutal loud, they move more freely around in abusing their instruments.

A highly dynamic force, this trio. Excellent stuff and I'm told there is more to come. With this new bunch that seems to be changing. Karl Bosmann may be born in , yet we perceive him as a current artist unless I missed out on him in the 80s. He has had a couple of releases on Tosom, Verato and Youdonthavetocallitmusic - but this new one might very well be his first real compact disc but no doubt I am wrong. And why not, you ask? Because they really did clearcut the whole state and ship the uncut trees off to Japan.

But the sawmill was a beautiful aural environment. Walking through it was like listening to a futurist symphony and the raw recordings were beautiful, but of course I felt like I had to prettify it all a bit, and I think I was successful in that. I've bumped up the volume of the music in the clip so that it is a bit more intense, but you can hear the original music here or on the full soundtrack recording here.

Saturday, December 22, One too many speedballs. Duykers and I have been sneaking coke and aspirin out from under the watchful eye of Melissa, our dear director. She seems to think it a symptom of unhealthfulness, and doth not accept our need of it for our creativological inventionity.

But I say more and more and more and to follow it up with shots of icy cold Belvedere, poured down my open throat by a young lesbian, hand on my throat, an unseen assailant yanking back my hair.

But this is the way we artists must move our world forward, innit? The Mordake story has become more personal for me as we have proceeded. Mordake has a problem integrating a perceived feminine shadow-self; a typical Victorian who represses all his imperfections, his vices, sexuality, etc, and who wants his nature blocked off in neat gardens whose borders are at right angles. Is there a modern connection between us and him, that his faults come from this difference between who he really is and the image that he presents to the world?

I know that I have struggled with integrating the so-called darker aspects of myself with those images carefully chosen, and as well integrating the masculine and feminine, qua engineer and artist which is which is left as an exercise for the reader.

It's been great to see the piece come together. It's wonderful to hear Duykers sing it - so much better than hearing me sing it, even though I do like the sensation physique of the vibrations passing through my body, the Navier-Stokesian eddies forming about my glottis, like The Eternal Syllable of the Hindu.

Matt Jones leaps up to satisfy each of our whims, cutting bits of paper dolls when we require it, tearing apart circuits and speakers, rigging floating gramophones and of course subversively continuing to prepare the way for our robot overlords. Labels: john duykers , music , opera. Friday, December 21, Queer Filler. Fred Dodsworth: Why "Queer"? Erling Wold: I loved this book when I read it 15 years ago.

I just identified with the character. I identified with the unrequited love in it. I was really taken with the language and the feeling of it, the emotion of it.

Q: Tell me about the emotion. A: It's an autobiographical novel. The character William Lee is Burroughs, and he falls for this younger guy named Eugene Allerton who is He's either closeted or indifferent or a hustler or something. He responds to Lee but he doesn't Nervous chuckle.

He responds but not completely. Basically it's a sad, unrequited love story. This is probably the best description of that I've ever read, either in gay or straight or whatever literature. This is actually one of my favorite kinds of stories.

Q: Why? A: I like that emotion, that feeling where you're really drawn to somebody and you just can't have them. Nervous laughter. I'm very attracted to that kind of story and that kind of feeling. It's a very romantic story. In fact, Queer, the character, is a hopeless romantic. That's a big part of the way it's done. Lee sings. Allerton only speaks. It's very much Lee's story. The whole story is told from Lee's point of view.

All the characters are only there in as much as they are a reflection of what Lee is feeling for that person at that moment. They're never presented in any kind of three-dimensional way. He's kind of a boorish guy in some ways. He's kind of racist. He's an ugly American in Mexico City Q: Isn't this when Burroughs "accidentally" killed his wife? A: He killed his wife and then became a writer. Allen Ginsberg thinks she was committing suicide. They were playing William Tell with a shot glass.

Who knows? They were both drunk. He was an excellent shot. It's unclear what was going on. Burroughs and his wife had a very interesting relationship.

They were very close. They were like soulmates, but he was a pretty gay guy. This is a time when people didn't tend to identify themselves as being gay, but he does. He's very outspoken about it. He's very open about it and, in fact, he's angry with the world because it interferes with all the things that are important to him -- being gay, being a junkie. The world gets in the way of that. Q: Gay? A: Early in his life he was a big ladies man. He also liked men from early on.

At this time he's living in Mexico City with his wife but he's totally going after all the Mexican boys he sees, plus this Allerton guy, and he has this little circle of queer friends that hang around in this ex-patriot [sic: expatriate] bar community.

I don't know what that all means. Later in life he became a misogynist. He decided that women were evil. Q: Do you assume any responsibility when you promote this work? A: I don't know if I take responsibility for every single thing but I do like certain things about his worldview.

They do connect with me. I understand this idea that the world is in your way That's VERY annoying. Q: What is the responsibility of an artist? A: I've come to believe you do it as a philanthropic gesture to the world.

You're not in it for yourself -- not doing the kind of thing that I do -- that's not commercial. The only kind of reason I can see that makes sense is that you're driven to do it, but also, hopefully, you're giving people some cultural experiences that will be important to them.

I think there's a certain amount of social responsibility, but I think that just comes from yourself. You just do things that are true to what you believe, and that's as much as you do. Q: Are you trying to teach social lessons? A: I'm not -- except in the fact that the things I pick are what I believe in. I don't know that I'm trying to convince people. I know that if you "touch" people, you tend to convince them of something that you believe. I like that.

I think there's a place for social art. Some people who do it transcend it. You have to have something to get you started. For some people that's a social concept and for some people it's a theoretical concept. Q: Is this show audience-specific? A: No, it's not. Q: Even with a title like "Queer"? A: It's an interesting title. In a way his use of the word "queer" is more like "odd.

He's outside of whatever. More than being queer like it is now, which is a political word. This is all before that. It's weird. Oddball guy. It obviously means gay or fag or whatever but I think there's a universal aspect to the story. It's a love story. It's also a crazy Burroughs' story. He goes on these large flights of fantasy. Those are enjoyable. But this piece is the first time I've ever had someone send me a nasty note back from an e-mail announcement, saying, "Take me off your mailing list," and sending a Bible verse along with it.

I've done things that were loaded in the past, that were questionable, but this is still a topic that people get upset about. Q: Do you think our local community still is homophobic? A: Obviously. I think it's very strong. We're lucky we live in a part of the world that's much more reasonable about these things.

Outside of this geographical area it's Everybody knows this. Q: I don't think everybody knows this. Let's go back to unrequited love, is that the natural state of love? A: Noooooo. This is not every aspect of my life, this is one aspect. I think what attracted me is the strength of that emotion. Emotions like jealousy, unrequited love, desire, longing, in some ways those are even stronger than when you settle in. I think those emotions are stronger.

I think I feel them more strongly. Since I come from a very emotional place when I write music, I think the stronger emotions even drive me more.

Q: Are you trying to shock? A: There's a certain appeal to shocking people, to saying there's this aspect of life outside of what you normally think about. There are aspects of living that are not discussed a great deal. I do like pieces that touch on those things. Sometimes it's fun to shock people, just to shock people. That doesn't interest me so much, although sometimes it's fun. I like those certain aspects of life that are on the edge and I've always had things that interest me a lot -- sexuality, dreams, religion.

It probably has something to do with the way I was raised. I was raised in a Lutheran family. My father was a minister and my mother worked in the church. Sometimes when you say to people you were raised in a Christian family that seems like some horrible thing. It was actually very pleasant. My parents were very considerate. Credit: Lynn Hershman Leeson, Trio , ORG I beyond infectious. Duncan dancers trace their lineage like British aristocracy.

An unnamed dance drama in collaboration with koto player Shoko Hikage highlights Sano in her experimental mode. Also performing are G. Performance times may change; call venues to confirm. See Picks, page 20, for information on how to submit items to the listings. Runs Thurs-Sat, 8pm. Opens May 29, 8pm. Runs Thurs-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 3pm.

Additional matinees June 7 and 14, 3pm. Mordake Shotwell Studios, A 19th St. Rusn Thurs-Sat, 8pm. Additional show June 1, 2pm. Through June 7. Runs Fri-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 2pm.

Through July 5. Six regular Buffalo, New York guys find an income and catharsis as male strippers. Thurs-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 5pm. This bio-drama also includes insight into the sex life of the famed 20th- century novelist. Additional matinees May 31 and June 14, 2pm. Wed-Thurs, 8pm; Fri-Sat, and pm; Sun, 2 and 5pm. Thurs, 8pm. Always ready to take on racism in America, comedian W.

Kamau Bell returns with enough material from the past two weeks to last the next six. A solid cast of seven actors don and discard their rotating roles with ease, ably directed by a whole slew of Bay Area notables including Chris Smith and Tracy Ward. As in any festival of new works, certain pieces shine brighter than others, casting a glimmer of hope upon the future of American playwriting. Thurs-Sat, 8pm. In an effort to entertain, raise money for an Iraqi orphanage, and foster world peace, Glaser bares all for her solo show.

Wed-Sat, 8pm also Sat, 3pm. Zehra Berkman brings by a new guy named Peter Gabriel Marin , a gentle oddball veteran with a mysteriously cagey attitude and an intense aversion to teeny, tiny, almost imperceptible bugs. Marsh Upstairs Studio, Valencia; , , www. Extended run: Fri-Sat, 8pm. Going to the Flypnodrome, where Grand Guignol theater company Thrillpeddlers dwell, is spooky enough.

The post-show skits and film clips range from the kinky to creepy — especially when the lights go all the way out. Wed-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 2pm. Tues-Sat, 8pm also Wed and Sat, 2pm ; Sun, 2pm. The words also give a thrilling sense of the vast treasure of cultural and linguistic tradition emanating from the subcontinent. At the same time, this is no museum piece; it is a vital blending of theatrical traditions and ideas. Lesher Center for the Arts, Civic Dr. Call for price.

Call for days and times. Thurs-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 2pm. Wed-Sat, 8pm; Sun, and 7pm. Fri-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 2pm. Peddling Rainbows Eureka Theatre, Jackson; , www. Musical theater company 42nd Street Moon performs the revue based on the songs and poetry of E. Yip Harburg. Point Break Live! Xenodrome, Potrero; , www. Fri, 8pm; Sat, and 10pm. A troupe from Seattle performs the surf and heist film that starred Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Squeeze Box Marsh, Valencia; , , www. Sat, 5pm; Sun, 7pm Through June James Judd stars in a comedic solo show about his life of committing cardinal acts of badness.

Fri-Sat, 8pm. Morris Bobrow directs a musical comedy revue about the ups and downs of buying stuff. There could be more in way of plot development, the staging is occasionally too static, and the supporting performances are uneven. Sia Amma performs her solo show about the problems moms have talking to their daughters about sex.

The Shotgun Players and experimentalist ensemble Banana Bag and Bodice update the Viking tale into a modern rock opera. Additional matinee May 31, 2pm. Tamalpais, Mill Valley , www. Call or visit Web site for directions or shuttle bus info. Sun, 1pm. James Dunn, founder of the drama program at College of Marin, directs the munchkin-filled musical.

Thurs-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 2 and 7pm. Sat, 8pm; Sun, 5pm. See Picks box. Wed, 8pm; Thurs, and 9pm. Blingsight performance mixes butoh dance with live video and original sound score to saturate your senses. Sun, 7pm. Sun, 10pm. Tim Taia a. Miss Ginger Snap hosts a strip show.

Don Pasquale Legion of Honor, , www. May 31 and June 1, 2pm. Fri-Sat, 11pm. Sat and Sun. Call for time. Mortified Make-Out Room, 22nd St; www. Thurs-Fri, 8pm. Locals embarrass themselves by sharing their most cringe-inducing memories at this monthly storytelling event.

Fri, 10pm. Kiyoshi Foster and Guy J. See Web site for schedule of shows, venues, prices, and times. Jeff Greenwald spins tales from his 25 years of traveling abroad. Wed-Sat, 6pm; Sun, 5pm. The circus and cabaret troupe performs under the big top in a dinner-theater setting. Wed, 7pm. Yumble Travling Jewish Theatre, Florida; Thurs-Sun, 8pm.

The evening of dance, theater, and opera explores themes of losing and finding balance. Sat, 9pm. New Orleans-style jazz musicians mix with a carna- val cabaret dance troupe.

Wed, 8pm. Fri-Sat, pm; Sun, 5pm. Sat, 8pm. The spoken word artist performs his solo show exploring bipolar disorder, Madhouse Rhythm. Brainwash Folsom; Club Deluxe Haight; Deco Lounge Larkin; Delirium 16th St, Grant and Green Saloon Grant; , benfeldmancomedy.

Tues, 9pm. Ronn Vigh and Nick Leonard host a gay comedy night. Our Little Theater Ellis; Sun, 6pm. SF Playhouse Sutter, second floor; www. Sun, pm. Tony Sparks hosts a weekly comedy showcase.

Shelton Theater Sutter; , www. White Horse Inn Telegraph, Oakl; www. May 2 1, pm www. The plaintiffs assert the amount of crude oil that then-ChevronTexaco dumped in their backyard for 28 years is 30 times larger than the Exxon Valdez spill, the largest in US history.

Show your support and party in the eve, protest in the morn. Not sure if the rural Chinese exposed to toxins while pulling copper wires from dead computers feel particularly empowered by technology, but one thing at a time, I guess. Yeah, true that, brah. Life is, like, so totally a wave. And other days, Mother Ocean feeds you a fat shit sandwich. What are you gonna do? Sounds like a party to me. Parade: am, Bryant and 24th Sts, proceeds down Mission to 17th St. The title of this event pretty much explains it: 10 artists from 10 countries each design a billboard, which will be unveiled on Memorial Day.

What better way to spend a day that commemorates fallen warriors than to hop on a bus and visit every one of these billboards focusing on peace? For some reason, I briefly rooted for the ascension of a Comanche empire in future academic consensus. Googled Danielle Steel.

Spent an unholy amount of time online trying to find the quote. Found out that I do. Check it out. Great short story by Daniel Alarcon, too. Forgettable one by Santiago Roncagliolo, though. Midnight in Rome replenishes the Roman soul from the smog, noise and clutter Both bands will be performing LIVE to a raucous, hard-partying crowd-join us for amazing beer specials and delectable selections from Lucky 13's infamous weekend I 7.

I'f 5pm - 7pm, FREE! Haight www. Vi Vi V? Visit sfbg. The KFC was incongruous to the point of camp, and I never saw anybody in it despite my frequent visits to Valencia Cyclery across the street to have broken spokes replaced. The Sporkers led by chef-owner Bruce Binn, whose distinguished vita includes stints at Delfina, Postrio, and Bix are well aware of the past and, in a series of clever moves, have simultaneously embraced and distanced themselves from it.

Softness does have its price. Binn makes a lovely lit- KFC no more: Spork transforms the former fast food stop into a sophisticated restaurant whose specialty is serving American food with a side of wit. Beignets and root beer floats? Despite its arty deconstructedness, it was a housemade peanut butter cup beside a blob of vanilla gelato beside a chain of banana slices, with caramel sauce underneath and salted peanuts scattered all around.

You could even scoop it out of the bowl with a spork, if you have one. Lunch: Tues. Can't wait for dinner tonight. Despite the heavy infestation of computers into most of our lives, restaurant reservations retain a certain crapshoot, the-gods-must-be-crazy quality. I would have been pleased to be furious, but the mistake was totally and utterly mine — and an obvious one to boot.

But gods need their laughs, too. Not many days later, I booked a table at a less grand but well-regarded neighborhood place, using the trusty old phone and talking to an actual person on the other end. The actual person asked me to confirm my area code, and I took this as evidence that attention was being paid, the right buttons being pushed, and so on. Did I hear a giggle from somewhere overhead? The restaurant bungled, yet there is no proof, and you still hope they can find a place for you.

Just popcorn. It was fresh-churned, European-style, organic, free-range, home-schooled hippie butter. And it was bringing me back. See, I grew up on the stuff. My mom used to buy unhomogenized milk from our Amish neighbors, skim the cream off the top, and we kids would take turns cranking the churn- er and cursing our mother for being such a hippie-ass Amish wannabe. And without doubt I consumed the most butter. So there was a window of opportunity for bread and butter, and the rest of the time it was just butter.

For me. This week my mom turns Thank you for giving me butter. And thank you, dear sweet goddamn Juicy Toots, for respoiling me half-a-life later. Because frankly, even though I have spewed prose, poetry, and other art forms in praise of butter, I had kind of forgotten what it tasted like. It tastes like clouds. Slightly sour, somewhat sweet, seriously salted cumulus clouds formed from the condensed tears of exiled angels, with annatto for coloring.

First I thought she churned it herself, and perhaps milked the cow that morning at some North Oakland happy hippie co-op creamery. No, she said. She got it at the store. I was astounded. I shop in stores. We had eaten butter for an appetizer, butter on bread with our spaghetti, and then butter again for dessert.

Yes, they had it! A couple different kinds of fancy-pants, top- shelf butter, ranging from like seven to eight bucks. No wonder I never saw it! I had made my own butter. You can too, dear reader, unless of course your time, unlike mine, is valuable.

Twenty minutes of vigorous shaking, just to make butter? I know, I know. Gotta get to work. Gotta get to the gym and tone those arms, so they stop jiggling. Check it out: www. Wings and fishes get fried, and ribs, chickens, and briskets go on the grill. The fried is pretty good, but the ribs are great. Very smoky, tender, and juicy. The red beans and rice are nothing special. Oranges are high in Fiber, low in Calories.

Rich in vitamin C? At right, director Korine consults with Samantha Morton, who plays a Marilyn Monroe impersonator with troubles of her own.

His latest — his first feature since the Dogme entry Julien Donkey-Boy — is perhaps his most unusual effort to date, but not for the reasons seasoned Korine watchers might expect. With this, I felt a little bit more peace about the story and these characters.

Sol decided early on that I should just go with the image itself. And visually I thought it was interesting. I started toying with this idea of impersonators and icons all being together — what it would be like to see Sammy Davis Jr. It just felt right. Some, like the Sammy Davis Jr. And I knew I would never be able to work with the Three Stooges, or Buckwheat, so it was like my attempt at going back.

A group of nuns — overseen by a bossy priest Werner Herzog, who also starred in Julien Donkey- Boy — are shocked to discover they can skydive without parachutes.

To me, it was the same movie. They are the same story. The narratives were parallel to each other. They spoke to each other. The accusation — or is it rallying cry? I was genuinely moved. Set in contemporary Oslo, the film follows friends Erik Espen Klouman-Hoiner and Phillip Anders Danielsen Lie , who have dreams and aspirations about becoming great cult authors. Standard messaging rates apply. The film intern is Amber Humphrey.

For rep house showtimes, see Rep Clock, page For first-run showtimes, see the Movie Guide at sfbg. Darvich tries to put an inspirational-fadeout spin on this. A promising snappiness to the beginning quickly flakes away and reveals a spindly framework of morals and pectorals.

Which, ironically, leaves the movie closing on a note much less potent than the bulk of the film. Jones and company sullying the legacy of the previous trilogy with this new entry was way off the mark. At stake is the titular skull, an object of highly mysterious origin that leads Indiana Jones and his ragtag crew including Ray Winstone as a Jones buddy from the war, young sidekick Shia LeBeouf, John Hurt as a gone-native professor, and old flame Karen Allen to the jungles of South America.

Objects and humans are bull-whipped. One-liners are uttered. Snakes are reconfirmed as something to be feared. The joyfully fast-paced Crystal Skull may not be an innovative masterpiece, but the Steven Spielberg-George Lucas brain trust wants only for you to have a good time at the movies — and you will. Neelan Rahul Bose , who Moore cruelly deserts when the former is threatened with severe punishment by his people for inhabiting both worlds.

Komodore Bra Boys Kabuki. Readers of the C. Cair Paravel lies in ruins, Aslan has vanished, an invading race called the Telmarines has conquered Narnia, and its population of talking animals, centaurs, and dwarfs has nearly been exterminated. A story that opens like a portrait of the artist as a young man and, with stealth and wit, metamorphoses into something wide and deep and funny.

The battle scenes are gripping enough, partly because it remains unnerving to watch schoolchildren fiercely hacking away at the enemy. Rapoport The Counterfeiters Opera Plaza. Deception SF Centre. Flight of the Red Balloon After years of Tarantino twists and shot-for-shot shams, homage has gotten a bad name. At 61, the former Taiwanese new wave pacesetter is on a travel kick.

Mysterious without being opaque, it is as delightful in its particulars as in its overall musical intelligence. It starts simply, with a boy and a balloon. A sleepy-eyed child calls out to the air before descending the Metro steps; the camera pans up, catches a first glimpse of the talisman as it lingers behind wind-brushed trees, and then follows it across the rooftops of an overcast Paris.

We soon find the boy, Simon, living in a jumbled apartment with his mother Suzanne Juliette Binoche , a blustery creative type who voices puppet shows. The conflicts within this autumnal story world pass at a remove. Made of Honor Van Ness, Presidio. Local fave Jean Dujardin, styled to look like a young-Connery James Bond, plays OSS , a Gallic secret agent character that was featured in seven movies and nearly novels between and This time, though, his suave imperviousness sends up Eurocentrism, vintage colonialist ignorance, and racism.

While you're there, drop off a 3x5 card with answers to the following questions to enter-to-win a copy of a very special photo book created by renowned director Tarsem!

Make sure to include your name, address, phone and email on your entry. Deadline for entries is Thursday, May 22 at 5pm Late entries will not be accepted. Passes-each good for two people-are in limited supply and will be distributed while supplies last. No purchase necessary Please note: This film rated R. Theatre is overbooked to ensure a full house. Passes received through this promotion do not guarantee admission and must be surrendered upon demand.

Seating is on a first come, first served basis. No one will be admitted without a ticket or after the screening begins. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of tickets assumes any and all risks related to use of ticket and accepts any restrictions required by ticket provider.

Roadside Attractions, Terry Hines and Associates, San Francisco Bay Guardian and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize.

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  1. Alburger / Duykers / San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra - Mordake music CD album at CD Universe, Erling Wold's chamber opera Mordake tells the story of.
  2. Scopri Mordake: What have you done? (Edvard, Brigit) di Erling Wold su Amazon Music. Ascolta senza pubblicità oppure acquista CD e MP3 adesso su lucbabobfilante.svizokagluricocoveswaytsunucuph.co
  3. ERLING WOLD - MORDAKE (CD by Minmax Music) It never worked between opera and me. I never felled absorbed in the narrative or in the musical form. It is a way of combining text, music and drama, that never appealed to me. As "Mordake" is an opera, I maybe not the right person to review this one. So I will be very descriptive on this one.
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  6. Dec 22,  · A: I like that emotion, that feeling where you're really drawn to somebody and you just can't have them. (Nervous laughter.) I'm very attracted to that kind of story and that kind of feeling. It's a very romantic story. In fact, Queer, the character, is a hopeless romantic. That's a big part of the way it's done. Lee sings. Allerton only speaks.

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